0xymoron was a oldfag on 2b2t that joined in late 2011. He is notable for building numerous museums dedicated to housing in-game items that he collected throughout his time on 2b2t aswell as his youtube channel that was popular in the 2b2t niche throughout 2016/2017.

JoinedEarly 2011
Basesfr1kin's 2012 base, Ragnarok, Ragnarok II
Alternative Accounts0xyAlt


0xymoron joined 2builders2tools in 2011 after he "found it on 4chan or some shit". After struggling to find food and survive the spawn region 0xymoron would quit the server. At the time, 0xymoron was also interested in the hacking and exploiting community centered around another popular sandbox game of that era, Garry's Mod. Through this community 0xymoron would end up meeting and befriending fr1kin through a mutual interest of lua scripting. After discovering that 0xymoron had struggled to escape the spawn region of 2b2t, fr1kin would go on to invite 0xymoron to join him at his main base.

This base was at the time considered very far (200k+) and required use of the nether roof to travel there. On the first attempt to travel to the base, 0xymoron and aw3some_0ne would stumble upon a very large underground base. They would attempt to steal items for their journey, however soon after the base owners logged on and killed them they started over from scratch. After many other failed attempts 0xymoron would allow fr1kin to login to his minecraft account and use hacks to collect the necessary items to travel to the base. Following this, 0xymoron would travel to the base accompanied by his friend aw3some_0ne. 0xymoron would go on to be very active at this base and would invite another friend of his, brian5852, to come to the base as well. Both aw3some_0ne and brian5852 were relatively inactive at the base for the months following their arrival. During this time the base would continue to grow as 0xymoron, fr1kin, and others contributed to it and this base is considered by 0xymoron to be his first real base on 2builders2tools. However one day when 0xymoron and brian5852 were messing around outside of 2b2t, 0xymoron would play a joke on brian5852 by using a denial of service attack on him. This would make brian5852 very upset and in response, he came online for the first time in many months and posted the coordinates to fr1kin's base in the 2b2t chat. As a result of the leak, fr1kin would go on to begin self griefing the base whilst 0xymoron and aw3some_0ne would begin to run away with as many items as they could take. In response to the leaking of his base, fr1kin would log back into 0xymoron's account and kill both aw3some_0ne and 0xymoron back to spawn. This event would sour the friendship between fr1kin and 0xymoron for a long time. When recalling this, 0xymoron said, "... there was also a ton of other issues that came about due to that incident but thats a whole different story, basically my buddy had created a ton of enemies for me ..."

0xymoron would go on to build other small bases and make relationships with other players over the course of the following years leading up to the Summer of 2016. 0xymoron noted that prior to 2016 the idea of collecting "artifacts" was not a common thought on the server. Following the Rusher Invasion and the algorithm's favor towards 2builders2tools related content, he would begin collecting artifacts and other historical items on 2b2t. 0xymoron would travel the server, find bases, meet people, and trade- all as means to collect more artifacts for the museum located at his new base Ragnarok. The museum located here would grow to be one of the largest on the server through 0xymoron's historian activities.

0xymoron also notably griefed many bases on 2b2t, including Shenandoah and Rhadamantis. On Christmas Day, 2016- 0xymoron would livestream his grief of the 4th Reich's last major base "Jewtopia" in response to Tim_Mcnukepants disabling maps. In response to this, the 4th Reich would retaliate by griefing Ragnarok. Following this 0xymoron and his basemates would take the materials left at Ragnarok's stash and begin the construction of Ragnarok II. In October of 2017, u/2b2t would announce the removal of 2b2t's veteran queue amongst other changes in a now deleted reddit post (An archive can be viewed here). Following this, 0xymoron would start a 2b2t live stream titled "2b2t | 0xymoron's Final Livestream". In summary, 0xymoron stated that the removal of Veteran queue would kill the old player base, and would also be a defining reason for him to stop playing 2b2t. In December of 2017, Veteran queue was removed and 0xymoron would quit 2builders2tools and would never return to the server in any real capacity. 0xymoron notably wrote a book at this time called "Here Forever" in which he voiced many sentiments regarding 2b2t and his opinions on the direction of the server. This book marked the end of his time 2builders2tools.

0xymoron's main account "0xymoron" was stolen in 2019 and the name was changed to "SkyDev7". Following this he lost many rare artifacts stored in his ender chest, including many signed original books. He would regain control of the account name later after it became available in May 2020.

0xymoron has occasionally played 2builders2tools following his departure in 2017. Notably he would buy priority queue again in 2019 to visit the underground base he took refuge in during 2012. However, the base had long since been griefed and in his words he "just bought a month of queue just to visit this hole in the ground".


0xymoron's Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/@0xymoron2b2t

0xymoron's Reddit Account - https://www.reddit.com/user/0xymoron98/

0xymoron's Messages with ANALP0RN - https://imgur.com/a/GAahFmM