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Events in bold denote server-wide and/or technical changes or events, usually made by the owner.


Player Count: 50-70 (Accounts vary)

Nothing much is known about the early days of 2b2t, except that the server began in December this year. Some that do claim to have joined during this time say that there was nothing significant on the server and that by the end of the month, the spawn was already griefed.


Player Count: 50-70

During 2011, several events occurred. The largest event was that of the formation of the Facepunch Republic. This year is also when many now-famous oldfags joined, including Offtopia, xcc2, and popbob.

  • Early 2011 - Hausemaster teleports to random players to check the progress of his server. He would sometimes give players random items.
  • April 2011 - The Facepunch Republic begins; 4channers take notice of this and try to stop them.
  • May 2011 - Player data corruption and change of world generation cause spawn to look strange.
  • July 2011 - First post of the 2b2t Comic by Judge Holden.
  • December 2011 - January 2012 - 2b2t gets backdoored by popbob and others.
  • 2011 - The first dupe on 2b2t, the Piston Dupe, was discovered by a member of Facepunch. This involved pushing the piston real fast to duplicate items.


Player Count: 20-50

This year marked one of the most barren times on the server. The server faced drastic player loss during this time due to several Facepunchers leaving, the IP changing, and the server being down for three months which caused many players to believe that the server shut down for good.

  • February 2012 - The Facepunch Republic ends.
  • February 2012 - Judge's group base at X: 1 million and Z: 1 million is griefed by x0XP.
  • February 27th 2012 - xcc2 captures footage of Hausemaster experimenting with Thunderstorms at spawn. A similar storm occurred on July 20th of that year.
  • April 2012 - ImperatorTerrae finds Viking base and 'reforms' it.
  • June 2012 - 2k2k is founded by the Zion project.
  • Late 2012 - The first wither is spawned in my Rickenman, and then the second is spawned in by Shougun
  • 2b2t is shut down for three months and changes the IP address from 2b2t.net to 2b2t.org.


Player Count: 10-30

2013 is mostly painted by Valkyria, as most other groups of this period have all been forgotten.


Player Count: 30-20

During 2014, Valkyria had broken up into a few smaller groups. These include the Gape Group and the Legion of Shenandoah.

  • January 2014 - Asgard is abandoned after being griefed by popbob during construction.
  • May 2014 - 2k2k is buried in lavacasts and many ancient bases are annihilated by Withers (Including the NFE and Plugin Town).
  • June 2014 - Legion of Shenandoah begins and Gape 1 is founded.
  • July 2014 - Infamous message shows up on the server website stating that Hausemaster has left the server forever, leaving it in the care of "an anonymous friend." The owner's personality changes immediately after this post.
  • September 2014 - Fenrir Project begins.
  • October 2014 - Nova is founded in 3b3t.
  • December 2014 - Southern Canal Project is started by ThebesAndSound.


Player Count: 20-40

A large population boost happened during this year, mostly from the numerous articles and a massive Reddit post.

  • January 2015 - 2b2t is updated to 1.8.
  • February 2015 - Fenrir Project ends.
  • March 2015 - Asgard II is founded.
  • April 2015 - Asgard II is destroyed, the 3rd Incursion begins.
  • May 2015
  • June 2015
  • August 2015
    • Project Vault, (now known as the 2b2t museum), is a project determined to keep every single monument in 2b2t untouched and left as a museum to other players, begins.
  • October 2015
    • Motherboard Article is released.
    • VICE mini incursion begins and ends.
  • December 2015
    • Imperator's Base is destroyed by Jared2013. Around this time, the server website shuts down.


Player Count (pre-June): 1-10

Player Count (post-June): up to 2500 or more

This is when 2b2t was most densely populated. This was caused when TheCampingRusher made a video and posted it onto Youtube.

