-X Diggers

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-X Diggers
Founded6 November 2017
Disbandment22 December 2017
LeaderMetrez and Bramblery

-X Diggers was a group founded by Metrez and Bramblery back in November 2017. Their goal was to gather players to help dig the -X Axis Nether Highway all the way to the Overworld World Border.



After traveling to the end of the -X Axis Nether Highway and discovering that it ended at 800k with few changes recently, Metrez decided to start the -X diggers and made a (since-deleted) Reddit post about the project on November 6th, 2017. A public Discord was set up, which proved to be a mess. Bramblery offered to help Metrez as leader, and they created a private discord for players who traveled out to -850k checkpoint, which was the initial dig site. Once players reached this location, they would be invited to join the -X Diggers, and the private Discord.
The original reddit post by u/Metrez, although it was later deleted.

First Leg

The dig officially began on November 13th, a day earlier than previously scheduled due to some players arriving early and becoming restless. Monuments were meant to be built every 100k nether, and every 1 million overworld; a rule which was followed for the vast majority of checkpoints. By November 15th, the highway had reached 10 million overworld, and by the 25th, it had hit the halfway point. While much of the building was being left to just a few players, the project progressed steadily.


Over the course of the dig, a then-unknown player had been stealing materials and leaving traps designed to kill pigs which some of the group members used to travel the highway behind those actively digging in order to catch up and take part in highway extension. tr3b0r85 began recording himself digging, and although he was anyways killed back to his previous spawnpoint farther back on the hightway, he caught Leolight, and went to the other members with that information. Members of -X Diggers including IHackedWalmart, DeadlyDarkDragon, BLOCK567, among others, ambushed Leolight and forced him into a crystal trap at the 20 million monument. Eventually, due to the inability to keep an eye on it 24/7, Leolight escaped. He attempted to blackmail his way back in to the group, and when that was unsuccessful, he griefed every monument and rest stop on the highway that he could find from the 20 million milestone all the way back to spawn. MikeXXIV discovered this as he traveled out to join the -X Diggers. Leolight threatened to continue to grief all future builds along the highway as the diggers worked, which soured morale in the group and forced them to create a new plan of action. The crux of this plan was a general decision to pause digging at the 20 million mark and to repair all previous highway monuments.

A group of three diggers

Final Stretch

Upon repairing the highway monuments, digging continued for several more weeks until the diggers arrived at -3.74 million Nether. Metrez decided that all the diggers had to stop at -3.74 million and complete the final 10,000 blocks as a team. Not everyone could be online at the same time due to timezones, so Metrez made a straw poll for players to select the best time available to them, and it was determined that the final dig would be held on December 22nd, 2017. The -X Digger Team arrived at the -X world border later that day; they had managed to dig from -850k to -3.75 million nether in under two months. When the digging was complete, they constructed a Christmas themed world border checkpoint since they arrived two days before Christmas Eve. Metrez built a huge Christmas Tree with decorations and presents for each one of the diggers as a celebration of their efforts.

Metrez posted a post on r/2b2t with a lot of pictures taken during the dig.

A video made by Nekramite can be seen here, and a video made by Bramblery can be seen here




Former Members at the time of completion of the dig