2builders2tools, more commonly known as 2b2t, is a Minecraft anarchy server founded in December 2010, which has been running on the same world since February 2011. The server is the second-oldest continuously running public Minecraft server, as well as the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft. Considering that this is an anarchy server, player actions are generally unfiltered, resulting in considerably toxic events to occur, such as random griefs, oddities in chat, and even large-scale conflicts. The server has a size of over 14.198 terabytes (14,198 gigabytes) and has had over 733,661 players join it as of September 21, 2022.[1] The IP address to connect to it is 2b2t.org, and was 2b2t.net until mid-2012. The server has a long history.

The 2b2t logo with "2B" on one line and "2T" below it, in large silver letters
FoundedDecember 2010 (fourteen years ago)
VersionMinecraft Java Edition 1.20

The server owner is commonly known as Hausemaster, although it is debated if they are the same person as the one who helped start the server. He got his inspiration for the Minecraft server from the Garry's Mod server he had hosted under the name 2b2t, through 2009 and 2010, and started the Minecraft server with his friend georgebush420 in December of 2010. The owner has used anti-cheats to help keep the server stable, and has on occasions punished players that have intentionally lagged the server. The queue was added to the server in June 2016 and is the first sight a player will see upon logging into the server. Priority Queue can be accessed by donating to the server here, and allows you to join a separate, shorter queue.

On September 1, 2019, the server operator started the test.2b2t.org server, possibly to test newer server hardware. This event lasted for a few days before shutting down. The temporary server came back in March 2021 to test 1.16 (later 1.17 and 1.18) and was up for the better part of 2021 and early 2022.

On August 14 2023, 2b2t updated to Minecraft version 1.19. They also announced a "soft economy reset" removing and decreasing the amounts of certain items in player's inventories and storage. This has caused some community members to become outraged, and even quit the server.


 History of 2b2t
Pre Minecraft server
Garry's Mod server
Minecraft server
Facepunch War
II Backdoor
Server Resurgence
Imperator's Base
Begining of Valkyria
I Spawn Incursion
II Spawn Incursion
Pre-YouTube Period
III Backdoor
III Incursion
IV Backdoor
Rusher Invasion
IV Incursion
Rusher War
V Incursion
Reaching of world border
Creation of 2b2t museum
Second YouTube Invasion
VI Incursion
VII Incursion
No Server November 2019
VIII Incursion
The Purge (IX Incursion)
The Pandemic Explosion
X Incursion
No Server November 2020
Nocom exploit and crisis

Remember not all situations are listed here. This is just a list of major events


Screenshot from Kalash's video

In February 2008, Hausemaster (hereinafter referred to as Hause) started playing on the Team Fortress 2 server known as "2fort2furious", or 2f2f for short. There, he became friends with a player named Kalash. However, Kalash was banned from the server in August 2008, so Hause made a steam group named 2builders2tools, aimed at hosting video game anarchy servers, including a Garry's Mod server. This server ran from August 2008 to sometime between April 2009 and December 2010.

Minecraft 2b2t's First Years

  There was no main reason or big idea, it started out as any generic Minecraft test server in late 2010 where me and some friends played on to play the game. After a while we decided to open it up to see how much destruction could be made and started advertising it on various places on the internet.
- Hausemaster writing to Vice journalist, 10/5/15[2]

Georgebush420, who ran the Garry’s Mod server, started a Minecraft server on November 2010 for his friends to play on, with the same premise that you could do anything you wanted[3]. Then, around December 2010, they decided to start advertising on forums such as SomethingAwful, Reddit, Facepunch, DeviantArt, and 4chan boards: /v/ and /b/, to see how much destruction could be made. The first several months had estimated player counts from 50 to over 100.[4] The server reset its map sometime in February 2011 to the current map. Hausemaster occasionally teleported to random players to check the progress of his server. He would sometimes give players random items.

  So, in the first couple of days, most of the damage done to Spawn was from creepers. There were a lot of mobs around at that point in time, and lots of nakeds, cause advertising on a 4chan board, you just get loads and loads of people visiting, especially /v/ at that time, which was, you know, the center of the Minecraft community along with a couple of small forums, but basically, you know, the game was very popular on that board and, as for the server, you just get 50—60 people joining at a time. Um so, [spawn became] pretty much wrecked straight away—uh, lavacasts, um, creeper holes everywhere.
- pYr01v1aniac[5]
Screenshot by Chezhead on Camp Facepunch

Facepunch War

Members from different forums raided each other and their bases on the server. Around late April 2011, Chezhead saw George and Hause's 2b2t post, who then posted about it on the Facepunch forums, leading to a giant boost in the player count. Due to the chaos of the server (mainly stemming from the 4channers), the Facepunchers decided to start a republic to bring order to the server. The two groups survived relatively peacefully until April 28, 2011, when luke2thebun, an insider working against Facepunch, griefed the base known as Camp Facepunch, retroactively named Greyskull's Last Stand. After this point, a conflict between the Facepunchers and the 4channers and much of the server population began.

A large majority of people have the misconception that the "4channers" were one organized group, when in actuality, they were not. The majority of the server (mostly 4channers) were independent griefers and hackers who wished to eradicate the Facepunch Republic becuase they were an organized group who wanted order on the server.

