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The logo used for the 2b2t Chronicles YouTube channel.

The 2b2t Chronicles is a YouTube project started by many players. The goal is to create a fictional story series set on 2b2t for everyone to enjoy. It uses the popular style of videos often referred to as "Machinima", which has seen usage by other YouTubers to portray real events in the past (such as Trump_17 and fastvincent1). However, the 2b2t Chronicles is the first time this style of video was used to tell fictional stories, and the current understanding is that the 2b2t Chronicles is the first time any 2b2t-centric fictional stories have been told on this scale.


The original concept of the Chronicles originates back to January 2020, when a group of people came together to create a "story show" set on 2b2t. The original story consisted of a fictional player in 2011 making his way to NFE, meeting xcc2, only to have popbob show up and an argument begins. The name of this project was the "2b2t Movie Society", however, it slowly fell into inactivity, and it seemed doomed to be one of many abandoned 2b2t ideas.

However, on March 31st 2020, VillagerFilms came to Trump_17, discussing the idea of a potential 2b2t "comedy story". Trump_17 told Villager about the movie society, and invited Villager to the discord. The next day, on April 1st 2020 (not even kidding, April 1st.), Villager started renovating everything, and fixing the server up, bringing it back to life. The ideas slowly came together to form the modern idea of the Chronicles. Production of the series itself began a few days later. Episodes 1 and 2 were both finished in April, and within a few days. However, Episodes 3 to 5 took weeks to produce for a variety of reasons. Episodes 6 to 8 were finished far quicker due to usage of a mod called Blockbuster by McHorse. For most of the series, visual editing was done by Villager first, then the visual video was transferred to Trump_17, who did the audio due to him being praised for having very good music choice and audio work on his personal channel.

On July 10th 2020, multiple 2b2t youtubers (Sato86, VillagerFilms, Trump_17, and the video was included at the end of DigMC's video "the entire history of 2b2t, I guess", as well as being mentioned by fastvincent1's community tab.) uploaded a video that was a teaser for the 2b2t Chronicles. Then, 15 days later, July 25th 2020, a full trailer was released on the 2b2t Chronicles channel, showing actual clips from the series. On August 1st, the first episode was released, with mixed reception. Episodes 2 to 4 were released over the next 3 weeks. Then, there was a 2 month mid season break before Episodes continued regularly from Episodes 5-8 on October 31st. The first season ended on November 21st 2020, which makes Season 1 last from August to November 2020, with a promise of a season 2 in a few months.

Plot Concept

The plot centers around a total of five fictional players that go by the username Main02, Sheriff_Motch, Rossi, Astr0 and InsaneBeach. All five players have unique personalities that dictate their actions on the server. Main meets Sheriff while escaping the spawn region during the 2nd Incursion (fall 2013), and the two become close friends, despite their dichotomy of desires (Main being an anti-griefing, builder and Sheriff being a griefer.) As they go on a variety of adventures, they meet many real players, that are supposedly portrayed how they actually were at the time. Over time, as they get further from spawn, they meet more and more players, fictional and non-fictional, some who become enemies, some who become friends. Over time, Sheriff and Main naturally grow apart due to their differences, which gradually changes them over time.


Art of Main02, Sheriff_Motch and Rossi (created by Emperor_Walrus)

Main02: The main character (get it?) alongside Sheriff. Main02 is a builder who is very against griefing, and he loves the "block game history". He is what would be called a "larper" in modern 2b2t.

Sheriff_Motch: Sheriff_Motch is a player who enjoys griefing, and struggles finding the fun in any form of building, and often struggles with it. His signature weapon is a bow, entrusted to him by xcc2 at NFE before Sheriff and Main departed into the nether.

Rossi: A more experienced player who always fixes things, and always has to put up with Main and Sheriff's occasional bickering and arguments. He acts like a babysitter of sorts to Sheriff and Main, but he has a bit of a backstory of his own, and he used to be a much different person. Met Sheriff and Main after they griefed his base, Lost Hopes.

