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General requirements

  1. Is the article complete?
  2. Does the topic fit within wiki scope?

Style guide requirements

  1. Does the article acceptably follow the style guide?
  2. Is the title in sentence case?
  3. (If applicable) are the proper Initial templates affixed?
  4. Is there a lead section?
  5. (If applicable) Is there an infobox?
    1. Is the infobox properly filled out?
    2. (If applicable) Is there an image included on the infobox?
    3. Are all fields added to the infobox even if they are not all filled?
  6. Do the section headings follow the Style guide?
  7. Are the sections organized in a manner that is conducive to readability?
    1. (If applicable) Is there a references section or external links section, or both included?
    2. Are the proper applicable categories affixed at the bottom of the page?
  8. Does the article properly utilize hyperlinks?

Language and punctuation requirements

  1. Does the article utilize proper punctuation?
  2. Is the article written in standard English?
  3. Is the article written in third person?
  4. Is the article written is simple past tense?

Objectivity requirements

  1. Is the information in the article accurate?
  2. Are citations and references used where possible?
  3. Does the language used avoid conveying a spin or agenda to the article contents?
  4. (If applicable) does the article NOT serve to advertise a group or shop?
  5. (If applicable) Is the article NOT about an ongoing event or base?