24 Million Cave

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24 Million Cave
Byrnsy's POV of 24 Million Cave
Inhabitants+Highway Diggers
LocationX:24,000,000 Z:0
StartedMarch 22, 2017
FinishedMarch 23, 2017
World download
LinkNot Available

The 24 Million Cave is located on the +X Axis at 24 million overworld. It was created by The Diggers to be the last major outpost along the highway until they reached the +X World Border.


The base was built very quickly and had many areas, including a dupe stash, mob grinder, and various other builds. The base is most famous for its iconic giant custom Nether Portal, and a huge 24 Million sign which is still somewhat intact today. Other structures included Willyroof's cave and Byrnsy's Bar, and the base also had a very large Nether hub, similar in size to the one at 15 Million Town.

Unfortunately, due to "Border Fever" among the group, the base was quickly abandoned as the group made a mad dash to dig the final 6 million blocks to the world border, and the base was soon later griefed as it sits directly on the +X Highway.

The base is still somewhat recognizable to this day as you can still make out the Bar and Willyroof's cave, and the 24 Million sign and custom Nether Portal are still in decently good shape. Many travelers on the way make the stop at this iconic final checkpoint before reaching Point Nemo. Here is a video made by MiningMinecraft touring the base while it was still active.