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JoinedJune 2016
BasesPurgatory, Purgatory 2, Purgatory 4, Exposition, Valerian, Mu
CurrentSpawn Masons, Emperium
PastBuilders Haven

1Charlie3 is a builder, who joined on the 6th of June 2016. He played for a very short period (as little as 3 hours) before getting killed after a promising start. He ragequit and didn't log on again until January of 2017, then once more he became active. As well as building several solo bases and making many friends, he was also a core member of Builders Haven in 2018 and became a SpawnMason in 2019. He was a base member at Valerian and Mu. In addition to building, 1Charlie3 also enjoys creating map art. His first map art on 2b2t was Billy Joel.


Bases and maparts

In 2018, 1Charlie3 joined Builders Haven and built at Purgatory and Purgatory 2. After the grief of Purgatory 2 and the BoeMeccan Witch Trials, Charlie was promoted to project overseer. He went on to build at the remaining two Builders Haven temp bases, Purgatory 4 and Exposition. At Exposition he built his first mapart, "Billy Joel".

After the Builders Haven stash was raised and the group disbanded, he joined his fellow Haven members at Valerian. There he built many buildings and made the 3D maparts "Nas", "Biggy Smalls" and his contribution to the server-wide Last Supper mapart. He also remade his Billy Joel mapart here.