+X Axis Highway

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The Positive X Highway, is a highway constructed on the positive X axis, heading east, and is one of the four central highways. It starts somewhere around (0,0) near spawn. It is the first highway on 2b2t that has reached the world border in the Nether, stretching for about 30,000,000 blocks, or 3,750,000 in the nether, due to the efforts of the Nether Highway Group.

Highway checkpoints

There are highway checkpoints or milestones approximately about every 25,000 blocks. The following are the more notable ones.

  • Valley of Wheat
  • 1 Million Base
  • 6 Million Lavacast
  • 8 Million Base/Small Grinder
  • Oasis Outpost at 1.18m Nether
  • 15 Million Town
  • 24 Million Cave
  • Point Nemo - 2b2t World Border