  • February 2016
    • RPS Article released.
  • March 2016
  • April 2016
  • May 2016
    • The player count plummets, sometimes as low as 1-5 players online.
  • June 2016
    • June 1st - TheCampingRusher begins his series on 2b2t. In the coming days, 2b2t becomes flooded with his fans.
    • June 4th - TheCampingRusher declares war on "OGs," a reference to players who have been on the server longer than him.
    • June 13th - Fit becomes "leader" of Team Veteran, which is supposedly meant to contain the rusher onslaught and preserve the server's pre-rusher culture. This is later debunked.
    • June - A lava wall is made around the 500x500 area of spawn, in hopes of keeping Rushers trapped in spawn; this project fails. A very similar project occurs during the 6th Incursion but fails as well.
    • June 17th - Omega City Founded.
  • July 2016
    • July 24th - The 4th Incursion begins with the Veterans raiding Napkin0fTruth's base.
    • July 28th - 2nd largest battle in 2b2t history (19 players).
    • July 31st - Aureus is destroyed by its members after it is leaked
    • July - Hardware upgrade, temporary map.
    • The Queue is set up around this time.
  • August 2016
    • August 5th - Fit versus Rusher duel, Fit wins, having more golden apples.
    • August 19th - Torogadude gets stripped of his Veteran/OG priority queue.
  • September 2016
    • September 16th - Largest Battle in 2b2t History: Team Veteran allies with CorruptedUnicorn to take down Rusher. The battle ends in a draw, and Rusher is able to escape.
    • September 19th - Rusher leaves 2b2t for the first time for about a month.
    • September 22nd - Valley of Wheat destroyed.
    • September - 4th Incursion ends, Newsweek Article released.
  • October 2016
    • October 9th - The Rusher War ends. The Veterans say that about 10,400 Rushers had been killed, this account is disputed
    • October 15th -TheCampingRusher returns and makes 3 more videos on 2b2t before he leaves.
    • October 22nd - Rusher leaves and The Rusher War ends. A large residual presence of rushers and newfags remains, and the server has been radically changed.
    • October - Offtopia's Drain is destroyed after Fit makes a tour of his base.
  • November 2016
    • November 11th - 11/11 Dupe is leaked to the public.
    • November 22nd - Jonathan222 starts 6Garden. Major construction started sometime in January 2017.
    • November 25th - AgentGB makes a video on 2b2t. He later states that is will not be aseries.
    • November 28th - The 5th Incursion is organized by jared2013, however, this fails, and now widely recognized to have been a meme.
    • New coord exploit. Fitlantis is found.
    • Large battle in Fitlantis.
    • 2b2t is updated to 1.11, ending the 11/11 Dupe.
  • December 2016
    • AntVenom considers making a video on the history of 2b2t. He asks for the consent of the playerbase and the "admins".
    • Byrnsy begins his journey to the 2b2t World Border, with hopes of completing the +x Nether Highway. The Nether Highway Expedition group is formed.
    • The Emperium is founded by TheDark_Emperor.
    • Player count drops to the low 50s before Fit starts making his videos.


Player Count: 80-200 (50-100 during Temp Maps)

This year saw massive decay of the rusher population and numerous other things, such as the beginning of the nether highways being dug to the World Border of the Overworld.

