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The Editor Policy is to ensure that everyone's new or returning visit to is always a civil one on 2b2t Wiki. This policy applies to everyone who is participates on this wiki.

Failure to do so are eligible to receive either a warning or a block by an admin as described in the blocking policy. Do note however that there are exceptions to the rule in very rare cases.

This wiki also follows Wikia's Term of Use and Community Guidelines as well so it would be advisable to check there for additional info.

If you have any question about these rules, please contact an admin.


These rules apply to when you edit and post content of any kind to the wiki. 

Spam – Intentionally posting content such as advertisements or articles with little or no content/relevance to the wiki does not have a place here. Take care in what you post.

Vandalism – Making destructive edits to wiki content such as articles will not be tolerated. This includes creating/modifying articles with inflammatory content, hate speech, or sexual content.

Blanking – The act of blanking articles helps no one and should be avoided at all times. Nobody wants to learn about nothing.

Personal Information – Do not post personal information without consent. This includes text, images, video, etc. that the person did not willingly make public themselves.

Article Rules

These rules apply when editing an article of any kind. 

Personal Bias – Articles on the wiki should be factually informative and therefor personal bias/speculation should be avoided whenever possible.

Low Content – Do not post low-content articles and/or leave them unattended in such a state. Such articles may be deleted if left this way.

Poor formatting – Do not post articles with poor formatting, spelling, and/or grammar.

False Information – Ensure that the information you post on events covered by wiki articles is accurate and is not speculation. 

Media Content

Unused Media – Do not upload "ghost" content that does not then appear in an article. Such content will be removed after several days.

Non-friendly names – Make sure the naming of media files you upload is memerable and easy to search for. Nobody will remember something like "89832_32341.jpg" or "Arnold94389.png".

Explicit content – Do not upload explicit content that is sexual or inadvertently hateful.