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  • 1.12.2 - The version of Minecraft that 2b2t has been stuck on for years, and will be the version of Minecraft run on the server until the server operators update to 1.13, 14, 15, 16, or 17 (when it releases).
  • 32K - "Illegal" tools that were created as a result of the first backdoor. They possess the highest possible enchant level of 32,767. 32K swords were duped into oblivion over the years and had dramatic changes to the PvP meta. Hausemaster made many efforts to revert all 32K swords to their vanilla enchants but they were still usable with dispensers, hoppers, and a good hack client. Hausemaster finally patched 32K’s in late 2019.
  • 4Channer - A person who used 4Chan. Most 4Channers were the first players to join 2b2t, along with users of the platform Facepunch. Rarely used past discussions about 2011 and 2012.
  • 9fag- Someone who joined the server because of Etika.


  • Alt/Alt account- Alternate accounts used by players. They may be used by more known players to avoid detection.
  • Autistic - Autistic is a common term on 2b2t used to describe the 2b2t community.


  • Backdoor - A means of gaining access to the server in a way that regular players cannot. Usually by gaining Operator status, and having the ability to find bases, create non-vanilla items (most notiably the 32K swords), and much more. There have been 3 backdoors of the server so far, 2 of which were done by the group knows as Tyranny/Nerds Inc.
  • Bedtrap - A trap involving a bed, obsidian, and lava. After setting your spawn in the bed, you are permanently trapped in an obsidian cage with lava, with no means of escaping on your own if done properly. Frequently used on newer players, infinitely killing them and forcing them to quit.
  • Bookbanned - When you get Bookbanned by someone.
  • Bot - Accounts that sit AFK and spam advertisements of discord and shop links in green text. Some bots are actually useful and tell people their playtime, the date they joined, how many people they’ve killed, etc. The two “useful” bots are Rusherb0t and LoiTTeRbot
  • Baked - An alternative term for chunk banning used by The Bakery.


  • Cancerous - Used to describe when someone who talks about random bullshit that is overall fucked up and makes people cringe.
  • Chunkban / Chunk banning - Exploit consisting of filling a chunk of furnaces (or signs from early to mid 2019) to banish everyone who load the chunk due to an overload incoming packet from the illegal object search plugin.This exploit was used by some groups like The bakery
  • Client - A hacked client
  • Coords - Short for "coordinates." Every Minecraft world has x,y,z coordinates that are used to identify the location of something.
  • Crystal'ed - Short for being killed by an end crystal.


  • Dumpstering - Synonomous with griefing, particularly very quick and destructive griefs.
  • Dupe - Short for duplication glitch. A dupestash is a collection of duplicated items.


  • EChest - Short for ender chest.
  • Empfag/Emptard - Someone in the group The Emperium.
  • Ez - Shortened spelling of 'Easy'. A phrase said commonly by people who defeat their opponent in PvP, or force them to Combat Log. Number of Z’s can vary.


  • Fagtions/larp - Fagtions/larp is a term used by players on 2b2t; Used primarily by oldfags as an insult towards groups founded during and after the Rusher War. They call these groups this because of TheCampingRusher, who was known to regularly play factions servers. This caused a large amount of Rusher's fans to attempt to create several small factions to differentiate themselves from the warring groups during the Rusher War and treat 2b2t as a faction server rather than an anarchy server. Before you knew it, there were small factions literally everywhere and everyone (not only Rushers) claimed be in some sort of group in one way shape or form. However, most of these small factions died out the first couple of days (if they even lasted a day) of their existence, which was humorous to the regular players of the server, which led to the oldfags calling these groups fagtions and irrelevant newfags for obvious reasons.
  • Fitfag - A Player who joined because of FitMC and is usually very ignorant thinking a minecraft server has "history".


  • Gapples - Another more modern term for golden apple in Minecraft used more on mainstream and faction servers, that got more popular in use on 2b after the Rusher invasion, due to Rusher and his fans being faction players. For most it is synonymous with Notch Apple.
  • Griefer - If you don't already know what this means, leave now


  • Hello - The default message for the Aristois Chatspammer, often used by players to spam annoying and repeating messages, so much that at points the chat is filled with Hello messages.
  • Highway - A very long and/or frequently traveled road, particularly one of the roads built along the X and Z axes
  • History-Fag - A history fag is someone who believes a minecraft server can have history, and usually gets very mad at those who grief signs, old bases, etc.


  • Incursion - Short name for Spawn Incursions, which involves the practice of a group of players invading spawn for power, control, or anger, usually involving public works projects, main goals and reasons for doing so.


