+Z Axis Highway

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The Positive Z Highway, also known as the Southern Highway, is a highway constructed on the positive +Z-axis, heading south, and is one of the four central highways. The vast majority of its length is concurrent with the Southern Canal, which extends for over 300,000 blocks.


It starts somewhere around (0,0) near spawn, although due to the harsh and brutal conditions of 2b2t's spawn region, the canal begins taking shape with obsidian and rough materials at about 1,000 Z.

The Z+ highway starts near spawn and becomes the Southern Canal around 0 64 1200. The canal ends at 300k+ and is continuously expanded. The +Z overworld highway extends a little bit farther before travelers are forced into the nether. The highway was the second highway to reach the world border in the nether.

Due to the Highway running along The Southern Canal, it has had a lot of player activity especially during the rusher war,as many farms,abandon bases,etc dot the Canal,and due to Fit having been telling newplayers to go on this highway in many of his videos.


  • Southern Canal
  • 8K overworld trap
  • 10K
  • 20K
  • 30K
  • 40K
  • 50K
  • The Old End Of The Southern Canal (56.6k)
  • Great Southern Ocean
  • 100k overworld
  • 250k overworld resort
  • The Southern Canal end (300k)
  • 50k nether/400k overworld farm
  • 500k farm and resort.
  • 75k nether/ 600k overworld farm
  • 100k nether/800k overworld resort
  • 1 million Z great lavacast
  • 2 million dome
  • 3 million sign
  • 4 million sign
  • 5 million sign
  • The World Border (30 million)