Astr0: Astr0 is one of a pair of newfags Main, Sheriff and Rossi met in Episode 6. He is a bit of a nerd, and knows a lot about redstone machinery, and InsaneBeach's lack of knowledge about Minecraft as a whole constantly irritates him.

InsaneBeach: Beach is the second of a pair of newfags Main, Sheriff and Rossi met in Episode 6. He acts like a stereotypical 80s surfer, and knows very little about Minecraft, due to him only installing it three hours ago at the time they met Main, Sheriff and Rossi. He keeps remarking about "sharpness pages", which is a result of his misunderstanding about the mechanic of enchanting items in Minecraft.


Season 1

Episode 1 (Pilot): An introduction episode, and by far the most popular due to how much it was hyped up. Unfortunately it didn't live up to the hype for most people, as the visuals were difficult to watch for a variety of reasons.

Episode 2 (The Dichotomy): Set in 2013 NFE, and the first real appearance of any non-fictional players, this battle sees a battle of Harblax and Uzify vs xcc2 and popbob., and a showcase of a dichotomy between xcc2 and popbob that would later parallel that of Sheriff and Main.

Episode 3 (To Hell and Back): Most regard this as one of the better episodes. Taking place in the nether for most of the episode, a tense chase scene entails as geared players chase the two characters. Rossi is introduced at the end of the episode, and Sheriff's tendencies to grief are first truly showcased here.

Episode 4 (The Castle): Rossi, Main and Sheriff set out to build a base, and after 4 episodes of travelling finally start. However, it is griefed by popbob soon after it's construction.

Episode 5 (An Unexpected Alliance): Sheriff, having not seen popbob grief the base, blamed Rossi (who was sent to spawn in a fight with popbob) for griefing. Main and Sheriff head to spawn, and meetup with Rossi and a few others, then head to defend a structure from popbob.

Episode 6 (Astro and Beach): Main, Sheriff and Rossi set out once more to attempt a build a new base. On the way, they meet two newfags Astr0 and InsaneBeach, and after a quick skirmish, they team up to go finally build the base.

Episode 7 (The Base Pt. 1): The base has begun, but the server is lagging. Main and Rossi set out to a stash to get materials while the server lags, and Sheriff_Motch, Astr0 and InsaneBeach stay behind and build what they can in the lag.

Episode 8 (The Base Pt. 2): Season 1 finale, a new tower is being planned at the base, but trouble is brewing. Secrets are revealed, and the group will never be the same again. Most regard this as the best episode due to the ending.

Season 2

To Be Added As Episodes Release...

Production Team

The team behind the Chronicles is extensive. Here's everyone that has contributed anything. (Note: If their specific job isn't listed, this means they have helped a lot, too much to list)

VillagerFilms (Main Director 1, leader of project)

Trump_17 (Main Director 2, co-leader of project)

Hoodlands (Side Director)

Emperor_Walrus (Executive Producer)

TheMlgFox (Executive Producer)

Crazyguy_123 (Executive Producer)

fastvincent1 (Producer)

digandbuilder (Producer)

Johnny (2x4) (Actor)

Goujon (Actor)

ExtremeBleach (Actor)

Univercius/Destiny (Actor)

SpeedDemon0 (Actor)

Sato86 (Nitpicker, helped straighten out the series to not be dumb)

TheJudgeHolden (Nitpicker)

xcc2 (Nitpicker)

Raaanch (Set Builder)


  • Sheriff_Motch is actually taken from a MAD short on Cartoon Network about Minecraft from 2011.
  • Most of the sets are actual structures on 2b2t, the only set that isn't is the base in both Episode 7 and 8.
  • A plot spanning 3 entire seasons is planned currently, and it could continue beyond season 3 as well.
  • Character InsaneBeach is an inspiration from "Fart_Garfunkel" from falconer02's classic Minecraft animation series "The N00b Adventures"
  • In Episode 2, Uzify is killed by a lone arrow shot by Sheriff_Motch. This is based on a true story, where xcc2 kills Uzify with a lone arrow during his attempted grief.