  • January 2017
    • January 1st - Fit returns to 2b2t, with new, "jewtuber", kid-friendly content (starting with Minecraft world records by boat). The impact from this has kept the 2b2t playerbase in its 200s, as many players join from Fit each day.
    • Construction of Block Game Mecca starts.
    • Mid January - SpawnMasons are founded.
    • Late January - The Vortex Coalition gets "disbanded".
  • February 2017
  • March 2017
    • Early March - The 4th Reich is disbanded.
    • March 3rd - Maps are reset and old maps are deleted off 2b2t. The death spam protest takes a short ceasefire.
    • March 15th - The Donkey Dupe is leaked to the public.
    • March 18th - The Donkey Dupe has been patched.
    • March 21st - Wintermelon is griefed.
    • March 22nd - fr1kin discovers an exploit that can bring the server below 1tps.
    • March 26th - World Border reached legitimately through the +X Highway. The +X Highway has been completed. Point Nemo is founded.
    • March 29th - Point Nemo is griefed.
    • March - A player by the name of PriorityQueue is seen at nether spawn floating and not taking any damage, it was initially thought that he backdoored the server, however, this was later proved to be incorrect (possibly the usage of MineChat).
  • April 2017
    • April 1st - 2017 April fools map. This lasted a few days. The queue was also disabled during the uptime of the map.
    • April 9th - Apocalypse Exploit patched, /kill temporarily disabled.
    • April 13th - 24th - Fit's journey to the World Border.
  • May 2017
    • May 15th - AntVenom uses a clip of 2b2t in his video titled "HOW MANY MAPS will BREAK MINECRAFT?!", and states "there are some very large-scale anarchy survival servers out there" when speaking about servers and whatnot that have reached the map limit with a clip of him entering a nether portal at spawn, hinting at the video about 2b2t that he made a year later.
    • May 18th - Fit visits Point Dory without the permission of its builders.
    • May 20th - Point Dory is griefed.
    • May 25th - Torogadude leaks the coordinates of his own theater by accident. It got destroyed almost instantly.
  • June 2017
    • June 1st - 1st Anniversary of Rusher's Invasion in 2b2t. 2b2t is flooded with lag machines and various shitposts to celebrate the anniversary.
    • June 4th - Battle between SpawnMasons and Peacekeepers starts.
    • June 9th - The +Z Highway is completed to the world border.
    • June 18th - Omega City is destroyed.
    • June 23rd - The first server crash.
    • June 29th - HermeticLock announced the "second season" of hanging around at his spawnbase.
  • July 2017
    • July 6th - The second server crash.
    • July 6th - 7th - Server shut down, as a preparation for the 1.12 update and the addition of new plugins.
    • July 8th- 22th - 1.12 tempmap.
    • July 23th - The original map returns. The owner announces the deletion of all non-vanilla items. However, he accidentally deleted Axe enchantments, player heads, efficiency on shears, and all dungeon spawners. The 1.12 dupe (also known as the 7/21 dupe), was also discovered, which involved spamming in the crafting book.
    • July 24th - Dupe patched sometime around 10:00 AM (EST).
    • July 28th - Summermelon griefed by Fit and his crew.
    • July 29th - Fit is exposed by Offtopia in the 2b2t Subreddit for making stuff up just to get a reason to grief Summermelon. The real reason might have involved his youtube career to get money. Fit does this again in 2018 at offtopia's base, Viper.
  • August 2017
    • August 1st - Server restarted by the owner twice at 12:00 AM August 1st (EST).
    • August 2nd - The 3rd Major crash causes 2b2t down for a while. (Most likely low tps).
    • August 4th - Jared2013 obtains bureaucrat permissions through Niftyrobo on the 2b2t wiki, and destroys the wiki.
    • August 5th - Armorsmith lags the server down to 1tps. Causing the playercount to drop to 50-80 players. Queue virtually doesn't exist.
    • August 6th - Riot on the wiki and subreddit to demote jared2013 and niftyrobo for the removal of pages with newfag history and several newfag bases such as 6Garden.
    • August 6th - SpawnMasons disband after internal tensions. Hermeticlock believed that this was the right course of action as he did not want his creation to "shrivel up and die" over time.
    • August 7th - Wiki is restored and Jared2013 and Niftyrobo have been banned globally from entering FANDOM Wikia itself. The subreddit explodes with wiki rants due to the new admin team consisting of newfags. The new founder, DarkAnhilator, gathers a source team, and the subreddit calms down.
  • September 2017
    • September 15th - A Spanish YouTuber, ElRichMC makes a video on the server, causing his fans to join and spam the chat in Spanish. Despite the video being quite popular, ElRichMC decides not to make another video and the server returns to normal in a matter of a few weeks.
    • September 17th - SpawnMasons are revived with members assembling once again.
    • Mid September - Project Obsidian Sky is completed. The 500x500 region of spawn now has an obsidian roof at Y256. (Today, in Mid 2018, most of the obsidian has been destroyed by withers).
    • Late September - Elytras are disabled due to large amounts of chunks being loaded in a short amount of time, causing both lag and the server file size to grow much too quickly. Elytras have been disabled for almost an entire year. The SOON™ meme appears all over the subreddit because of this.
  • October 2017
    • October 13th - The owner announces the removal of pre - June 1st queue.
    • October 13th - 20th - Bots fill the server in a vain attempt to kill it off, Drachenstein buys about a dozen oldfags 2 months of priority.
  • November 2017
    • November 19th - 20th A redditor named PM_ME_YOUR_TITS_GIRL posted a render of 2b2t on r/gaming and r/minecraft.
  • December 2017
    • December 11th - Foundation of the Shortbus Caliphate as a meme and smokescreen for the actions of Block Game Mecca
    • December 19th - Construction on the Cerulean Islands begins.
    • December 20th - Astral Order is founded by LordGalvatronMC and jay_monroe.
    • December 21st - VoCo declares the "Vo-Perium" war.
    • December 23rd - X- Digger Team reaches the world border.
    • December 25th - Armorsmith and Co. planned to lag the server to 0 tps, and succeded to get it down to 0.5 before the owner personally destroyed the machine.


