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From time to time, content such as articles and comments, may need to be deleted for numerous reasons. The Deletion Policy notes how to handle removing content from the wiki in various circumstances as well as to ensure things don't get unjustly deleted without cause.

Marking articles for deletion

Admins have the power to delete any content on the wiki as they see fit and will do so when necessary Users without local admin rights however cannot delete articles but they can request one's removal by using the {{delete}} template.

Once an article has the {{delete}} template, an admin will review the article in question and decide whether or not to remove it from the wiki. If an admin decides it should be deleted, they may wait a few days to allow other users to take notice and potentially contest against the deletion of the article. If there is no contest or that community consensus is in agreement of the article's deletion, it may be deleted soon after.

Speedy delete

If an editor feels that an article should be deleted immediately, they can make use of the {{SpeedyDelete}} template instead. Unlike the normal delete template, an admin will delete it as soon as possible without waiting for community consensus if they agree that it should be removed.

Content for immediate deletion

While users can mark articles for deletion, there are some instances where admins may delete any kind of content immediately. This is not uncommon as this is sometimes necessary for a rapid response as well as being widely accepted across the local wiki community that such content is not desired.

The kind of content that may be deleted at an admin's discretion in either text or media form includes:

  • Spam
  • Vandalism
  • Hate Speech
  • Harassment
  • Slander
  • Sexual content

If editors are found putting this kind of content on the wiki, they may be potentially warned and blocked from editing by an admin as per 2b2t Wiki's Blocking Policy.