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The current 2b2t Media Archive logo

The 2b2t Media Archive is one of the largest 2b2t discord communities with the main purpose of archiving all 2b2t related content, ranging from discord servers to youtube channels. Currently it has over 4500+ members, 150+ discords archived. It also showcases other 2b2t community content such as websites, 2b2t Subreddit posts, Youtube channels and videos, and imgur albums.



There had been a few attempts at making a 2b2t Archive before The 2B2T Archive. Initially, people used the Facepunch Forum Threads as archives, but they grew larger and became more difficult to read through. The 2b2t Reddit was founded in March 2012 (eight years ago) , and the 8chan board was founded around 2014. Reddit and 8chan became the most popular way for archiving info on 2b2t. 8chan eventually fell out of favor as threads are purged if they are inactive, and 8chan can't be found in google search results. There was an attempt at a 2b2t archive during early 2016, but died due to lack of updates. The 2b2t Archive Discord was opened by xyzvp on February 07, 2018 (two years ago) .

Foundation and early Drama

During the Archive's first few weeks on discord, xyzvp was the sole manager. Early on there was a dispute over if the discord channels of popular youtubers (such as Fit and Sato86) should be added. While this vote ended in a no, xyzvp ended up adding these discords because "[it] would be discriminative / subjective, and this Discord is made for all 2b2t related servers regardless of its popularity". (Fits discord ended up being removed after the discord became private). A month later, the Archive was hit by a wave of spambots. Xyzvp responded to this event by removing all invites from the server and locking invites to a certain role only (this role has been removed a few months after). He also hired three moderators to keep the main chat in order. These players were Adriano1804, Jonathan222 (RandomPfP), and Virl. Spam drama became less of a problem. Overtime, Virl became the first admin of the 2b2t Media Archive.

Mid/Late 2018 Additions

In the Summer of 2018, the 2b2t Media Archive expanded from only discords but channels, websites, streams, and photo albums as well. Minimum requirements were increased because of the amount of suggestions made daily (Factions went from 20 to 50). Beardler, Retronaut, and Uisanta (Beardler was demoted several days later after the BoeMeccan Witch Trials). The current administrators at the time, Adriano1804, Jonathan222, and Virl, received more permissions as an Administrator of the 2b2t Media Archive such as passing/adding rules and managing primary issues. On October 13th, 2018, the 2b2t Media Archive reached 500 members, which is only a fraction of the amount of members the discord has today.

2019 Drama and Rapid Expansion

The 2019 April Fools announcement and its directions

During early 2019, the 2b2t Media Archive started gaining around 33 players daily (800 -> 900 from March 2nd to March 5th). The 2b2t Media Archive hit 1000 members on March 11th, 2019. The infamous "Rule 8" (mentioning queue positions is prohibited) was added which disrupted the community. On April 1st, 2019, the 2b2t Media Archive hosted an April fools competition in where Team Rusher and Popbob teamed up to craft the Super Weapon. And that its up to you to support Team Veteran and Fit in order to stop them (by spamming your queue position in a channel). One random person would get priority queue after the event as an award for "helping Team Veteran". The event shortly ended and the April Fools channel was locked. On May 30th, 2019, the 2b2t Media Archive hit 2000 members, which was higher than most discord servers at the time. New staff members were hired such as Bella. Scavenger/Nemac was promoted to Administrator. A Kahoot was planned (and finished), but this was ultimately canceled due to hosting issues. In June 2019, Rule 8 was removed from the rules. An increase in shop suggestions caused controversy. A scam took place on a shop that obtained members through the archive, leading to the shop's removal. All suggested shops are checked more often to prevent the same incident from occurring again. Currently as of September 2019, the 2b2t Media Archive has over 4500 members.

2b2t Archive "Legacy Edition"

On September 15th, a new Discord Server was opened by the team at the 2b2t Archive. This archive was made to host links to the Discord servers that don't have the set requirements to be hosted on the original Archive anymore, the servers that probably will get the requirements in the future, and servers that have scammed and doxxed.

2b2t Video Archive

The 2b2t Video Archive Youtube Channel was created on 10th June 2018 by DavidPrydain. The channel hosts every video (organised by year) of 2b2t on YouTube. On the 4th April 2020 DavidPrydain's project partnered with the 2b2t media archive and joined the staff team. Currently there have been over 5,000+ videos archived onto the 2b2t video archive channel. The 2b2t video archive discord also archive videos that cannot be archived on YouTube. Or are deleted on YouTube.

YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa0SuPLz-Czy87ZKWlnVtpw/playlists?view_as=subscriber

Discord https://discord.gg/wEjkyRb

Archive Overview

The 2b2t Media Archive is broken up into multiple parts which organize content that is suggested in the archive. Common suggested discords include factions, large scale projects, and discords dedicated towards a certain player/player base. In order to prevent spam/irrelevant discords, many guidelines have been created in order to prevent spam and filter out the relevant content. By default discords that do not meet the requirements generally get deleted. Formerly, discords that did not meet the requirement would be redirected to a "waiting list" channel. However this was later removed.


Not to be confused with the Archives useful section, the projects section contains discords that are exceptionally active. Discords that fall into this category have the highest priority and access to send messages in their own exclusive channel dedicated towards their discord. While there is no exact minimum requirement, these types of discords are rarely added. Currently, the 2b2t Media Archive hosts two projects, the Society Project, and Operation Bedrock.


The majority of suggested content to be archived are discords associated to 2b2t. Discords are placed at the top of the archive channels for viewing. There are several requirements put in place for discords.

Factions - Content that is related to any group/faction on 2b2t. Generally this excludes war/purge based discords to prevent drama. All factions that are suggested are required to have 100+ members (and at least some form of activity).