Player Count: 100-250

This year is most known for two incursions (6th and 7th) and the grief of Block Game Mecca. Most of the major factions in the server also attempted to unite in the United Group Embassy. This year is also known for the major dupings which caused the 2b2t server economy to inflate rapidly.

  • January 2018
    • January 1st - Team Inferno reforms into Infrared after all the insiding and griefing.
    • January 10th - United Group Embassy is formed, an initial 15 groups join.
    • January 11th - "Vo-Perium" concludes after very little ground is gained. Emperium and VoCo work on building positive relations.
  • February 2018
    • February 4th - Offtopia's Viper Base is griefed by Fit.
    • February 7th - 2b2t Media Archive is founded by xyzvp.
    • February 9th - Up to 17 U.G.E. representatives arrive at spawn and begin renovating.
    • February 13th - 16 U.G.E. representatives fight 4 members of Infrared and Highland at spawn. Renovations continue.
  • March 2018
    • March 20th - Temp map begins while the main map is being transferred from a 4 Terabyte HDD to a 6 TB SSD[1], as it was rapidly approaching the upper size limit of its current hardware. Server traffic is lower than usual but still high. TPS range is around 10 to 13.
    • March 27th - Main map back up.
    • March 28th - Severe rubberband and lag occurs at high TPS as well as several plugins being removed temporarily which allowed for people to use "illegal items" for a short amount of time, as well as being able to use the nether roof while taking heavy amounts of damage.
  • April 2018
    • March 31th - April 2nd - An unnamed April Fools' tempmap starts on March 31st, 2018, and ends April 2nd, 2018. During this period, AntVenom confirms he will be releasing his video on April 3rd. The Sixth Incursion is declared by Sato and the ender dragon on the temp map is killed by the new incursion.
    • April 2nd - 6th - 2nd tempmap after failure of reverting back the world.
    • April 3rd - The highly anticipated "Face of Minecraft Anarchy" video is released by AntVenom. New players flood the server. Total player counts reach about 350 at the most.
    • April 6th - The main map, with very bad timing, comes back online[1] and the owner adds AAC to the server, which causes frequent disconnects and problems in general.
    • April 12th - 14 million subscriber YouTuber PopularMMOs is seen logging onto the server and is geared by an unknown player. He is later seen at nether spawn and killed with an end crystal. He claims he is not making a video on the server, however not everyone is convinced.
    • April 16th - 24th - The Obsidian Wall, affectionately known as "THE WALL", surrounding 1000 cubic meters of spawn is constructed and finished by Sixth Incursion members. It is named the largest community project ever completed in server history. To get the obsidian necessary, "gulag" slave camps were set up around spawn and new players were captured and forced to mine ender chests to obtain obsidian. This is the first confirmed time slave labor is used in the server's history.
    • April 26th - The obsidian wall fails since it was being destroyed faster than it could be repaired. Spawn patrolling became a meme after the incursion members became so self-absorbed after the wall was built. Much of the wall got destroyed however it is still very recognizable in most places.
    • April 29th - The 2b2t Archaeological Society is founded by /r/ryanfortner3333.
  • May 2018
    • May 1st - Jared2013 starts "31Days31Greifs" which causes widespread damage across the server.
    • May 3rd - Sixth Incursion ends and is deemed a success.
    • May 5th - Construction of Mokuzai Island starts.
    • May 10th - FitMC reveals secrets about the Age of Tyranny to the general public.
    • May 18th - Empire's Edge, Emperium's main base, is leaked to the subreddit by an unknown user and the Emperium quickly removes their belongings and destroys the base before anyone else could.
    • May 25th - The Builders Haven project is founded by Beardler.
    • May 28th - All maps on the server are cleared in an attempt to stop more bases from being griefed in any way they might be. The Map Artists of 2b2t claim responsibility for it and most are understanding.
    • May 30th - The Boedecken, a large base kept secret for nearly two years, is griefed. FitMC makes base tour shortly after. jared2013 did not claim responsibility for the base's grief.
