The Vo-Perium Conflict

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The Rusher War
Date June 1st, 2016 - October 9th, 2016 (October 22nd - Rusher's Last 2b2t Episode)
Results Stalemate (Disputed Victory)
Team Veteran

Supported by:

  • NedaT
  • CorruptedUnicorn
  • The Fourth Incursion
Team Rusher

Supported by:

Various small factions
Fit, Sato86, Offtopia TheCampingRusher, MrMitch361
  • Resistance: CorruptedUnicorn, Soulfood
  • The 4th Reich: Tim_McNukepants
  • The Vortex Coalition: Coltsnid, AmericanOreo, Cyan
  • Peacekeepers: PandaSauceYT, Stormerpro600
  • Team Aurora: NedaT
More than 100
  • Basti's Bomber
  • Spies from the other factions
  • Multiple FOB's in Spawn
Around 2,000
  • Various sanctuaries in spawn
Members of each faction:
  • Resistance: 12
  • Fourth Reich: ~20
  • Peacekeepers: 40+
  • Vortex Coalition: 100+
  • Aurora: ~5
Unknown, low maybe 200? ~10,400 (Veteran claim)

Destruction of spawn sanctuaries

Unknown, however the Resistance was crippled due to the Fourth Incursion.

The VoPerium War was a minor conflict on the server that lasted about 3 weeks. The war was mainly a conflict between the Vortex Coalition and the Emperium, hence the name, which is a splicing of both group names. Despite the length of the war, there were several groups involved in the conflict.