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2b2t Party Committee
FoundedOctober 1, 2018
LeaderBoomerangVillage (Founder), Breithan, BottleCapBrony, Mr_Pint, DarkXL6
2018-2023 Halloween Parties, 2018-2022 Christmas Parties

The 2b2t Party Committee is a group of community builders dedicated to hosting public in-game meetups and festive events, usually corresponding with major holidays. Their annual Halloween party brings together more than fifty in-game players each year and has been featured in videos by FitMC, SalC1, and BarrenDome. For each party, The 2b2t Party Committee builds a large themed base, complete with massive builds, minigames, and giveaways. The coordinates to this base are then publicly released on Reddit and Discord for all who wish to attend. Once players start arriving, the festivities begin. Of course, it isn't long before the inevitable destruction starts, leading to an all-out free-for-all grief fest, effectively leveling the base to the ground. The party then lasts for as long as there are people showing up to the base and enjoying themselves. Historically, this is anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.


The 2b2t Party Committee was founded by BoomerangVillage in October of 2018. After playing on the server for nearly two years, he noted how rarely players interacted with each other in-game beyond brief PVP encounters at spawn. The Party Committee was formed as a way to bring players from different backgrounds together to interact in a low-stakes, high-excitement environment, where looting, stealing, killing, and griefing weren't the main focus of activities. Because BoomerangVillage had few personal connections on the server, he reached out to a few lesser-known active players to help him create the first Halloween Party base. Located less than twenty thousand blocks from spawn, the 2018 Halloween Party attracted players from all over the server. The event was possibly the largest recorded in-game gathering of 2b2t players to date. After the initial success of that first Halloween Party, the group moved on to create a base for Christmas 2018, which saw similar reception. Since that first year, the 2b2t Party Committee events have become a staple tradition of the community, with each base being uniquely grand and each party uniquely exciting. Records for the most players in one location at one time were set at the 2019 Halloween Party and then set again at the 2020 Christmas/10th Anniversary Party, which saw at least 78 players together at one time and 141 players attend over a 3 hour period. In 2023, following the premature destruction of their intended party base location, The Party Committee further innovated on the Halloween celebration concept by hosting not just one, but eight separate, party meet-ups. Billed as a 24 hour Trick-or-treat Extravaganza, the event saw a record breaking 157 unique guests attend the event which culminated in a massive party at a final location built by the Party Committee Builders and builders from the Spawn Builders Association.