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The 2b2t Wiki is designed to enable anyone to edit it without difficulty. However, there are some principles that contributors should try to follow:

This Wiki is a free encyclopaedia All materials here are licensed under the CC BY-SA, which means that anyone can use and modify the content you create.
Compose yourself and do not copy Material from other sites or books is generally not allowed. Use any credible source, but write the words yourself. If you quote material from other websites make sure you cite the source by including a link.
Write in an encyclopaedic style and from a neutral point of view This Wiki is not for spreading ideas or opinions. All content should be "dry", accurate, relevant and informative.
Don't be afraid to make mistakes or get involved Every time a document is edited, a new version is saved to the Wiki. We store all previous versions of the document, so they can can be easily restored or compared with the current version.
Be mature, don't fight with the community Don't start an argument or create drama if, in your opinion, the administration of 2b2t Wiki did something wrong. Discuss any problems in our Discussion Room or Discord server.
Collaborate with other editors More experienced participants are always ready to help beginners. Contact them if you need help. Be prepared to work with your fellow contributors.
Write about 2b2t Wiki documents should only concern topics relevant to the 2b2t server, or which have had a meaningful impact on the 2b2t server community.
Documents begin as drafts We work hard to safeguard the quality of content on the 2b2t Wiki. Before making an article, you'll first have to create a draft. You can find more information about drafts on the next page.
You can read all the Wiki rules on our dedicated Rules page