  • June 2018
    • June 1st - The largest base ever built in the server's history and possibly in SMP Minecraft,Block Game Mecca, is griefed by Beardler, commencement of the BoeMeccan Witch Trials in conjunction with members of the Boedecken. Base members deluge through the server griefing and leaking several bases.
    • June 1st - Purgatory is griefed.
    • June 1st - 700k Spanish-speaking YouTuber TheDaarickPartner starts a series on 2b2t.
    • June 1st - Second anniversary of Rusher War.
    • June 7th - Server reaches 50,000 in-game days.
    • June 10th - Large lag spike that lasts for 3 hours, TPS remains 0.6 for the whole time.
    • June 16th - Purgatory 2 is griefed as revenge against Beardler.
    • June 16th - Beardler quits 2b2t, and Block Game Mecca/Boedeckden drama ends.
  • July 2018
    • Mid July - Third Donkey Dupe is discovered.
    • July 24th, 2018 - 2b2t Wikia hosted on FANDOM due to “innapropriate content and illegal information”. All 2b2t Wiki clones were deleted as well.
    • July 25th, 2018 - The 2b2t Wikia moves to Miraheze. All pages have been restored except the images.
  • August 2018
    • Mid August - The server's economy is at a point that anything is worthless, including Hacked Items.
    • August 21st - Infrared disbands for the first time.
    • August 22nd - Builders Haven is griefed and disbanded.
  • September 2018
    • September 20th - FuzeIII joins 2b2t and begins a series.
    • September 21st - The Seventh Incursion begins.
    • September 21st - Third Donkey Dupe is patched.
    • September 27th - FuzeIII declares the foundation of Team Baguette and "War on Team Veteran and the Americans".
  • October 2018
    • October - New nether roof access exploit discovered with minecarts.
    • October 8th - jared2013 is demoted from head of the incursion due to internal drama.
    • October 13th - The Seventh Incursion is called off by Henry due to lack of leadership initiative. Drama posts on Reddit follow soon after.
    • October 13th - jared2013 makes a new discord and an Incursion revival initiative to complete original goals of the Incursion.
    • October 30th - jared2013's Incursion Reloaded revival officially ends a day earlier than the initial deadline of the 31st due to an inside attempt on the Emperium. This caused jared's discord to be deleted.
    • October 31st - A 2b2t Halloween party was hosted, only lasting for 4 hours.
    • October - Fit's relevancy is questioned after being kicked out of the Seventh Incursion (see Spawn Incursions).
    • October - New "banning" method involving max filled books with Unicode is discovered. Players are "permanently" banned from the server if they are given a certain amount of these books, which will kick them out of the server due to an overflow in packets registered by the server unless they e-mail Hausemaster to clear their inventories. The phenomena is known as "book banning".
  • November 2018
    • November 7th - 9th - Beardler returns to 2b2t for 2 days and claims he will return in Mid/Late 2019.
    • November 11th - New book related dupe discovered. Dupe causes lag spikes when performed due to constant chunk reloading.
    • November 17th - BGM (Block Game Mecca) was found to contain many schematic builds, which impacted the community's view of the base at large
    • November 23rd - 1.13 is announced for 2b2t coming “soon”.
    • November - The 2b2t Wiki is 2 years old.
    • November - Disbanded Infrared is reformed into Iridium.
    • November - A group called TSC, now known as The Gulag is founded.
    • November 29th - The FuzeIII vs Fit duel occurs, Fit wins.
    • November 30th - The 2b2t wiki gains public attention due to FuzeIII mentioning the wiki and the general Miraheze discord noticing 2b2t. This wiki achieved a record high on Thursday of 900+ views.
  • December 2018
    • December 19th - Queue is glitched and drops to 0, resulting in the server being unable to join.
    • December 22nd - The Backstreet Boys greif Beefytown and an abandoned Astral Order base, Lugdunum.
    • December 23rd - Coordinates for planned Christmas party is leaked, chaos ensues.
    • December 27th - Iridium is disbanded.
    • December - General lack of major activity due to Queue bugs, connection errors, and lag.
    • December - U.G.E is dissolved after a long period of inactivity.


