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FoundedMay 15th, 2019

2K2R is a Korean group founded on May 15th, 2019 by Mirdov_M_Kron(later MirdovKron) and Lu_Seed(later Sidite). The group claims to be the first and only Korean 2b2t group.


The group was founded during a small influx of Korean players in November 2018, when Kron first found out about the server through Fit. During the first year and a half, the group stayed mostly small (10—20 members), with only one base and a small stash. In 2021, however, YouTube started recommending 2b2t videos to Koreans, and resulted in its membership applications surging. Also, a Korean YouTuber with over 300k subscribes uploaded several videos about 2b2t, which also contributed to this rise. On February 2022, the member count was reduced to around half the original number after the mods purged inactive members from the group.

The group currently has three active main bases, one spawn base, one end base, and 2 abandoned bases. There was a large project to build a base 3000 blocks long, which was meant to be one of the biggest bases in 2b2t, but construction was halted after an unknown visitor found the site. As of January 2022, this group is fully active.

Main base of 2K2R from May 2019 till Febuary 2020. The photo was taken on November 2019.


  • VoCo - 2K2R had made its first alliance with VoCo on May 31st, 2019, though after some collisions between an Emperium member on the server, the relationship was mostly fragmented. The admins of the group have decided to stay neutral afterward unless provoked.

Notable Members

  • MirdovKron (Founder)
  • Sidite (Founder)
  • Infinius (Current leader)
  • tonggu
  • ornhub
  • chang_seok_hui
  • hongsh373