After the start of the war, the 4channers started destroying the Facepunchers numerous bases using cheat clients and spying in the forums. Seeing the situation getting worse, the Facepunchers left the server day by day. While the war Facepunchers were building their bases and battling 4channers, Offtopia and THEJudgeHolden founded Judge's Group. This group was the pioneer of group bases, most known being Oldtown. They were also the first players to ever make it to 1 million blocks away from Spawn. Judge also made comics about 2b2t which was made for over a year. By October 2011, the leader of the Facepunch Republic, Chezhead, left the server for good. The last group of Facepunchers held out in 2k2k. But the 4channers found the base due to its proximity to spawn and demolished it to the point where it was unrecognizable.

Post-War Period

After the war, the average player count gradually decreased, they were idle and not much happened. The player count started to dwindle. The server was in bad condition and could've died if it weren't for the reddit post and IGN video in August 2013. This along with server lag problems, the IP change from .net to .org, and the server being down for three months caused many players to quit 2b2t. This time is most well known for its low player count. Due to the lack of players, griefings and battles, activity on the server became less common[6], creating a twisted version of peace, basically completing the Facepunch initiative ironically. It was also during the beginning of this period which saw the first backdoor of the server made by the player popbob. Not much is known about this backdoor other than the fact that she used it to teleport to specific coordinates. The second backdoor (known by most people as the first backdoor) occured in December 2011, which was also made by popbob. Being a facepuncher (not part of the republic), also gave access to his backdoor to several friends (i.e., xcc2), which allowed them to use an infinite amount of blocks and items to build some of the most notable and iconic towns (i.e., Ziggy Town and Plugin Town)[3][7]. After version 1.4.2 was released, spawn was wrecked due to withers created near bedrock, spawning wither caves. Hausemaster also started flattening spawn due to lava casts around this time.

Since the period was mostly peaceful, many bases and structures were built at that time. One example would be the Old Spawn Road, which a player named LegitYarik built as a road to his base.

First and Second Backdoors

Despite being an anarchy server, the balance of power sometimes shifted towards a group of players by non-conventional means. They seized power on the server, not by flaming and griefing other groups until they left the server, but by tricking the admins into installing a plugin which would give them abilities and advantages over other players. Such cases are called backdoors on the server.

Very little is known about the first backdoor, but it's known that popbob made it. Popbob used it to teleport directly to specific coordinates around the server. Hausemaster eventually found out and ended popbob's backdoor.

There was another backdoor in December 2011, which is commonly known as the first backdoor, as only a handful of players know about popbob's first backdoor attempt.} In this backdoor, popbob gave a plugin to Hausemaster which allowed players to get down from being stuck on the nether roof, but this plugin also allowed popbob and his friends (Policemike55, Passie05, Xcc2, x0XP, Polly_The_Parrot, assassin_raptor, CreamOFtheSlop, and XxPR3D4TORxX86), to bypass the anti-cheat, give themselves XP, grab the coordinates of any player, and use the TooManyItems mod. popbob could also set his gamemode to creative. Access to the TooManyItems mod allowed these players to create Plugin Town and ZiggyBase's Bedrock Comet. However, this was removed after a month when Hause removed the Nether Roof plugin.

Server Resurgence

On April 2013, a group named Valkyria was created. Black Flag Group and Hitlerwood merged together to build a city named Valkyria. The group quickly grew into the biggest 2b2t group since the Facepunchers and was a giant influence in 2b2t's culture for the next 2 years due to the low amount and small size of other groups as well as the low player count. The End was re-enabled during this time period and the Ender Dragon was slain in May of 2013.

First Incursion

The incursions started in 2013. One day, a bored member of the group as well as one of the founders of Valkyria, Hinderjd, came up with the idea of ​​attacking the spawn. Some agreed, but some of Valkyria disliked the idea and decided to stay at the base.

Valkyrians in spawn

The First Incursion, organized by Valkyria, began in June 2013. It lasted 1 week. First, Hindejd and Drewbookman came to spawn and began preparations by making farms. They killed newfags, people they disliked, and withers. Their base was created in the ruins of the symbolic 2k2k, as most of the Valkyria participants were from Facepunch. In 2k2k they met Trodam. Sato ordered him not to be killed, but Drewbookman ignored him and killed Trodam. After that incident, an argument started and Drewbookman left the group. After the removal of Drewbookman, chaos erupted in the group. Everyone was doing something and the group members became uncontrollable. The incursion was a failure and the group became disorganized and unstable. This, plus, the grief of Valkyria by drew caused the members of the group to flee to their own solo bases or to another base that some members created known as Belegost.

Second Incursion

The Second incursion started on August 2013, 2 months after the first and it's currently the longest incursion on 2b2t. The incursion started after a popular r/Minecraft post about 2b2t and an IGN video on YouTube where 2b2t was mentioned, went viral.[8] This brought a big wave of newcomers. Dissatisfied with this, Valkyria, who had also been angered that Belegost had recently been destroyed, decided to attack spawn again. Fubster built a dirt house, a few days later, became a fortress where the Valkyrians could recover. Every week, they killed more newfags. Some were spared, but most were killed. However, this incursion gave Valkyria new participants and saved the group from collapse.

Third Backdoor

The Third Backdoor, or commonly known as the Second Backdoor, was a backdoor during December 2013 in which Pyrobyte and iTristan tricked Hause into downloading a plugin which would block players from accessing the nether roof, except for Pyro and Tristan. The backdoor consisted of 2 major capabilities: The ability to spawn in hacked items like Player Heads, swords with enchantment levels over their natural levels, and infinite items, as well as the ability to ride horses on the nether roof, which they used to travel to the World Border.

