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0Neb Appreciation Group
The server banner of the 0Neb Appreciation Group Discord - A photograph of Pink Floyd Member Syd Barrett
Founded7 September, 2020
Disbandment10 October, 2021
Members_m_o_t_h_r_a_, 0x22, Apple, Babbaj, Bathory343, Bezopasan, FamilyPumpkin6, H_MAN_45, HermeticLock, Hurtmercury, JSR4, Joey_Coconut, MikelAx7, Sakuya, Spartan42, TCOJC, Todarac, c0nn3r, dragonworm, leijurv, orsond, popbob, rpb7191, ufocrossing, vexxer232, and y_a_t_a
BasesThe Calculator, The Calculator II, Funbase
2b2t Uncensored Nuke

The 0Neb Appreciation Group was a group created to keep up with 0Neb's activities on 2b2t, and also to spread misinformation about Nocom, with most of the group's members knowing nothing about the exploit's existence.


The group was founded on 7 September, 2020 following a reddit post by Joey_Coconut claiming to be the owner of the AFK account xz_9. Many players from a variety of groups were invited, such as the Block Gamers, Shortbus Caliphate, Nerds Inc, Spawnmasons, and Guardsmen. The initial goal was to simply keep up to date on 0Neb's activities, as she had been posting daily Conspiracy theories about the 'Nerds Inc mind control calculator', US president Lyndon B Johnson, and xz_9. The suspicion concerning xz_9 and other associated accounts turned out to be correct, however, when it was revealed they had been used as a part of Nocom.[1]

Several 0Neb Appreciation group bases were founded and built through the Shortbus Caliphate, namely Funbase (also called Nokia base), Calculator 1, and Calculator 2. All three bases were built with reject blocks from the Block Game Jerusalem stash, and with as many players invited as possible that were active in global chat such as 0Neb, pyruuu, and Mad_King_Lambo.

Following the public revelation of Nocom, the group's activities lessened considerably.[2] Many members also became increasingly offended by 0Neb's racist behaviour. The group was disbanded on 10 October 2021 when 0Neb was removed from the Shortbus Caliphate and Rat House Discord servers.

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