Player Count: 200-800

2016 but its 2019

  • January 2019
    • January - Lag and queue issues are getting worse. Spawn Masons revive after a long pause of inactivity.
    • January 12th - Infrared is revived. The Astral Republic is founded.
    • January 19th - Around 18 Vo-Perium members fight 6 Highland members at spawn, making this the largest battle to unfold since the 6th Incursion.
    • January 26th - Infrared disbands once again.
    • January 30th - The owner changes the server message on the player board, saying "1.13 and temporary map expected in February 2019, with new server hardware. Elytras planned to be re-added. Death messages and end portals re-added."
    • January 30th - End portals re-disabled.
    • January 30th - CorruptedUnicorn attempts a revival of the Resistance.
  • February 2019
    • February 3rd - It is rumored that jared2013 was arrested.
    • February 10th - jared2013 returns with the allegations proven false.
    • February 20th - Indonesian YouTuber with 187k subscribers, Kurus, makes a video about 2b2t. Nothing comes of the video besides a minuscule, if not nonexistent, influx.
    • February 23rd - The owner changes server message on the player board, stating "1.13 expected in late March, Book Duplication now Patched due to an update of Waterfall."
    • February 27th - player bflyza constructs thousands of signs above the nether bedrock ceiling at (0, 0) in the nether. Any player who loads this chunk is immediately disconnected from the server and instantly disconnects upon rejoining in a way that is functionally similar to being book-banned. Dozens of players are chunk-banned due to the exploit.
  • March 2019
    • March - YouTube algorithm promotes Minecraft videos due to "nostalgia craze" and as a byproduct, promotes 2b2t videos, flooding the server with new players and extending queue to wait times last seen during the post-Rusher era. Queue issues persist. Potential incursion discussion begins to arise throughout the community.
    • Early March - Chunk ban patched. New roof travel exploit is found by using pigs.
    • March 7th - In response to the queue overload of the algorithm, Gambino begins an "8th Incursion". This "incursion" was mostly perceived negatively by the community, as many believed Gambino was solely doing it for attention and was viewed as a massive meme. Three other discords were found claiming to be the real "8th Incursion", with a memed "9th Incursion" being started by YotoGamer in response.
    • March 20th - Astral Order unofficially disbands.
  • April 2019
    • April ? - The Godmode exploit is discovered by Satisfaction by accident, and he along with a few of his friends develop a client to make preforming the exploit easier. The Godmode exploit basically let you be unkillable and invisible as long as you rode the pig. The client was leaked with a backdoor and a lot of people were pissed at Satisfaction. The exploit was patched mid-April.
    • April 1st - April Fools temporary map is released. The event was shorter than previous maps, only lasting for 12 hours. Admin claims to have used the map for 1.13 testing, making an announcement that main map transfer to 1.13 is still an unattainable option.
    • April 6th - "8th Incursion" falls victim to an admin inside, resulting in utter chaos and half of the members in the main discord being banned. Gambino attempts to rename his project the "First Spawn Holocaust" due to the consensus that the term "Incursion" has lost its meaning by several people, including Sato86. This quickly fails with another inside occurring, this time banning all members from the discord and the griefing of the main spawn stash of the project.
    • April 23rd- The Resistance is officially disbanded following a leadership crisis.
  • May 2019
    • May - Nerds Inc. hosts another 31days31greifs. Forgehax was suspected but never confirmed to be backdoored. Several bases are destroyed.
    • May 11th - Godmode exploit unpatched, and it is discovered that it can be used with donkeys to dupe items.
    • May 15th - Godmode exploit repatched, along with the dupe involving it.
    • May 24th - 200 thousand YouTuber PrivateFearless begins a series on 2b2t. It is ignored due to the Etika situation and the relatively small fanbase/viewership.
    • May 26th - Etika streams 2b2t and had a consistent 9,000+ viewers which may make the queue much longer. Godmode is unpatched and book ban is patched.
    • May 27th - Server downtime as of 10 AM EST. Reports indicate that the queue was down first (people claim they are still on the server, but this is unconfirmed). Developing. TheCampingRusher is also seen on 2b after 3 years, many suspect a video to come out for the 3rd anniversary of his join date.
    • May 27th - Etika formally declares war on 2b2t on stream after being killed by players using invisibility exploit. The Purge is formed as an alternative to incursions (as sato has declared them dead) to kill fans at spawn and reduce the queue.
    • May 30th - TheCampingRusher is detected to have been online by RusherBot.
  • June 2019
    • June 1st - Marks the third anniversary since the start of the Rusher War.
    • June 2nd - A fake SIG discord is created by Killet and Anti-Incursion members to splinter off the real SIG and VoCo. VoCo makes an ultimatum to ban anyone from both if they remain in the fake discord.
    • June 3rd - The owner makes an announcement discussing multiple things regarding the server such as the limited amount of slots and the server updating to newer versions. Book banning is reported to be officially patched. 2b2t may stay on 1.12 indefinitely due to the consecutive versions being too unstable for the server, however, future tests will continue.