Pre-Youtube Period

Screenshot from Asgard I, castle with Valkyrian Eagle

This was the period that spanned about 2 years before TheCampingRusher's video on 2b2t. During this time, Hausemaster left the server and georgebush420 became the head admin, as well as the construction of the Southern Canal. 2b2t also entered an era of stagnation where a lack of newfag invasions caused the population to slowly decrease. Valkyria also wanted to make another base called Asgard, but the plans were cancelled as Asgard was found by popbob before it was finished. After the failure at Asgard, most Valk members went into solo goals or joined minor groups and initiatives, such as the Gape Group. Lag had also increased during mid-2014, which would lead to creation of 3b3t, a server in which players would play on until the abundance of lag had ended. On the contrary, the group known as the Legion of Shenandoah became stronger in numbers and more known at this period as well[9]. Around March 2015, some of the most prominent groups came together to create one of the biggest bases for its time, known as Asgard II. This base had one of the biggest population of members living there, especially for its time. However, the base was found by a player named OreMonger, a player who despised a large proportion of the server's playerbase due to their offensiveness and how they trolled him incessantly. This caused the members of Asgard II to grief the entire base before anyone could have the satisfaction of destroying it.

On May 2015, the Vortex Coalition was founded, for the specific purpose to harass Valkyria. Its founders, Coltsnid and AmericanOreo, had just joined the server and were unaware of the ongoing Third Incursion. Coltsnid and his friend were on a nether highway, when they met FuzzyFutureFox, who was a member of the incursion. At first, they were friends, but then Coltsnid's friend, AmericanOreo killed FuzzyFutureFox. 15 minutes later, Sato killed both of them. The angered Coltsnid decided to form a group that would mock, meme, and satirize Valkyria, but more specifically, against Sato.

Third Incursion

The members of Valkyria were angry that their base had to be destroyed, so to stop the group from breaking apart, they started the Third Incursion in April 2015. Valkyria first repaired spawn and erected several obsidian monuments. They also used leftover obsidian from the 1.4.7 dupe from 2013 and glitched obsidian blocks with negative values to build Wrath Outpost and killed everyone who attempted to grief it. Pyrobyte also used his "666 Sword", a sword made from the past backdoor with a sharpness level of 666, to kill newfags.

Interior of Wrath Outpost

The Fourth Backdoor

By early 2016, the server's average player count had rebounded over 3 years from 10 players to 50—60 players online at once. However, the group known as Nerds Inc manipulated server admin georgebush420 to give them items and started griefing numerous bases. Because of this, most of the server temporarily left the server and migrated to Constantiam around early May. By the end of April, there was only 1 player online, but the player count eventually jumped back up again by the time Rusher made his video.

Rusher Invasion

On June 1, 2016, TheCampingRusher uploaded a Youtube video named "OLDEST SERVER IN MINECRAFT"[10], which brought a huge wave of newfags, the likes of which had never been seen before. Seeing this situation, the old players decided to put aside their differences and unite against the Rushers. Two groups were created: "Team Rusher" and "Team Veteran".

Rusher War

Team Veteran was not effective as there were so many newfags, and it was impossible to defeat them all. As a result, they started recruiting newfriends to cause infighting and to help them defeat the Rushers. They also started projects that would slow down the Rusher's advance. This included making lava walls about 500 blocks from 0,0, filling all of spawn with water, and using flying TNT bombers to make giant trenches. However, these projects failed as they were both sabotaged and easy to bypass.

A group known as the Resistance appeared, which consisted of newfags, but they were against Rusher, fighting as a separate force. Resistance became famous as they started killing individual Veterans with superior numbers and their grief of the Valley of Wheat. On July 24th, the Fourth Incursion was founded, which was pretty much Team Veteran without newfags. On the first day, it destroyed numerous stashes and bases, some which were owned by the Resistance. This angered CorruptedUnicorn, it was clear that someone in the group was a spy, who turned out to be NedaT. After several large fights at spawn, the Resistance soon faded into irrelevance. This did not end the war, as Team Rusher still existed.

Picture of base that Rusher logged at, 22 hours after his first 2b2t video went up.

Due to the Rushers, the server started lagging intensely, so Hausemaster added a queue to prevent so many people from joining the server at once. TheCampingRusher was unable to join the server and offered Hausemaster to sell the server to him, but Hausemaster declined the offer. Obviously, the old participants did not like it, so Hausemaster made a priority queue for everyone who joined the server before June 1. Others had to pay $19․99 a month to receive priority. Speaking of the queue, a Veteran named Torogadude was kicked from prio queue by Rusher after an incident revolving around a youtuber named LandonMC being hacked, as the queue was at the time, run by the Archon, AKA TheCampingRusher's minecraft server. This caused many to believe that the server was now owned by Rusher, and due to the controversy, Torogadude was added back into the queue.

Controversies during the Rusher War

On July 15th, Rusher uploaded a video visiting a base known as the Crystal Islands, a veteran base. It was later griefed by an unknown player. It was also later discovered that Fit had given the coordinates, in exchange for Rusher giving him fame. Most of the oldfags and midfags turned on Fit, and by the end of the war, "Team Veteran" was just a community meme and wasn't taken seriously. To this day, he is still disliked by a majority of the community as they believe that Fit's main focus on Youtube is making money rather than making accurate videos.

Meanwhile, a Veteran named SnackyNorph fell in love with a Rusher named CancerChan, who tricked Snacky into believing he was a girl. He trusted him so much, that he leaked to him the coordinates of the base known as, Aureus City. CancerChan then gave the coordinates to the leader of the Resistance, CorruptedUnicorn. So, on July 31st, the inhabitants of Aureus City were forced to self-grief the entire base.


