1 Million Base

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1 Million Base
"Nobody would travel 1 million blocks just to grief!" – omaliymix
Inhabitantschrisleighton, elocdrof, jdw66999, omaliymix, RainbowCats, THEJudgeHolden, willyroof, x0XP
LocationX:1,000,000 Z:106,000
StartedEarly 2012
  • February 2012
  • Reconstructed base griefed on August 2021
  • x0XP griefed the original 2012 base.
  • Armorsmith and Denis Filin griefed the 2021 repair (with the bedrock).
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1 Million Base, also called 1 Million Town, was the first base on 2b2t to be situated over 1 million blocks away from Spawn. The idea was first conceived by omaliymix, who brought along several others on the trek to the base in early 2012, including members of Judge's Group, chrisleighton, and x0XP. The story of the base was chronicled in THEJudgeHolden's 2b2t Comic.

The base also had an illegal bedrock block placed within it which was removed in 2021.


In late 2011, omaliymix decided to expand one of the axis highways to 1 million blocks in the Overworld to build a base, with the belief that nobody would travel that far out to grief a base. Members of Judge's Group joined omaliymix in his plans, due to their base, Ravendel, recently having been griefed. They began to expand the +X Axis Highway in the Nether, which was 38,000 blocks long at the time. jdw99666, elocdrof, and willyroof joined the dig, as well as TheJudgeHolden. To get there, they dug with non-enchanted diamond pickaxes for 2–3 weeks, while being consistently very low on hunger. They survived off of mushrooms collected while walking. [1] The walk made members physically sick as they had to concentrate on walking in a straight line for hours. omaliymix eventually expanded the highway to 125,000 blocks out, 1 million blocks in the Overworld. He then dug in the +Z direction to the location of the base, 100,000 blocks from the axis in the Overworld. [2]

More players arrived at the base afterwards, such as chrisleighton. At the base, omaliymix made an automatic wheat farm and a long 1k tunnel, jdw99666 made a tower on top of a hill, and Judge made a dome-shaped house on the water. There was also a giant courtyard with many buildings inside. A room of diamond, gold, and iron blocks was also built using the diamonds given to omaliymix by x0XP.


omaliymix invited a player named x0XP to the base after he gave omaliymix stacks of diamond blocks and TNT. Judge gave him a tour of the base, though grew suspicious of him. The same day, x0XP griefed the base using the TNT he gave omaliymix, killing almost everyone with his hacks, though sparing omaliymix. willyroof, jdw99666, THEJudgeHolden, and chrisleighton regrouped and tried to fight him, but he ran away. x0XP griefed the base because of players like chrisleighton who he found annoying. He did not attack omaliymix, and the two talked on top of the hill before omaliymix /killed back to Spawn. A video of the grief was uploaded to YouTube by x0XP on April 3, 2012. [3]


Following the grief, Judge's Group went on to create temp bases to avoid x0XP and policemike55, before creating Raptor 1 in March 2012. omaliymix also gave up on the group and traveled back to spawn as he blamed himself for inviting x0XP to the base. Later on, he would leak the coordinates of Rapture 2 to popbob.

2021 repair

In June 2021, the base was reconstructed by Darth08, who had been visiting the ruins of Judge's Group bases and saw how many of the original structures lay in good condition. In August 2021, the base was griefed by Armorsmith and F_i_l_i_n (the YouTuber Denis Filin), who also deleted the bedrock block that existed there using Nether portals.


2021 repair


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