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"Don't trust anyone under any circumstances."
BasesMultiple spawnbases

24 is an oldfag who joined the server in 2011. He is most well known for creating the first detailed tutorial on surviving in 2b2t, 24's Complete 2b2t Survival Guide. While videos from doctrzombie and michaelrule4 precede the guide, they have either been entirely removed and are not on the 2b2t media database (in michael's case) or are less of a guide and more of a let's play (in doctrzombie's case.)


24 first joined the server in presumably early 2011, created a base at spawn, and returned about a year later to become more active in the community.[1][2] While the Minecraft account 24 was never used until early 2013 , several alts were used beforehand by him. 24 created multiple spawnbases during his time on 2b2t, but is most notable for his leaked "24's pain in the glass" and "24's glassed resort" sharpness V enchanted glass. Large quantities of them have been duplicated over the years and they are now relatively common to find on the server.[3]

All of 24's spawnbases are now able to be visited with the 100k world download. The nether coords to his oldest base are 4704, 1900, and it leads to a nether fortress where one of the first blaze grinders was used on 2b2t.[4][5] Another spawnbase is at 37700, 15250 Overworld, and leads to a waystation and cobblestone island near a nether fortress. The base housed an enchanting area and multiple large farms before its grief. Lastly, a base and a dupe stash were located at 37090, 16080, and housed 24's enchanted glass.[6][7]