On October 9th, 2016, after more than 4 months of warfare, the war was declared over. Over 10 thousand rushers were reported dead, but this is an over-exaggeration as some players were killed more than once. Team Veteran and Fit were just community jokes at this point, but the player count had considerably dropped and Rusher only made 2 more 2b2t videos after this point. This war radically changed the course of the server and is one of the most defining moments of the server's history.

Interwar Period

Lavacast in place of Valley of Wheat

After the war, most players began to lose interest in the server, and others remained to repair damaged monuments (such as the Valley of Wheat). However, large events also occurred shortly after the end of the Rusher War.

On the 11th of November there was a new massive dupe in 2b2t. It was much more productive than the Nether Portal dupe, and so players began to spam the dupe until the server would reach critical lag spikes. This also caused a massive increase in item stock. Everyone received so many items that they were extremely powerful with the amounts of god sets and god apples they had procured. Some state that even Rushers were able to get hold of the dupe. The dupe was so popular that a hacked client spread around the 2b2t Subreddit. The hacked client made doing the dupe much easier, however this is backdoored and most players lost their dupe stashes because of it[11].

Fifth Incursion

The Fifth Incursion was started by Slappnbadkids and jared2013, being publicly announced on November 23rd, 2016 due to the massive 11/11 Dupe. Its goals were levelling spawn and building an obsidian wall about 400 blocks away from 0,0. They also attempted to hunt for more 11/11 dupe stashes for more resources, as well as agitating the Vortex Coalition, which had become the biggest group on the server, due to the large influx of newfags it had recruited. However, there were many problems, especially due to a terrible hierarchal system, jared leaving the server constantly for no reason whatsoever, NedaT's Team Aurora destroying the 5th Incursion's progress, and a giant wave of newfags coming from youtuber AgentGB, who had recently made a video on 2b2t. On December 11th, 2016, the incursion ended as a failure, and was treated like a meme by most of the community.

Post-Fifth Incursion

Screenshot of Point Dory on August 8th,.2017

Many things happened in this period between December 2016 and March 2018. The average server population dropped to the point where queue was sometimes non-existent. On November 11th, 2016, a duplication glitch known as the 11/11 Dupe was leaked by a player named RusherIsAutistic, leading to mass duping in levels that had never been seen on the server before. Due to how easy the dupe was and the fact that it took 17 days to patch, the amount of items made from the dupe multiplied exponentially, resulting in hyperinflation that ruined the 2b2t economy in ways that are still seen today. One item mass duped into oblivion were maps. Before 1.13, if more than 32,767 maps were made, all maps would turn blank and the next 32,767 maps were blank and had negative ids. The group known as The 4th Reich mass duped maparts to the point where all of them went blank. Around February 2017, a player named Kinorana found out that after 32,767 maps with negative ids were made, he could overwrite positive existing map ids. On February 25th, 2017, Kino overwrites all existing maparts with is anime map id. This caused an uproar around the server, and on February 28th, protests and harassment campaigns began against Kinorana, with deathspammers spamming "SEND KINO TO ISIS." This went on into March, when another reset allowed new maps to be made.

Screenshot from +X highway (from 2018)

Meanwhile, a player named Byrnsy got bored and decided to tunnel to the world border on the +X Axis Highway, which only went up to 100k at the time (800k in the overworld) Every 25k blocks in the nether, he would make a milestone, and every 10% of the journey, he would make a reddit post. These posts attracted new players who wanted to help Byrnsy, which eventually organized themselves as the Nether Highway Group. It took many months, but on March 26th, 2017, the group reached the border. After this, they made a base there known as Point Nemo, which didn't last a week. Afterward, they relocated and set up a base over 240k blocks from the axis called Point Dory. But due to drama with past member xxq, and FitMC's video where he toured the base without permission, the base was leaked and eventually griefed after 2 months. The next 3 main nether highways and the +X +Z diagonal highway would eventually reach the world border in this period. The End's World Border was also found in August 2017, when a player named Armorsmith used an Elytra exploit to reach it.

Many exploits and dupes took place on the server after the Rusher War. Around March 2017, Kinorana discovered a dupe known as the Donkey Dupe, where you put shulker boxes filled with items in a donkey with half-a-heard remaining, push them into a portal, and they would die when they came out the other end due to a cactus. This however, was patched on March 18th, 2017, but a new dupe was found called the Llama Dupe, which was basically the Donkey Dupe, but with llamas. However, that was also patched in a short amount of time. It would only take 3 months for another massive dupe to go public. On July 23rd, 2017, the Crafting Dupe took place, using crafting tables in the new 1.12 update to dupe your item into a stack of 64. Despite the fact that it took a very short amount of time for Hause to fix the dupe after it was leaked publicly, it still became the biggest dupe to ever hit the server for its time, especially due to how easy it was and how little resources you needed to use it. After this event, no dupes were made public for almost 4 months, until a group named Team Pepsi discovered the cactus dupe, which was an infamously slow dupe which revolved around a cactus that was patched quickly by Hausemaster. Meanwhile, a player named Fr1kin discovered the Apocalypse Exploit, which was an exploit which used /kill to appear in 2 chunks at once, causing the server to crash multiple times. There were also powerful lag machines built by players such as Armorsmith, househousehouse1 and Gr1f, caused the server's TPS to drop to unplayable levels, forcing Hausemaster to act by starting to delete lag machines and removing the priority queue access of laggers (such as Gr1f). This caused player counts to drop to single digits and Armorsmith became one of the most despised and famous players on the server.


