2b2t Creative Mode Project

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2B2T Creative Mode Project
InhabitantsSlappnbadkids, Berkbrien, C4RTM4N, Chunkr, GanjMeisterBlock, GVNewman, Joey_Coconut, JuicyBear, Master_Builder, Parthicus, Vertrix, YellowstoneJoe, Yaimsputnik5, and others
LocationX: 998900, Z: 195000
StartedDecember 2016 (eight years ago)
GriefedDecember 25, 2016 (eight years ago)
GriefersParthicus, UrbanXRisk, Fuffer, Anon332, and SilverKrownKing
World download
LinkNot Available


Following the griefs of La Rosa and Obliviscaris, and the abandonment of Ironfarm Base, the 2b2t Creative Mode Project (aka Heart of 2b2t) was founded in December of 2016. While short-lived, the base served to facilitate the meeting of many of the future Block Game Mecca members. C4RTM4N and Slappnbadkids invited a large roster of members to the base in an extremely short period of time, leading to an explosion of activity at the base. This also led to the common designation of the location as 'C4rtb4se'. The only projects fully completed, however, were a large sorting system, and a beacon-block Jesus statue built on the axis. Finding this statue, Tim_Mcnukepants quickly deduced where the main base was, sparing it upon learning who based there. The base was not to last, however. On the 25th of December, 2016, Parthicus stole the stash and griefed the base with UrbanXRisk, Fuffer, Anon332, and SilverKrownKing.[1]