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The 2b2t Steam Group was a group on the gaming platform Steam which was created in 2008.


The 2b2t Steam Group was founded in 2008 to host game servers, such as the 2b2t Garry's Mod server, an anarchy sandbox server which started in August 2008 after Hause's friend Kalash was banned from the 2f2f (2fort2furious) Team Fortress 2 server. The name "2b2t" was a parody of the 2f2f name. Hause used the Steam Group to post announcements about the Gmod server. When it became hard to maintain 2b2t, 12 admins were demoted, resulting in it being raided. The Garry's Mod server would eventually die out sometime between September and December 2010.

In December 2010, the 2b2t Minecraft server opened, becoming the most popular of their servers with over 50,000 players joining by late 2011. [1] At this time, the Steam group had four admins: Housemaster himself, PollytheParrot (a known older player on 2b2t), a certain ‘Ziggy_S’ (who was active in the Facepunch Republic), and a fourth unknown person named Mostro.[2] However, by March 2012, ‘Housemaster’ had removed all other admins. By April 2016 administration over the group had been transferred to yet another private profile—likely another alternative account of ‘Hausemaster’—which remained in power until the group was removed in 2019.[3] 0Neb brought the existence and development of the group to attention in a Reddit post on November 1st 2022.[4] From archived versions of the group’s page player 0Neb also discovered the Steam account of ‘housemaster’, which was privated.[5]

Graph of the member count of the official Steam group. Created by Melo based on personal research into different archived pages. Source: [6]

Other Steam groups

Over time other Steam groups were also created. Examples include.

  • Facepunch Republic Steam group, created on April 28th 2011.[7]
  • Second Facepunch-related Steam group, created on July 5th 2011.[8]
  • 2b2t.net Group of Gentlemen, created on August 14th 2011.[9]
  • New 2b2t Steam group, created on July 4th 2020.[10]