Numerous groups were made after Rusher. Although many died within a couple of weeks, some were strong enough to make a giant imprint on the server's history. One early example would be the Emperium. The group was initially focused on building, although they succeeded in their attempt to inside the group known as the Peacekeepers, a popular group at the time around mid-2017. The group would slowly bleed to death following their insiding and conflicts, and Emperium would become one of the biggest groups on the server. Meanwhile, the Vortex Coalition had disbanded in January 2017 due to internal issues, but had revived in June 2017, surpassing the number of members it had before 2b2t's decline in 2017. By Jan 2018, it had over 100 members. Another group named the SpawnMasons also exploded in popularity around 2017, aimed at neutrality and meet every week at lodges, which they then blow up every time the day ends. In December 2017 the group Armorsmith's Followers was founded, and it was the first group that made worshipping a person its primary goal. Around January 2018, 10 major 2b2t groups decided to collaborate and make a better future for each group in a faction known as the United Group Embassy. However, it didn't last, as a group named Infrared insided their base due to their hostilities with the Emperium, leading to all 10 groups joining together to inside and wage war against Infared.


Rocket Town base

A lot of block game drama took place during this era, including the Summermelon-Rocket Town Drama, between Fit, his friend AlphaComputer, and Offtopia's group and the SpawnMasons. According to Fit, his sky base, "Rocket Town", had its coordinates leaked by a player named jddinger. In revenge, Fit and AlphaComputer griefed a base owned by Offtopia and his group, known as Summermelon. However, jddinger was not a member of the base, leading to theories that Fit only griefed it to get views on YouTube, or just to get back at Offtopia due to their falling out during the Crystal Islands drama. Plus, Fit and Alpha killed Krobar01, who was also a member of the SpawnMasons. The SpawnMasons did not execute or approve of Fit and Alpha to grief the base anyway, and killing one of their own members was against the rules. The Masons then voted Alpha out of the group, but Fit barely got enough votes to stay on the group. This drama snowballed to the point where the entire group, one of the biggest at the time, was forced to dissolve.

A couple of months later, a spanish youtuber with 950k subs (at the time) named ElRichMC joined the server. This surprised the playerbase, as the queue would be suddenly filled with thousands of players and the server would be unplayable. But his comments were stuffed with tons of racist comments, causing ElRich to announce his departure from the server and that he will not continue his 2b2t series.

Within the next couple of months, elytras would be disabled again and veteran queue was removed. This angered the playerbase and caused many pre-Rusher players still playing on the server, to quit.

Second YouTube Invasion

Sixth Incursion

On April 4, 2018, AntVenom uploaded a video about 2b2t. This brought a big huge wave of newfags the server hadn't seen since Rusher. The playerbase decided to join again and fight against the newfags. The Vortex Coalition, DonFuer, Asylum, Emperium, SpawnMasons, Communist Party of 2b2t, Team Veteran, The Fursecutioners united to begin the 6th Incursion. However, the server was on a temp map at the time, which was a perfect amount of time to plan a defense against the antfags (what the AntVenom fans were called). They came up with a plan to build a wall about 1000 blocks away from (0,0). The incursion realized that their plans were too slow, and that it would take weeks to finish the wall, so the incursion members decided to use antfags to help mine obsidian for the huge wall. All the newfags were offered either to be killed or to join the construction of the wall. Those who agreed began to follow so that they would not run away and tell all their plans to others. Every day they broke ender-chests and gave the obsidian they received to the builders. The YouTuber PopularMMOS also joined the server during the 6th Incursion, but thankfully he announced that he wasn't making a series on the server. During the construction of the wall, a new Anti-Incursion movement was formed by Armorsmith's Followers, they heavily damaged its progress and prevented it from achieving its original goal of keeping players within spawn. The Anti-Incursion made the wall look like swiss cheese by blasting holes in the Obsidian with Withers in all of its sides. Despite this, the incursion was titled a success by most of the community.

Post-Sixth Incursion

On May 1st, 2018, jared2013 started 31days31griefs, where he would grief 1 base every day for an entire month. On the final day, jared griefed a base called Equilibrium. Around the same time, 2 giant bases with a numerous amount of members named Block Game Mecca and The Boedecken were griefed within a day, starting the BoeMeccan Witch Trials. Within a couple of weeks, it was found out that a player named Beardler had griefed the 2 bases, resulting in retaliation against his group, Builders Haven, with the grief of Purgatory 2.

A month later, a second Donkey Dupe was leaked, breaking the economy even more. It involved increasing the speed of your donkey, and trying to get it stuck in unloaded chunks. When another player loads the unloaded chunk with the donkey in it, the player on it must log and log back in to the server, causing another donkey to appear. A third Donkey Dupe would also be found around this time. The second Donkey Dupe was patched quickly, although the third Donkey Dupe would be patched in 2 months.

