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1000×1000 Range of Spawn in 2018
Bedrock version map at spawn within 6000 blocks. Black is the general Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7 bedrock pattern. Blue is the pattern used with 2b2t's first overworld seed in versions Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7. The other colors are from future versions and from different bugs, backdoors, and when Hausemaster generated natural strongholds.
The current 2b2t map was started sometime in February 2011. Before the current map there were an unknown number of different maps that were started and ended from when the server started in (at its earliest) November or December 2010.
Aquote1.png The current world is one month old and is planned to be kept forever, the server is stable and has been up for 3 months now.
- GM0D (BennyGun), March 6, 2011[1]

Before Beta 1.3, there was a bug in world generation that made the X and Z axis of certain blocks be flipped. This was most noticeable on beaches, where sand and grass collide, making it look like the chunk was rotated. This bug also changed bedrock generation, which means that bedrock in Beta 1.2 and lower is different from Beta 1.3. No chunks on 2b2t use the Beta 1.2 pattern. This is because the bug was already fixed in the server software CraftBukkit before Beta 1.3. In a commit to CraftBukkit from February 9th 2011[2], during Beta 1.2, the bug was fixed, making any CraftBukkit builds after February 9th use a bedrock pattern similiar to the Beta 1.3 bedrock pattern, but without sandstone. A little known fact about bedrock generation is that it is affected by sandstone, and due to the fact that sandstone didn't start generating until Beta 1.3 it makes the bedrock generation differ in locations where there would be sandstone in Beta 1.3. The chunks near 2b2t spawn matches the bedrock that one of these CraftBukkit builds would generate, and there is no instance of the generation bug, making it fair to assume that 2b2t was started using one of the CraftBukkit builds after February 9th 2011. Additionally, 2b2t spawn also has lapis lazuli ore which was added in Beta 1.2.


2b2t's overworld has used a total of 4 different seeds while keeping the same map.

  • -4172144997902289642, from the start of the server in Beta 1.2 until the data corruption on August 8th 2011, and then again for most of the time after January 6th 2012.
  • -1373982429803982829, starting from August 8th 2011 until the end of 2011 in version 1.0.
  • -4100785268875389365, sometime during Release 1.0 at the end of 2011 until January 6th 2012.
  • 1434823964849314312, for a short period during Release 1.5 in mid 2013.

2b2t's current seed is -4172144997902289642 which is also the seed that the map started on when it was first created. Following corruption of the world files on August 8th 2011 which led to all playerdata up until that point being deleted the seed was also changed, most likely due to Hausemaster regenerating the level.dat file. The seed was now -1373982429803982829 and stayed that way until the end of 2011, despite players notifying Hause about the change. His only response was "it's corrupted. enjoy your nuclear winter."[3]

At the end of 2011, during Release 1.0, the seed was changed again for an unknown reason. The seed was now -4100785268875389365. During this period the server was going through a rough time, constantly crashing and lagging, which may have been the reason the seed changed again.

On January 6th 2012 the server starts again following some maintenance and the seed was changed back to the original[4], -4172144997902289642, on which it stayed until mid 2013, during Release 1.5. During 1.5 the seed in all dimensions was changed to 1434823964849314312. The overworld seed was quickly reverted back to -4172144997902289642, but the nether and end were forgotten and still use this seed to this day.