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PROGRAMS OF THE 2B2T WIKI FRONT PAGEThis page is the main platform for creating sections on the front page. The front page consists of several sections: About, News, Featured Article, Featured Screenshot, Disclaimer. Every month we, the editors, offer and choose the article and image of the month, give news. There are some people who create projects and we put them on the front page so that everyone knows about them. So many people unite around different projects. If you are registered, you can also offer your news, articles, pictures. So why are you waiting? Upload beautiful pictures from 2b2t, create a new, high quality article, keep up to date with the latest information and submit it as picture, article of this month and news from 2b2t!
Discussion room
For general discussion not suited to a specific talk page
Answers to common questions

Featured article

Featured Article

Every month, an article is chosen to be featured on the front page, including the lead section and an accompanying image. You can submit articles below only for the following month. See the archive to view past featured articles. Also here's current Featured article.

You may reply to others' submissions and use the {{Agree}}/{{Disagree}}/{{Idea}} templates to share your opinion. Use these templates and remember to sign your posts with four tildes (~~~~).

More featured articles

To be nominated, the article must meet some criteries

  1. Have a good introduction
  2. Have clear grammar
  3. Have images
Your article should be large and with clear grammar
February 2023

nocom is a good candidate. Evalprime (talk) 07:17, 20 February 2023 (UTC)

In the news

In The News
The In the news section serves to direct readers to articles that have been substantially updated to reflect recent or current events of wide interest.

Have news about 2b2t? Nominate an article here! Fresh news about 2b2t is posted on the main page. Click here to see an archive of past entries. If you have such news, post it here, along with an image.

News of 2b2t
Post your candidates below

The Backstreet boys grief Beneath(Fifth columns base) 20th of September 2023, The fifth column Griefs The 2b2t Museum 5th of October 2023, The Backstreet boys grief above (Fifth columns base) 9th of October 2023

Featured screenshot

Featured Screenshot

The featured screenshot criteria explain that featured screenshot must be freely licensed or in the public domain, must be of a high technical quality, and must add significantly to at least one article on 2b2t Wiki. Here's the current Featured screenshot.

If you have great screenshots, you can submit them here! Give a description to your picture, where you shall write what happens there. If it is a picture of a building, indicate who built it, when it was built and when it was demolished (if it was demolished). If it is a fight, indicate who and from what groups the fighting, where was it going, and how it ended.

More featured screenshots

To be nominated, screenshot must meet some criteries

  1. Be freely licensed or in the public domain
  2. With high quality
Add your screenshot name here. An explanation must also be added

On this month

On This Month
On this month is one of the programs on the front page. Every month, information is posted on the front page about what was happening on the 2b2t server that month. To add information you need to put it in the Template:On this month/month template. For example: Template:On this month/June. The Timeline article will help you select items. But you can also add your information, but on that case you are responsible for this information. If it is not reliable and neutral, it will be deleted by us.
More monthly situations


Projects are installed in this section for editors to join. If you are running a project or you are a participant in the project, post the link of your project and it will appear on the main page. Your project should have a clear purpose, have an article on the wiki, where information about the program should be written. Your project should be useful to the wiki. Please, create unique projects, your project should not be a duplicate of another project.
Projects of 2b2t Wiki