Spawn wall on 2018

Seventh Incursion

On September 20th, 2018, the French FuzeIII YouTuber uploaded his video about 2b2t. The next day, a discord was made for the Seventh Incursion and jared2013 was elected as the leader. This time, in order to limit the large wave of newfags, it was decided to build a wall of lava, as well as on the nether floor, due to the possibility that newfags would easily dig open holes in a hypothetical obsidian wall. Others made TNT bombers and made trenches 2k blocks from spawn in all directions. The rest killed newfags in the 2k by 2k area and portal trapped the entire area to kill or enslave newfags as they had brought back the slave system. On the other side, FuzeIII formed a group of newfags and they tried to prevent the construction of the wall. Many problems arose during the incursion. Fit was kicked from the discord by jared, with the support of most of the community, as his YouTube videos were indicating that he was encouraging YouTube drama with Fuze to prolong the incursion, and therefore bring more newfags into the server, jeopardizing the incursion's goals. Then, jared started kicking members from the discord for no apparent reason. Many of the players who were kicked from the incursion, coalesced into a third party known as the Anti-Incursion. They started to destroy the incursion's progress by destroying spawn bases, killing individual members, draining the lava in the nether, and occupying 0,0. By mid-October, jared was kicked and the incursion came to an end on October 13th. Jared attempted to start a new incursion, but that only lasted to Halloween 2018. The incursion was deemed a failure as it had not achieved any of its goals.

Post-Seventh Incursion

The Book Club banning newfags

Around late 2018, an exploit known as Bookbanning was found, where a player would be thrown a shulker filled to the brim with books that were also filled to the brim with Chinese characters, causing the player to be kicked from the server. This was used to stop players from joining the server. The only way for players to rejoin the server was for Hause to reset the player's entire inventory. The Chunk Dupe would also be found around this time, which used the same concept as bookbanning, except it would be used for duping. It worked by exceeding the limit for the amount of data that could be loaded in one chunk, causing it to freeze in time. This would be used so that the player could get infinite items. Chunk bans were also popularized as it was a way to perpetually kick players from the server by corrupting and filling a chunk with an excess amount of data.

Meanwhile, Hausemaster announced that 1.13 would soon come to 2b2t. However, this kept getting delayed, and to this day, 2b2t still hasn't been updated to a version any later than 1.12.2.

YouTube Algorithm Boom

Around March 2019, the YouTube algorithm started exponentially recommending Minecraft and 2b2t content to more viewers due to Minecraft's 10th Anniversary, leading some to announce an 8th Incursion. Numerous discords were made, but they all eventually simmered out. Meanwhile, a "Godmode Exploit" was discovered by a player named Satisfaction, where you could travel through blocks and fly without getting kicked by the server. Nerds Inc and jared2013 also came back to the server in May to host another 31days31griefs. Many youtubers also discovered 2b2t, leading to youtubers like Kurus, PrivateFearless, and even TheCampingRusher to join the server. But the real cause for concern came from late streamer Etika.

Entity speed hacks with animals were patched by Hause during this boom. 2 more donkey dupes were found and patched during this time, one involving Intertia Client's freecam, as well as one involving end portals. Hause also removed illegal items from the server permanently.

The Purge

Members of The Purge

On May 24, Etika, a youtuber with hundreds of thousands of subscribers started a YouTube stream, where he discovered 2b2t from a viewer of his, and checked out Fit's youtube channel. He then announced that he would attempt to join the game in the following day. On May 25th, Etika joined 2b2t with many players attempting to meet him or kick him from the server. The queue, which was already flooded with hundreds of players, jumped to numbers over 1000, numbers which hadn't been seen since Rusher. This lead to The Purge being organized by the fake Policemike55, ufocrossing, HermeticLock, and TheDark Emperor to attempt to stop Etika and his fans from escaping 2b2t, on May 27th, following the end of a short-lived discord server called The Recursion, which held similar objectives and was organized by KAJ7. On the same day, Etika made a base in inner spawn, in which he was almost bedtrapped, until the group known as the Backstreet Boys kicked them off the server with snowballs.

The purgers were divided into regiments, the first regiment focused on building a lava wall 2,000 blocks from spawn. The second regiment focused on destroying the highways near the spawn. The third regiment built lag-machines, making the game impossible on the server for Etika and his friends. The fourth regiment was dedicated to spawn patrol, the killing of newfags, general pvp encounters with the later Anti-Incursion, and the destruction of Nether portals around spawn. The fifth regiment, which was added later during the Phase, was dedicated to the searching and destruction of any farms or bases that would benefit new players within a 10K spawn radius.

Members of the Purge at Wrath Outpost

The Purge started successfully. Due to the combined work of the regiments, it became almost impossible to escape from the spawn, and Etika had so many problems that he was already thinking of leaving the server. However, on May 30, a second anti-incursion was organized against them by players who weren't allowed in the Purge. They successfully helped newfags and slowed down the Purge's progress by sabotaging the lava wall. They had such an impact, that the first regiment was reassigned to removing all water within 2,000 blocks of spawn. An information war broke out when the anti-incursion first uploaded videos showing that they were successfully resisting, and in response the Purge began uploading their own videos showing that the intrusion was successful. On June 5th, The Purge convinced a youtuber with 5 million subscribers named TheAtlanticCraft to take down a video he recently uploaded and successfully insided a Spawn Infrastructure Group splinter made by the anti-incursion. Five days later, the anti-incursion then attempted to restore Wrath Outpost, but the Purge successfully destroyed their progress after they held their positions for an hour. By this time, queue had fallen to pre-Etika levels and Etika eventually left the server. By June 16th, the first phase of the purge had ended.

Problems started with the second stage. The participants of The Purge started waiting for the second large YouTuber to join, but then people started accusing them that The Purge had become the advertising platform of The Emperium and many people left. Eventually VoPerium, an alliance between the Vortex Coalition and Emperium, collapsed and VoCo deleted the discord server. On June 20th, Etika went missing, and on June 25th, he was announced dead by the NYPD.