    • June 5th - 5 million YouTuber AtlanticCraft makes a general video on anarchy servers. Purge members Jumpyblazeftw and Nifty successfully convince him not to continue making videos about anarchy and to take down his video.
    • June 5th - Fake SIG splinter group discord is insided by Purge members and disbanded.
    • June 5th - YouTuber ShotGunPlays was spotted on 2b2t.
    • June 6th - Server is restarted after Gsmack and co. make very loud noises that can be heard all around the server. The noise was made with an End Portal.
    • June 12th - Lightning was heard for the first time after it was disabled due to the coordinate exploit.
    • June 16th - First phase of the Purge concludes. Queue significantly drops due to the lack of Etika streams. This also concludes the Etika Invasion.
    • June 17th - Anti-Incursion concludes and the discord is deleted.
    • June 18th - 1 million Fortnite YouTuber Insanity is spotted and geared on 2b2t by Mc_Ren.
    • June 19th - Etika goes missing after posting his "I'm sorry" video.
    • June 25th - the NYPD confirms that Etika has died.
    • June 27th- jay_monroe is couped from the Astral Republic, Major renovations happen within group.
    • June 29th - Server is temporarily offline due to server provider upgrading and migrating their network.
  • July 2019
    • July - A major influx of Taiwanese players come from the website " ref.gamer.com.tw ". Many memes on the subreddit are posted regarding to the new influx. Here's a link to the original Thread
    • July 26th - Jared's 8th Incursion begins.
    • July 22nd - Valerian is griefed.
    • July 29th - Entity speed is patched.
  • August 2019
    • August - The Taiwanese community begins to die down, meanwhile a new major influx of Israelis players come from popular Israeli youtuber TopStrix. He has since removed the video.
    • August - Entityspeed is patched, and VHop starts to become a popular alternative, but it gets patched too.
    • August 8th - Rusher officially comes back to 2b2t with a new video and planned on making more. He never posted again after his first video.
    • August 10th - Jared's 8th Incursion ends and the discord is deleted.
    • August 10th - BachiBachBach started The Infinity Incursion as a replacement for Jared's 8th incursion, meaning it to be the last "incursion."
    • August 14th - Elytras are reenabled once again. "Elytra Time" - Server Operator.
  • September 2019
    • September 1st - Hausemaster opens a new test server called Test.2b2t.org. The purpose of this test server is unknown and has different features available unlike the main 2b2t server (such as using Jesus without being kicked).
    • September 13th - Test.2b2t.org changes maps to the 2b2t one
    • September 25th - Hausemaster patches entity speed hacks, making them unusable.
    • Small youtuber BobbyBoJanglles joins 2b2t and brings a small influx of players
  • October 2019
    • October 6th - Lotus City III is greifed by a group known as the backstreetboys after a member of the white lotus society Blitz, leaked the coordinates to a streamer known as DIGANDBUILDER after being inactive at the base for months
    • October 15th - Player "4475" kills another player (x69z69negneg_end) with bedrock, and chat blows up.[2] The item has the ID for a Bedrock block, so it wasn't just a renamed sword or whatever.
    • Late October - Carl2b2t, Linkiie and Redstoner___ write the Entire Bible into 2b2t, they discover that the chest can obliterate the TPS and crash the server in 10 seconds. Hausemaster patches this in 24 hours by Re-enabling Book banning. Carl's account was book banned due to the bible in his inventory at the time. They pass the discovery to a few others who start the Book Club who's purpose is to book ban as many people as they can.To speed the process up "gas chambers" are made, which spit out shulkers into whoever is inside of them, bookbanning them. Over 400 players got banned, and Hausemaster's email was blowing up. Hause patched the bookbanning by patching the '.peek' exploit, which allowed players to see what was inside of shulkers, without opening them. More info here!
    • October 29 #NoServerNovember movement created by The Book Club to get revenge on Hause, server is crashed every day
  • November 2019
    • November 7th - The Astral Republic officially disbands after a long bout of inactivity.
    • November 10th - Infinity Incursion completes construction on the largest spawn symbol.
    • November 23rd - 2b2t Wikipedia article is created
    • November 25th - #TeamNoTrees is created to destroy all dirt and trees within 10k blocks of 0, 0
  • December 2019
    • December 5th 2019 - The Last Templar abandon and greif their main base, Argonath, after Emperium create a base ~1500 blocks away.
    • December 7th - 2b2t's 9th birthday party spawn event lasts for all of 10 minutes before being rudely interrupted by ihackedxvideos.
    • December 8th - Elysium | is griefed by its own members after being compromised due to its terrain showing up on maps caused by a map reset
    • December 18th - The donkey dupe is patched
    • December 20th - The tab list displays “NINE YEARS” at the top of it. Hausemaster introduces a patch removing all illegals from the game permanently, including unbreakables and 32k’s. and death messages are brought back
    • December 20th - Jared2013 griefs Omega II shortly after Fit makes a video of him and Alphacomputer stealing historical items from the base.
    • December 31st - Brownmen New Years party 100k TNT fireworks display gets set of early by lightning. Causing the server to be at 2 Tps for 15 minutes. The structure is rebuilt (though hollow) in time for New Years. [Video from event]