  • Jewtuber - A youtuber, particularly a youtuber who prioritizes getting views and new subscribers more than creating actual quality content (which is to say, most of them)


  • Kek/Topkek - Kek means LOL. Topkek means something is really funny or is short for LMAO. It originated from World of Warcraft when people who are a part of the Horde faction would laugh at those on the Alliance faction with terms like "lol" or "haha". It is a translation of Orcish to Common, as Common is the shared language between the various Alliance races, with Orcish being the equivalent to Common as the Horde's shared language.
    • Kek Machine - Codename for a lag machine invented by househousehouse1 that crams tens of thousands of entities in one spot. These were usually setup by the brownmen around nether spawn and would freeze anyones client who got too close.
  • Kit - A shulker box that usually contains armor, gapples, and crystals. Mass quantities are duped, with specifically branded armor and tools. Primarily given to newer players or used for PvP.


  • Lagfags - Players who purposely lag the server using lag machines in order to annoy other players in an attempt to become "infamous". Not all players who operate lag machines are lagfags, as it is seen as acceptable by many to cause lag in order to deter large amounts of newfags from joining the server (autistic due to how it makes escaping spawn extremelly easy by slowing down withers, drowning and possibly also hunger). Some lag machines are so powerful they can get everyone stuck in something akin to adventure mode, when blocks can only be broken is the player posesses a tool that can do this instantly. The most common lag machine design uses an exploit in the plugin PandaWire and was made by 2F4U.
  • LARPing - Abbreviation of "Live action role-playing game". What is meant by this is to role-play with other players on 2b2t during different events and having a general circle-jerk about it.
  • Lavacast - An artificially created giant mound of cobblestone made by pouring water and lava on top of each other repeatedly


  • Main - Main accounts that players use the most or almost all the time.
  • Midfag - See page
  • Monkey - Another version of retard basically.


  • Newfag - See page
  • Newfriend - term usually used to bait newfags by sounding more friendly, (eg ">GIVING FREE KITS TO NEWFRIENDS AT 0,0!!")
  • Newmap - Another word for Temporary Map, but could be used in the context of a real 2b2t new map.
  • No Name/NN - A term to describe the majority of players who have contributed next to nothing to server events and history
  • Notch Apples - Notch Apple is the more classic term for golden apples in Minecraft that most oldfags and midfags use on the server. A lot of people outside of 2b still use the term.
  • NPC - Mainly derived towards Spawnfags (mainly Emperium), It reflects the fact that most Spawnfags do the same thing over and over again; place crystals, type Ezz and engage in groupthink with others ( not thinking for themselves ). They usually brag about doxxing everyone they see and being "The Best PvPer" while trying to draw as much attention to themselves as possible. These specimen are easy to identify and avoid.



  • PKers - Player-killers
  • Poorfags - A player who don't have a great amount of in-game wealth . The word can be used for players who do not have prio queue
  • Pop - Refers to a players totem being popped.
  • Prio - Priority queue : a paying queue for a fastest access to server for $20 monthly
  • Priobanned - A player who has had their priority queue removed and is banned from the donation website by Hause usually due to lagging the server.


  • Queue - The ‘line’ of sorts that all players have to wait in to join the server. There is normal queue and priority queue (aka prio). The normal queue is notorious for taking a very long time to let players in and is responsible for many old players quitting.
  • Queuefags - Players who complain about the queue all the time.


  • Rusher - Rusher or Rusherfag means New players who joined during the Rusher Period. It could also directly mean a fan of TheCampingRusher.
  • Road - A small path (or branch off an existing highway) with usually little meaning and no confirmed end.


  • Shekels - Shekels is the currency in Israel and is used due to 2b's toxic nature in reference to anyone who tries to acquire money (particularly off the server's back). "Hausemaster only runs the server for cocaine shekels."
  • SMIB - The phrase used by the group “The Spawn Masons”. It means “So Mote It Be” and was made more well known by SalC1’s Spawn Mason video.
  • Spawnfags - Players who spend almost all of their time being at spawn killing players, typically with end crystals.
  • Stash - Also known as a “Dupe Stash”, contains many duplicated items in one specific area.
  • Suicide bomber - someone who kills other players using crystal/bed bombing.


  • Taco / Spainfag - Jewtubers that speak Spanish or other Spanish speaking groups
  • Tempmap - 2b2t slang for Temporary Map.
  • Twink - Someone who joined 2b2t and is Taiwannese.


  • VoFag / VoCuck - Someone in The Vortex Coalition.
  • Vetertan Queue - An early priority queue given to players who joined before the Rusher Invasion.


  • Winst0n'd - 2b2t slang for griefed, derived from the backdoored client Winst0n that leaked the coordinates of whoever used it