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2b2t Times
First edition of the 2b2t Times newspaper, published in August 2021
FoundedAugust 2021
LeaderForceken, Franknificant
Newspaper distrubution

The 2b2t Times is a weekly community newspaper mapart that ran from August 2021 to February 2022. Forceken founded and led the newspaper in its operations. The newspaper covers current events as well as other historical events that may be of significance. All of the articles were made on the same map ID (#5275), so if you found one on the server, it will automatically update to a new story every week. During its operation, it distributed over 750,000 unique maps containing the current newspaper story all over the server, even more than 100k from spawn. Over 1500 people have joined the Discord from the invite linked on the newspaper.

The weekly topic for each story was voted on democratically by the Editors in the 2b2t Times, and the general public were able to suggest topics as well. The operation is run partly from the 2b2t Times Discord server, which also serves as an archive for all of the older stories.


2b2t Times HQ

The 2b2t Times HQ is a giant, self-sustainable newspaper factory which provided all of the materials needed for making the newspaper. It was built by Franknificant and Forceken and contained auto sugarcane farms, auto cow farms, and auto wheat farms (to feed the cows). Multiple players were tasked with distributing the mapart in large quantities across vast areas, both near and far away from spawn. You could find maparts of the newspaper almost anywhere near a major highway/road on the server, especially in the Nether.

News Issues

The formatting on the 2b2t Times newspaper has been carried over to this page, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, and text color. However, for your ease of reading, the ALL CAPS text of the newspaper has been converted to sentence case. Any errors marked with (sic.) are from the original text and should not be corrected.


The current issue

Issue 34 - Warden

A player named Atrika007 has been weaponizing Warden mobs at Nether spawn since the update. His goal has been to put client using(sic.) PVPers in uncomfortable situations, where their clients are less useful. This has been accomplished by utilizing the Warden's spawning requirements, and it becomes an easy task to get a dozen of them in one area fairly quickly. Even if you are good at PVP, you don't want a dozen Wardens joining a battle midfight.


Issue 33 - + Changes -

Below is a list of changes to the server since update.(sic.)

  1. The mapart limit has been increased to ~2billion.[news note 1]
  2. TPS[news note 2] is quite constant.
  3. Withers cannot be named with nametags anymore.
  4. Build limit increased to 319 Y level.[news note 3]
  5. There is a new working elytra fly called "Bounce".[citation needed]
  6. Almost 500 people were unbanned from priority Q.
  7. More end portals have been added to the world.
  8. 2b2t now uses a hidden seed to stop coord exploits.

Issue 32 - Cake Cake

On 2b2t, there are always projects going on in the community. One of these projects that has recently popped up is "Mako10301's Cake Stand". Mako has been baking cakes for hungry travelers and handing them out at Nether spawn for months now. While spawn is a crystal PVP hotspot, Mako and her friends outlast the kill-hungry PVPers, all to share the gift of cake with the world. Keep an eye on chat to see when the cake stand is open for business!

Issue 31 - Finally?!

2b2t has finally updated to 1.19.4..(sic.) for the 2nd time. In the 1st attempt, items were erased and many chunks were reset. Many players were upset by this, and a player named save_g led a priority Q refund campaign. SalC1 dropped a video after the 1st update, which was very critical of the new server changes. It seems like the outrage was enough to catch the 2b2t admin's eye, and forced him to redo the update without the item deletion or chunk resets.

Issue 30 - IHop

ufocrossing(sic.) is a high ranking member of the popular Spawn Masons. He,(sic.) 25,(sic.) met up with a 15 year old girl at IHop that he knew from 2b2t. When confronted, SM Leader Negative_Entropy lied and said her parents where present but werent(sic.). SM believe nothing was wrong and have yet to take responsibility for the potential grooming. both UFO and the girl are still members of SM as well

Issue 29 (unnamed)

Welcome back to 2b2t Times (sic.) This is a functional ,(sic.) unbiased newspaper without sponsors or alliances .Join (sic.) the Discord to vote on the following weeks (sic.) story. Tahnk (sic.) you all for your patience. I wanted to make this comeback for a long time and it finally happened. I Madcherrybro, (sic.) will be the new owner. Thank you to Forceken for the info on getting this restarted and thanks to Yamez8 forthe (sic.) materials

Issue 28 - 10 Rules

Contrary to popular belief, 2b2t does have rules. Below is a list of things that you may be punished for on 2b2t.

  1. Advertising in chat
  2. Talking about Walden
  3. Using lag exploits
  4. Talking about doxxing
  5. Speaking unkindly about Hausemaster in chat
  6. Duping items
  7. Spamming chat
  8. Using exploits to ban large amounts of players
  9. Refunding your priority Q (sic.)
  10. Talking about the rules and punishments in chat

Issue 27 - Test Server

2b2t admin recently opened a test server that runs on 1.18.1, on an old copy of the actual 2b2t map. The test server only allowed 100 people on at once and the server render distance was turned down very low. Even in this setting, there were issues with lag, but this could be due to choices made by the admin, for this test. Plans are to continue testing soon, so maybe the next test will tell us what the real chances for update are. Server IP - test.2b2t.org.

