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"Hausemastah, w4nt t0 build 4 d1rt tog3ther? Housemustard. Hause, Hause... Hause..."

2builders2tools, more commonly known as 2b2t or shortened to 2b, is a Minecraft anarchy server which has used the same map since its beginning in December 2010. The server is the second oldest continuously running Minecraft server, as well as the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft. Considering that this is an anarchy server, player actions are generally unfiltered, resulting in considerably toxic events to occur, such as random griefs, oddities in chat, and even large scale conflicts. The server has a size of over 7.4 terabytes and has had over 456,213 players join it as of March 8th 2020. The IP address to connect to it is 2b2t.org. The server has a vast history, which most of it is documented here.

2b2t's Logo, which can be seen on the Minecraft server list.

The server owner is commonly known as Hausemaster, although it is debated if they are the same person as the one who helped start the server. He got his inspiration for the Minecraft server from the Garry's Mod server he had hosted under the name 2b2t, through 2009 and 2010, and started the Minecraft server with his friend georgebush420 in December of 2010. The owner has used Anti-Cheats to help keep the server stable, and has on occasions punished players that have intentionally lagged the server. The queue was added to the server in June 2016 and is the first sight a player will see upon logging into the server. Priority Queue can be accessed by donating to the server here, and lets you come in faster.

On September 1, 2019, the server operator started the test.2b2t.org server, possibly to test newer server hardware. This event lasted for a few days before shutting down.


This is a summary, so it misses out on a lot of important events and details.


2b2t's name is derived from a Team Fortress 2 server and clan, 2fort2furious (2f2f), which in turn derived its name from the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious. Hausemaster was a regular player on 2f2f, which can be dated back to 2008/09, as seen on several gameplay videos. Hausemaster started a Steam group under the name 2b2t and hosted a Garry's Mod server under the name 2b2t from 2009–10. He soon shifted to Minecraft, starting up the 2b2t server with his friend Georgebush420 under the domain 2b2t.net in December of 2010.

Early history

The server was commonly advertised on the Facepunch forums, 4chan, and SomethingAwful in its early days. In early 2012, the server changed its address from 2b2t.net to 2b2t.org and went down for three months.

Rise in popularity

The server population would stay quite small compared to the 2011 days from mid-2012 to June 1st, 2016, when TheCampingRusher made a youtube video on it. This brought thousands of new players to the server, and the queue (a proxy server used to house players waiting to get into the server when it is full) was added. Since then, 2b2t has only grown in popularity and become a sort of household name in the Minecraft community. The server has been discussed by a few news outlets and many Youtubers. The server also reached its peak of popularity during the Mass queue influx of 2020.

Server updates

The server's main owner, Hausemaster tends to speak about possible future plans regarding the server. In recent years, Hausemaster commonly posts biannual updates. Some of these topics include server updates, hardware transfers, and even server motto additions and changes.