2BQB is a group that botted the queue to make it harder for newer players to join and "shut down 2b2t for good."

FoundedDecember 2020
DisbandmentEarly 2021
MembersExoram, Soiled, iiGryxz, c0mmie
LeaderExoram and Soiled
Queue botting, Project Dardanus Flood


It started when Exoram and Soiled wanted to bot/ddos the server to make it harder to join and "shut down 2b2t for good." Alexattacker made the discord with Exoram and SoiledCold to better coordinate the botting. The discord was heavily advertised by iiGryxz and c0mmie which led to the discord reaching 300 members in a few days. As can clearly be seen by 2b2t's continued existence, this project failed to kill the server.

Project Dardanus Flood

Project Dardanus Flood, named after an old Greek myth about a great flood, used Minebot to bot the queue.

If you are interested in how the planning and botting occurred, visit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Hqi5-8mCD13hnQ46OeKIcZ-oWDcoc8JziZdM4L5zd_Y/edit



Small Group Alliance (SGA) (and associating groups)

The Gulag




Founder - Exoram, Soiled

Admins - BGP, Gryxz

Mods - Amy, Tal

Active Botters - 2̵̍̐5̶̒̂4̵͒̇n̸͋͠-̷̂̽m̶̿͊, , Frosty, Alexattacker, BGP, prettyfloppa, electroY, hausevult, Nyaa, kevenson, OccultMC, paralusion, OMEGAO000, Kayy, qbasty, REF, Steve3, Soiled