-Z Axis Highway

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-Z Highway

-Z nether highway.png
-Z nether highway built by IIS
Cardinal DirectionNorth
EndWorld Border
Lenght3.750.000 blocks
The Negative Z-Axis Highway or the -Z Axis Highway is a highway constructed on the negative Z axis, heading north, and is one of the four central highways. It starts around 50-100 blocks north of spawn and is 3,750,000 blocks long in the nether and 1,076,886 blocks long in the overworld as of july 2021. It was the last of the four cardinal highways to reach the World Border



An example of the 1 block wide overworld -Z overworld highway around 0, -150,000
The highway has a quite high standard, being two blocks wide and including side-barriers and staircases going on and off, made of primarily obsidian until 0, -15000. After this point, the overworld road drops into a poorly maintained road that is infrequently traveled which varries between 1 to 3 blocks wide. Past 100,000 blocks from spawn, the overworld road becomes a 1 block wide road that mainly follows the natural terrain of the world. The materials used on the poor condition road is mainly made of dirt, cobble, wooden slabs, and cobblestone stairs. The road from spawn to -700,850 was mostly built by Swervin777, however many of the road's builders closer to spawn are unknown due to the large griefing attempts that make the original makers of the road difficult to trace. Swervin777 built checkpoints on the overworld road every 5k, however many of the checkpoints have been griefed between spawn and 0, -300,000.
-Z checkpoint
A checkpoint that Swervin777 made at Z = -210,000 with signs showing the travelers who reached the checkpoint

The overworld road features many older builds and farms, however almost all of the builds have been griefed or looted due to the location being on a main road. On April 8, 2018, ArchQuantum extended the overworld highway to -719,000. From -746,000 to -750,000, JabiDaJew built a path to commemorate the last few thousand blocks of the -Z overworld highway on Feburary 13th, 2019 (note that this original segment was not connected to the rest of the overworld highway built by Swervin777). Much later on June 4th, 2020, Greguhlicious completed the segment between -719,000 and -746,000 that connected the two fragmented pieces of the overworld road. From the -750,000 checkpoint, a horse-friendly section of the highway built by Greguhlicious is three blocks wide and three blocks high when entering tunnels. As of June 2020, the -Z overworld highway ends at -773,918. There are no current groups that attempt to extend the overworld highway any further, but there are player that extend it alone. As of May the highway extends to over 1 million blocks and the current highway builder is herodan101.

End of -Z overworld highway
The end of the -Z overworld highway as of June 2020 at 0, -773,918


Major griefs include using a TNT duping device with a redstone flying machine that dropped duped TNT from spawn until around 100k on the road. Players eventually fixed the grief on the road, however the large gap that was formed from the TNT can still be seen. Many other players tried griefing the unmaintained road by placing blocks or ice that made the road impassible without taking a detour.

The trench that TNT bombers made when griefing the -Z overworld highway



In the Nether, the highway is fairly well maintained with a obsidian floor from 50-100 of 0,0 in the nether to -129,580. After that, the highway is primarily made out of netherrack with many potholes, and varies in width from 5 to 1 blocks. The -Z nether highway reaches -3,750,000 which connected to the world border in the overworld.

On August 7th 2017 gRiNdLoRd successfully flew under the nether floor from spawn out to -3.75 million. He was able to get back above the bedrock, build a nether portal and reach the -Z world border before the -Z highway was completed. Two days later there was a plug-in installed on the server to prevent players from flying under the nether floor. He still has an account there and continues to play around there.

The -Z nether highway is heavily maintained by IIS (Independent Interstate Society) and also to a lesser degree by SIG (Spawn Infrastructure Group) which maintains a high standard for the nether highway until 0, -128,000. The highway consists of 4 wide obsidian blocks with 1 wide guardrails on each side and 3 blocks high just below the bedrock roof. The IIS repairs most griefs on the highway, which make the -Z nether highway ideal for elytra travel.


Since 2019, many withers have been placed from 0 to 50k. However, all of the potholes from the withers have been restored by the IIS and the withers remain on the floor of the nether. As of June, 2020 the highway is in great condition and the withers place no threat towards any traveler.

Notable Locations

  • The Valley Of Melons (-8.7k)
  • -100k Castle
  • -200k Sign
  • Aureus Highway (-25331 nether)
  • -300k ruins
  • -400k ruins
  • -500k ruins
  • -666k tetrahedron
  • -69k nether.
  • The City Of Avalon (-1 Million)
  • -29,999,999 Crafting table with a sign (left by gRiNdLoRd)