After the end of the purge, the queue would stay in the hundreds, especially due to Taiwanese players finding out about 2b2t due to popular Taiwanese and Chinese streamers playing on the server, as well as 2b2t youtubers such as FitMC, SalC1, and BarrenDome going viral. Meanwhile, jared2013 and Armorsmith decided to start an 8th Incursion so that they could build a water cube at spawn and boost their youtube channels, with the excuse used being the invasion of Taiwanese players.

Obsolescence of Incursions

By mid-July 2019, the server community was tired of incursions and spawn invasions, especially due to the recent 7th Incursion. But jared2013 and Armorsmith, eager to complete their own personal goals, used the excuse of the Taiwanese player influx to organize an 8th Incursion. Player groups such as the Backstreet Boys, Point Zenith, Enigma, as well as much of Highland and the Vortex Coalition joined in to help. Their plans focused solely on destroying lava casts, so they could make a large water cube at spawn. But after a little more than a week, Armorsmith leaked that the whole incursion was staged the whole time. After this leak, many players left the incursion, but a player named BachiBachBach reorganized the incursion into a group named the Infinity Incursion.

YouTube thumbnail of a lag machine at 0,0

No Server November 2019

On October 25th, 2019, a group known as The Book Club was organized to bookban hundreds of newfags, as it had recently been enabled. On Halloween 2019, bookbanning was disabled and the members of The Book Club were banned from priority queue.

In the wake of the angry Hausemaster, househousehouse1 announced No Server November on November 1st, 2019. They started building big machines, which slowed down the server. They were able to restart the server and kick people from the server with snowballs, so they would be able to get in the server faster. As a result, the number of people in line dropped from 1,000 to 200, and the number of people who sought priority decreased. The Brownmen achieved his goal.

The Pandemic Explosion

In early 2020, the coronavirus was spread worldwide and was announced a pandemic, causing lockdowns throughout the world. This meant that that more people would be staying home, causing queue to skyrocket. It stayed in the thousands for months and had numerous side effects that affected the server, including many players quitting and youtubers with enormous subscriber counts hearing about 2b2t, then playing on the server, causing more players to join the server. On April 2021, YouTuber BULDZHAT and 5 russian groups unite to rebult Valley of Wheat.

The Authentication Exploit

On February 28th, Nerds Inc used the authentication exploit to log in to other players' accounts, resulting in megabases like Mu to be griefed.

Spawn Sky Symbols on 2021 Spawn map

Spawn Sky Symbols

Obsidian had littered spawn's skyline for years, such as the Obsidian Roof and Armorsmith's Hammer and Sickle. But in 2020, groups started building their own symbols, but they all dwarfed in comparison to The Masonic Eclipse, the biggest spawn obsidian symbol on the server. Built by the Spawn Masons, it consisted of 28,154,762 blocks of obsidian, placed by dozens of bots, taking over 8 days to finish. Another giant obsidian example known as the OWO symbol, although it was later griefed with withers by oofplux and Sand_Turtle.

Tenth Incursion

On October 12, MrBeast and his friend joined the server. Fearing that tens of thousands of players could join the server, the old players started posting negative comments on Beast videos and asking him not to upload any more videos about 2b2t. However, Mr. Beast refused their request and Joey_Coconut announced the tenth invasion. The plan was to go spawn, demolish the infrastructure there and not allow newcomers to escape. MrBeast offered Fit to participate in his video, but Fit turned down the offer because the rampant toxicity on the server, as well as various issues recording. After that, MrBeast canceled the video server. Joey_Coconut declared the intrusion canceled and offered to build a skybase over the Valley of Wheat, and then called the incursion off. The base was griefed by Team WAO not long after. The decision to suspend incursion operations proved unpopular within the incursion's membership.

The Libary base, spawnbase of Tenth Incursion

Joey_Coconut resumed the incursion on October 13 after consulting with the intruders. This time the goal was to make Crystal PvP impossible on the bottom of the neher. It was decided that they would use the enchanting table to achieve that goal. Since they did not have so many tables, they first decided to create hundreds of withers in the spawn called "Shrek". They decided to go to the Valley of Enchanting Tables and pick up the tables. Anti-Incursion soon appeared and they built a camp at 0․0. Because of the tables, the game lagged and crashed when you got near it. Early in the morning of October 17, Hausemaster deleted all tables from spawn. After that, the goal changed. It was decided to build huge buildings on the tables, from which it would be impossible to play on the server. Work resumed, but on October 19, Hausemaster deleted all tables. But on October 23, the car created by rockeZZergon started working, which led to the fact that the TPS dropped from 20 to 13. However, on October 24, Hausemaster deleted the tables for the third time. After that, the invasion was extinguished and on October 31, Joey_Coconut announced that the crisis was over.

No Server November 2020

In 2020, No Server November became more organized. The Brownmen had a clear plan for how No Server November would fare this time. They knew about the boat exploit with which the players were expelled in 2020. They also blocked Hausemaster's PayPal account. Earlier this month, they sent a list to Hausemaster and said that if he complied with all their requests, No Server November would be stopped. The main points were related to the fact that the server became non-anarchic due to the steps of Hausemaster. Almost everything was directed. Hausemaster had to meet several requirements. On 2020 No Server November queue size did not decrease by any substantial amount over the month.