Miscellaneous - Discords that do not directly fit into the other sections, but is still associated with 2b2t. This mostly includes meme discords, other archives (such as the Map Archive), and podcasts related to 2b2t. All discords that fit into this section must have 100+ members.

Users - This section is for discords dedicated towards a player/playerbase. All user based discords are required to have 100+ members.

Useful - Content that is exceptionally important to the 2b2t community. This section contains discords such as the 2b2t Museum, and the 2b2t Anarchy Server Wiki itself. While there is no set requirement, these type of discords are rarely added. Useful discords are generally active and have a large dedicated community. This section is not to be confused with the Projects section, which has its own standards and rules.

Clients - The majority of hacked clients can be found in this section. This contains clients that are commonly used (such as Impact and Future) alongside other custom clients dedicated towards 2b2t. While the minimum user requirement is low (20), the archive generally does not accept backdoored discords.

Shops - Items can be purchased in these discords. All shops are required to have 100+ members and no former history of scams/discontent (ex: items came exceptionally late, had problems with the seller). The majority of shops that are suggested are usually checked by the 2b2t Media Archive Admins to prevent possible scams.


This category is dedicated towards non discords, such as websites, articles, and channels. Unlike the discord section, there are no set requirements towards these other than it has to be related to 2b2t in some way.

Subreddit - All subreddit posts are archived in this channel (and can be partially viewed even if deleted). These posts are automatically added and players cannot suggest Reddit posts to this section.

Websites - This section archives all websites containing information about 2b2t, ranging from guides, to articles on the server itself. During the Summer of 2019, many Taiwanese articles were archived in this channel and are available to the public.

Subreddit List - An inactive channel that redirects you the 2b2t subreddit.

Channels - Considered to be the most active section in the entire Archive itself, this archives all 2b2t related YouTube channels for public viewing. Currently this is no set requirement on how to have your YouTube channel advertisement, so consider this to be the easiest way to get some attention on YouTube from the 2b2t community.

Imgur Albums - This section contains all 2b2t Image media. There is no set requirement to have your content added to this section.

Other - A channel that hosts 2b2t media that doesn't fit into any other category.

Removed/Archived Channels

These are channels that have been removed/archived for various reasons. They have been organized by removal date.

Waiting List - Added during the Archives first days and removed in the Summer of 2018, any discord that didn't meet the requirements at the time were re-added in this channel until they meet the required amount of members to be added to a channel. The waiting list was removed.

Banners - Created in November 2018, despite being an active channel, this was removed for unknown reasons. Like the channel name, this channel was dedicated to archiving faction/group banners on the server

Welcome - Just as the name says, this channel records join/leave logs. This channel was archived in May 2019 and is now a private channel for staff members only. The reason why this is private - is currently private.

Old Information Channels* - Archived versions of older information channels.

2019 April Fools - Originally "Free Priority Queue", this channel was created for the sole purpose of the April Fools event of 2019. This channel was added on April 1st 2019 and was archived sometime in June 2019.

Diet Cancer - Existing for a few days, this channel was added in July 2019 as a non-cancerous substitute to the existing main chat. This channel was removed due to lack of activity.

Playlists - Used previously to host 2b2t video playlists, but was archived when the 2b2t Video Archive was created which now hosts the playlists.

Staff Members

Currently the 2b2t Media Archive mostly consists of Administrators and a few moderators. At various times, the owner will give "ownership" to an admin for a short period of time.

Administrators - People with this role have administrator permissions which gives most permissions. Administrators are the only people on the archive that can add/remove discords, and have the final say to adding rules and warns, mutes, and appeals.

  • Adriano1804
  • Bramblery
  • Jonathan222 (RandomPfP)
  • Scavenger/Nemac
  • xyzvp (Owner and Founder)

Moderators - This rank is given to players that have a well established presence on the community and is trusted by other staff members. They have permissions such as managing chat messages, but do not have permissions to add/remove discords. It is common for Moderators get promoted during a special event.

  • Lotus
  • Bajr
  • TobSick

Former Staff Members - These players either left or were demoted.

  • Beardler - Former Administrator, he was an Administrator for short period of time, being demoted a few days after the BoeMeccan Witch Trials.
  • Bella - Former Moderator, she left in July 2019 after dealing with drama. Bella was known for enforcing "Rule 8" and became a meme among the 2b2t Media Archive Community.
  • BigBullet638 - Former Moderator, this member was demoted due to inactivity
  • LordGalvatronMC - Former Administrator
  • SoiledCold - Former Moderator, was demoted for inactivity
  • Virl - Former Administrator, Virl was demoted after causing problems in October 2018. He was also demoted before in June 2018 for being "unjust and ignorant". He then left the 2b2t Media Archive completely after he was demoted.
  • Uisanata (Pepper) - Was removed by Xyzvp as an admin around the middle of 2019 and taken down to the role of Moderator. He eventually resigned as staff due to inactivity.
  • Bramblery - Bramberly was a very contributing Admin for a good while in the Archive, but eventually resigned on the 9th of March 2020 due to growing tired of the 2b2t community in general.
  • Pyroman - Pyroman quit in the 2nd half of 2019 for reasons he preferred to not disclose.


Q. Who owns the 2b2t Media Archive?

A. xyzvp

Q. How do I add my content to Projects?

A. Contact one of the Administrators to start a discussion on why you want your content to be added.

Q. I was warned for (insert rule) and I believe that I was warned unfairly!

A. There is virtually no such things as false warns on the Archive. You can dispute a warn with an Administrator.

Q. How do I get the "Special Thanks" role?

A. There are multiple ways how to obtain this role. Either invite 50 players, or suggest a decent amount of content to the Archive.

Q. What is the invite link to the 2b2t Media Archive?

A. Click here to join the 2b2t Media Archive!