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To ensure that a high quality of grammar, fairness and truthfulness is maintained across the website we require that all new articles are first submitted as drafts. Contributors of the 2b2t Wiki can create a draft document as follows:

First, go to your user page (this can be found by clicking on the link containing your name at the top right of this page) and then edit the URL of the page following this template:https://2b2t.miraheze.org/wiki/User:Your Username/Drafts/Name of Draft. Please be aware that draft posts are still visible to all users of the 2b2t Wiki, including the edit history. After you have finished your draft document, add {{review}} to the very top of the document content. This will add the draft document to a queue of articles requiring review and you will have to wait for a response from a user with the Draft Reviewer permission grant. There are in-depth instructions for this process in the Draft creation guide. If your draft is accepted, your article will appear on the wiki immediately. If your draft requires changes you will receive feedback which will help you to continue working on the draft document.

It may be the case that your draft document is not suitable for publishing on the 2b2t wiki and it may be rejected outright. This can be caused by many reasons, for instance: The document may be too meta (directly involving events occurring on the 2b2t Wiki), the document may describe events which are considered unimpactful or irrelevant to the wider 2b2t community.

Become familiar with the Wiki search

At the top right of the screen is a "Search 2b2t Wiki" input field, in which you can write any word and search the entire Wiki. If no document has been created containing that word in its name, you will see a red link, which when clicked will open an edit window.

In the edit window, you can write the document contents, using a wiki resolution to create the document. When done, click the "Remember" button. The first version of your document is now ready, but if you wish, you can continue to edit the document.

What should I write about?

The 2b2t Minecraft server has been live since 2010 and has a rich and colourful history. New events are always happening, and historical events are always being document. If you're unable to think of a suitable topic for a document, the following is a list of pages which have been linked to by other documents in the Wiki but which do not yet exist:

The following data is cached, and was last updated 05:00, 19 July 2024. A maximum of 5,000 results are available in the cache.

  1. Template talk:PlayerTemplate‏‎ (227 links)
  2. Template talk:BaseTemplate‏‎ (136 links)
  3. Small Groups‏‎ (45 links)
  4. Template talk:Navbox/doc‏‎ (44 links)
  5. Spawnquarium‏‎ (40 links)
  6. Squid Games‏‎ (39 links)
  7. LordGalvatronMC‏‎ (38 links)
  8. Connect 4 Drama‏‎ (37 links)
  9. Java Edition 1.19.4‏‎ (36 links)
  10. 31days31griefs‏‎ (35 links)
  11. Data corruption of 2011‏‎ (35 links)
  12. Java Edition 1.2‏‎ (35 links)
  13. Java Edition 1.4.2‏‎ (35 links)
  14. Java Edition Beta 1.8 - Adventure Update 1‏‎ (35 links)
  15. Map reset of 2011‏‎ (35 links)
  16. Project Dead‏‎ (35 links)
  17. 'OWO' Skylogo‏‎ (34 links)
  18. 1 Million TNT Detonation‏‎ (34 links)
  19. 2b2t's First Wedding‏‎ (34 links)
  20. 2b2t's second wedding‏‎ (34 links)
  21. 2b2t /r place‏‎ (34 links)
  22. 2b2t Oscars‏‎ (34 links)
  23. 5C-SpawnMasons conflict‏‎ (34 links)
  24. 5Death incident‏‎ (34 links)
  25. Armorsmith Sky Logo‏‎ (34 links)
  26. Aureus City rebuild Project‏‎ (34 links)
  27. Bedrock War‏‎ (34 links)
  28. Ddos attack of 2021‏‎ (34 links)
  29. End Spawn Watercube‏‎ (34 links)
  30. End Watercube drainage‏‎ (34 links)
  31. End of Vet queue‏‎ (34 links)
  32. Gender Reveal Biome‏‎ (34 links)
  33. Highway War‏‎ (34 links)
  34. Increased punishments (2020 - 2022)‏‎ (34 links)
  35. Infinity Incursion Spawn Logo‏‎ (34 links)
  36. Java Edition 1.0‏‎ (34 links)
  37. Java Edition 1.10‏‎ (34 links)
  38. Java Edition 1.12.2‏‎ (34 links)
  39. Java Edition 1.13 Test server‏‎ (34 links)
  40. Java Edition 1.8‏‎ (34 links)
  41. Java Edition Beta 1.3‏‎ (34 links)
  42. Linked Sky‏‎ (34 links)
  43. Operation Free Nether‏‎ (34 links)
  44. Operation Secret Void‏‎ (34 links)
  45. Rusher War 5 year anniversary event‏‎ (34 links)
  46. Second Overworld Spawn Watercube‏‎ (34 links)
  47. Skull on Fire Painting Mapart Meetup‏‎ (34 links)
  48. SpawnMasons Sky Logo‏‎ (34 links)
  49. Spawn Trench‏‎ (34 links)
  50. TGG Sky Logo‏‎ (34 links)