Player Count: 500-1400

  • January
    • January 31st - Sato86 makes a video exposing multiple players for being Pedophiles
  • February
    • February 15th - TapL makes a video on 2b2t.
    • February 16th - One of the Oldest Surviving bases The Monastery(Also known as Gape Haven) is griefed by The Backstreet boys,after lasting 8 years from 2012 to 2020.
    • February 21st - Russian yotuber Zackviel makes a video about 2b2t.
    • February 28th - XTopia is griefed by The Backstreet Boys.
    • February 28th to March 1st - Nerds.inc use a exploit that allows them to log into anyone's account without a password.Many high profile accounts are logged into and historical items are stolen,base and stash coordinates exposed,and items are destroyed.The Exploit is quickly patched by Mojang.
    • March
    • March 3rd? - The Backstreet boys hack the Emperium youtube account and post a a meme video of The Backstreet boys griefing a Emperium Dupe Stash,and delete all other videos on the channel.
    • March 11th - Sato86 updates the 2b2t timeline
    • March 11th - After the Account exploit from February 28th many bases are griefed in the next couple of weeks like Equilibrium II and Poseidon.Many more are to come.
    • march 22nd - It is reveled the the general public that Mu Megabase one of the largest bases in recent 2b2t history,was griefed due the recent account login exploit.The Base lasted from 2017-2020