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"Let there be anarchy" "0 x 22 = 0lives remain"
BasesOmega City, Acheron, COVID-2147, Chunk Haven, Rat House, Sky Masons
TypeDeveloper, Exploiter
Alternative Accountseenmom2001, BibleBOT, 100010, Ingrownbus68777, _rwe
CurrentGuardsmen, SpawnMasons, elite tier
Past0Neb Appreciation Group, Nerds Inc

0x22 is the developer of Future Client, a $20 cheat client that is one of the most widely used among 2b2t players, and was a perpetrator of the Nocom exploit. He was priority banned by Hausemaster for lagging the server using a combination of godmode and boatfly in 2017. He is part of the Guardsmen, The SpawnMasons, Team Pepsi and Nerds Inc. He has created many other inventions like clients other than Future Client.