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2builders2tools, commonly known as 2b2t and shortened to 2b, is a Minecraft anarchy server which has used the same map since its beginning in December 2010. The server is the second oldest continuously running Minecraft server, as well as the oldest anarchy server. As it is an anarchy server, hacking and griefing is allowed and common. The server has a size of over 5.5 terabytes and has had over 296,429 players in its past. The IP address to connect to it is 2b2t.org.

On September 1st, 2019, the server operator started the test.2b2t.org server, for unknown testing reasons.


2b2t's name is derived from a Team Fortress server and Clan 2f2f, 2 forts 2 furious, which in turn derived it's name from the movie 2Fast2Furious. Hausemaster was a regular player on 2f2f.


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