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"Hello xin chào tất cả mọi người đã đến Channel của Channy" (Vietnamese)
"Hello everyone to Channy's Channel" (Translated into English)
JoinedSummer 2020
BasesThe Autumn Drain, Calculator II, Halicarnassus, Adamantium, Mediano, Gaza, Rat House, Nautilus
TypeYoutuber, Builder
Alternative Accounts2y2c
CurrentOops Gang, Drain Gang, Shortbus Caliphate, Astral Brotherhood

0Channy is a Vietnamese YouTuber. He usually makes videos about 2b2t survival and 2b2t history. He is widely known for co-founding The Autumn Drain.


Channy joined 2b2t in August 2020, he made his first episode of his "2b2t survival" series on August 26.

His videos talked about his journey on the -X highways and end at X: -2,000,000. Then, he came back to the Spawn. After a long traveling on +X highways, he met some other travelers, including Nathan823 and ThatAlecs. He then started to make their first base at X: 250291 Z: 1355. A day later, a player named Aurylite found their base due to a terrain exploit, he took a picture of the base and sent it to Channy. They soon became friends and went milions of blocks out to build a base.

Nathan823 and ThatAlecs went inactive after 2 weeks at the new base and so were Aury and Channy. Channy decided that he have to move on. He killed himself and came back to Spawn, and then started walking on the Southern Canal.

On the journey he made a video touring The Drain and right after the video he decided to start a rebuild project of the ruins of The Drain. This project resulted in the creation of the Autumn Drain, the largest reconstruction project in the server's history, with many groups participating.

After the destruction of the Autumn Drain, he showed up at the Shortbus base (Calculator II) but got killed by Armorsmith not long after (video).

In December 2020, Orsond and Joey_Coconut invited him to a new Spawn Base by the Shortbus Caliphate and Guardsmen called Adamantium where he built a giant turtle and also made a video on it. He participated intermittently in both the Guardsmen and Shortbus Caliphate throughout 2021, ending up at Rat House near the end of 2021. He also joined the Astral Brotherhood and built at Nautilus.

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