Issue 26 - Spawn Taxi

A new public service called '2Beep2t', a 2b2t taxi, was created earlier this year by 'SteveEatsBread', with the goal of helping random people. This service has evolved into a project with multiple taxi drivers. These 'taxi' drivers use boats to pick up passengers and shuttle them around spawn. There is a Discord server that is used as the dispatch service for you to "order your taxi" as well. Check out #affiliates in our Discord for their info!

Issue 25 - Pit Fight

Over the past 10 months an event called 'Pit Fight' has had monthly events and they give away $200 or more in prize money some months. At the most recent event, an anarchy bedwars style build, the event got over 70 people to show up concurrently. Pit Fight is a battle royale crystal PvP tournament that continues to have a huge turnout each month. Have you been to a pitfight yet? You can check our affiliates channel in our Discord for their info!

Issue 24 - Six Months

For six months, this mapart has brought you the news, on a weekly basis. As long as you have this map, it will automatically update to the newest article. On 2b2t, however, the maps are being reset and overwritten all the time. We have been able to keep the same map ID# for six months, through several resets. We have also spread over 750,000 newspapers throughout the server! Join the Discord below to see older articles and to tell us if you like the new logo!

Issue 23 - Farlands

In 2019 Fit made 2 videos about the Farlands and also ended up offering a 2000 dollar reward, which is yet unclaimed. Between the two videos, there are a few clues to the Farlands(sic.) alleged location; Firstly, there was a claim that it was more likely to be in the (-,+) quad.[news note 4] It was later stated that the Farlands were found using a teleport exploit, so no chunk trail. Have you tried to find them yet?

Issue 22 - Inevitable

2b2t's admin recently made a Reddit post claiming he purchased new hardware for the server, with plans of updating the server to 1.18. He even called the update 'inevitable'. It should be mentioned that there have been various attempts to update the server, going back to November of 2018. 1.18 on 2b2t though? Don't get your hopes up. Hause does have plenty of rea$on$ to manufacture new hype.

Issue 21 - 2021

Last year was another crazy one on 2b2t. Below is a list of major events from 2021.

- Diagonal Nether highways completed to world border

- Test map launches in March in hopes of updating (RIP)

- Books are wiped by a new plugin Hause implemented

- The world edited "Imps 2" base is discovered

- Nocom goes public

- Log4j goes public

- Tubbo, Ninja, TommyInnit, Ph1lza, Jschlatt join 2b2t

Issue 20 - Illegals

Illegal items were created years ago, and recently a group called "Zenith" found a way to bypass the plugin used to patch these items. Using this, the group spread illegal items like stacked totems around. A player named BIKMUNNI later found a dupe using illegal armor, which only works because of the plugin 2b2t uses to try and patch illegals. The dupe requires illegal armor and can only dupe armor.

Lost Articles

Issue 2 - Infinite

I.I. leader Bachi has said that the group is going "Private" after a deluge of inappropriate behavior within the group and from Bachi himself have been exposed. Accusations range from allowing doxxing and to possible grooming in the I.I. discord. Bachi was also spotted watching loli(sic.) hentai(sic.) in a stream with minors. Bachi is 21. I guess we will see if I.I. really is Infinite. Stay Safe!

Issue 4 - Jballs

Original version: Jakethasnaked52(sic.) is a 2b2t streamer known for showing his dick and balls on public streams with an audience of mostly children. After the most recent incident, which was the 4th similar event, He faced an angry crowd in a public discord for hours and eventually faked hanging himself twice in an attempt to silence criticism. Later he spread fake news claiming he killed himself. He is not a stable person. Avoid Him!

Counterfeit Articles

These articles were not officially issued by the 2b2t Times, but by griefers either overriding the map ID or griefing the headquarters. (please expand)


  1. More precisely 2147483648
  2. Ticks Per Second
  3. What wasn't mentioned was that the lower build limit was also lowered to Y=-64.
  4. Southwest quadrant


On February 5th, 2022 the 2b2t Times updated to Issue 28, covering the rules of 2b2t. The next day, Forceken logged onto 2b2t, only to find that all of his accounts had been priority banned and muted, along with all of the maps being reset. Following this, Forceken announced on the 2b2t Times Discord server that Hausemaster caused the newspaper to go on an indefinite hiatus and that the project would be shut down. The coordinates to the 2b2t Times HQ were also made public, leading to the destruction of the base and the newspaper map itself.

On October 4th, with the headquarters rebuilt, a new issue of the newspaper was released, bringing the 2b2t Times out of hiatus.