Lag machine used on No Server November

Chaos of Nocom

Nerds Inc had been using the Nocom exploit (an exploit which can track the location of player activity throughout the entire server) since 2018, created by 0x22 and Babbaj. The exploit only worked with servers running PaperMC. The first version of the exploit worked by having bots click on all blocks of every chunk, clicking on those blocks whose chunk did not yet exist. After the exploit was partially fixed, it was remodeled. Now the exploit only worked on running chunks. This way, the Nerds could know the location of every player, their location, where they were, and every single base and structure. However, the exploit could not distinguish who was there and what size building it was. To fix this, Nerds invited leijurv, who was a very experienced programmer, and he updated the code. The group began to use it actively. In addition, they began to spread information. If someone assumed that there was a coordinate exploit, like the player 0Neb, the group immediately refuted that assumption, saying that the players were paranoid. In numerous occasions, the group created other exploits to mislead the players. Without knowing about the exploit and crossing out the possibility that such an exploit could exist, players could not explain why their bases and stashes were destroyed.

Recreation of the crash log that Hausemaster saw and reported to Paper

In June 2021, after the amount of groups that knew about the exploit snowballed, the exploit became public. Everyone started looking for houses, bases, chests with the whole server. People were just afraid to enter the server. Hundreds of people write Hausemaster to fix the exploit. Realizing that the exploit would be fixed soon, there was decided to kill all the newcomers who had trouble entering the server. And finally, on July 15, the exploit was fixed. About 15,000 bases were found with Nocom. The server suffered a large amount of damage and the after-effects of this exploit will be noticeable for a long time.

Post-Pandemic Malaise

After the pandemic subsided, content on the server began to fall out of the Youtube algorithm's favor, leading to a return to pre-pandemic player levels. Combined with a lack of updates and unusually common cases of server intervention from Hause led to a malaise throughout the playerbase, leading to a significant decline in server activity. 2b2t YouTubers beginning to upload less frequently didn't help the situation.


2b2t's culture is incredibly unique compared to the average modern Minecraft server. Its chat is filled with toxicity and the playerbase usually antagonistic towards new players. The culture was cultivated from the ancient internet forums from the 2000s like 4chan and SomethingAwful which it was born off of. The chat can be filled with slurs, death threats, shitposting, trolling, and links to discord servers selling kits. Such toxicity is the reason 2b2t is sometimes called the "The Worst Server in Minecraft."


As of March 13, 2011, 2b2t ran on a 40GB SSD, 12GB RAM (6GB for the server), and an i7-950. Hausemaster had a separate PC for playing and browsing on.[12] This SSD began to fill up due to speed hackers loading new chunks, and so the owners stopped advertising the server until they could buy a separate 40GB SSD to run the server on, as the one being used was shared with other files. By late April 2011, the server had received enough donations for a new 40 GB SSD, which they planned to buy the new SSD with in early May 2011. The server was down for a few days in early June (as early as June 8) and was expected by Hausemaster to be back up by June 10, as it was moving onto new hardware, though it took much longer.

Hausemaster expressed a need for new hardware in February 2012.[13]

As of June 3, 2019, the server runs on an overclocked i9-9900K and RAIDed NVME SSDs. The owner mentioned that, as Minecraft is limited to a single thread, the CPU chosen is the strongest single-core CPU.[14]

Server updates

The server's main owner, Hausemaster tends to speak about possible future plans regarding the server. In recent years, Hausemaster commonly posts biannual updates. Some of these topics include server updates, hardware transfers, and even server motto additions and changes. However, these posts were all deleted by himself for unknown reasons, though players theorize that this is to avoid himself from being contradicted by past comments.

  There hasn't been much to say - creating a thread every week just to post "exploit or bug fixed" "further optimizations done" etc isn't really good. There has been work done for the past year on something much anticipated and we'll announce it pretty soon.
- Server administrator in an email, March 12, 2021

Official entities

All other official 2b2t entities are listed below.


Membership in 2b2t's Steam group

The 2b2t Steam group was created by Hausemaster in August 2008 as a hub for all 2b2t servers.

Garry's Mod

Main article: 2b2t (Garry's Mod server)

"The Garry's Mod server ip is www.2b2t.net (you have to include the www. due to how source engine works). Its focus is on simple sandbox and building, and it runs without Wiremod to encourage more building rather than putting chips and wires on small PHX plates. Server is currently down due to no interest." "A sandbox server aimed at building. Will not have wiremod to help that. Currently down until addons are fixed and a map is done."[15]


"Mumble is a free voice chatting program which is very easy to use and has good quality. The IP is 2b2t.net with default port 64738. The server is set up with a channel which allows custom public and private rooms to be created, and the server can be used for anything. Download Mumble here" "Mumble IP: 2b2t.org Default port (64738). No password. 1000 slots, a channel dedicated towards custom channels."[15]

It existed as late as March 2013.[15] Website last updated 20th december 2012."


Subreddit originally created by Qasaur, a player, in March 2012, until Hausemaster (u/2builders2tools) became an admin.

u/2builders2tools posts:


"Updates will be posting here regarding maintenance and other minor events."[16]

It existed as late as March 2013.[15]


The 2b2t.net website began in May 2012, where Hausemaster demands donations to keep the server up. Later, the website moved to 2b2t.org. The website had a screenshot of Imperator's Base as the background. The site was blanked in December 2015, with text reading: "new website VERY soon (written 2015-12-06)". The website was eventually completely blanked in June or July 2016, before going down in September 2020. The 2b2t website was updated on August 14, 2023, and has a new look. Update notes about the August 14, 2023 website update and server.

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