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"Hausemaster, want to build a base together? Hausemaster. Hause, Hause... Hause..."

Existed June 22nd, 2016 - Present
Status Active
Bases Scattered Dupe Stashes
Numbers ~100-200 (Rusher Era Peak)

~50 (Post War Peak)

~20-30 ('Revival' Era)

Resistance Banner

The Resistance was a group on 2b2t that had the intention of becoming as powerful as possible. It was founded by CorruptedUnicorn on June 22nd, 2016. The group was hated by both old and new players and became infamous due being to being the first biggest griefer of the Valley of Wheat. They were known for being ruthless and using superior numbers to overwhelm foes. Although often referred to as a Rusher subgroup, the two were considered separate organizations with a common enemy. The main difference between the two was that Resistance members have minimal interest in the server's history, and would rather grief, unlike Rushers, who seemed to dislike the Resistance as a result. NedaT was believed to be a Resistance member until mid-August, 2016 when she revealed to be a Team Veteran spy.

Rusher Era

  • Team Rusher - The relation with Team Rusher throughout the war was very "shaky" according to Rusher. The groups would flip between being allies, to neutral, to even enemies. An example was during the Largest Battle of Spawn, in which CorruptedUnicorn fought against Rusher with FitMC due to Fit inviting Corrupted to fight with him before Rusher did. It was also to take revenge for a dispute between Napkin0fTruth and GoDzOneManArmy. However, throughout the entirety of the war, both did share common enemies and can be considered Pro-Rusher in values.
  • Team Veteran - The Resistance were large enemies of Team Veteran in which many small skirmishes, raids, and large fights were exchanged between the two. This lead Team Veteran to claim that the Resistance was a Rusher subgroup as the group formed at the start of the Rusher War in which the Resistance denied. Team Veteran most notorious plot to try and destroy the Resistance was sending Neda T as a spy in order to discover one of their dupe stashes.
  • Team Aurora - The Resistance was enemies with Team Aurora due to their leader's, Neda T, betrayal and because of their Pro-Veteran nature.
  • The 4th Reich - While skirmishes between the two groups were minimal, the two groups were technically enemies due to the difference in beliefs as The 4th Reich was Pro-Veteran
  • Guardian Rushers - The Resistance were allies with the Guardian Rushers as interactions between TheJadyha and different members of the group, mainly Neda T and PvP_Comboz before their defection, were very peaceful.
  • Peacekeepers - Similar to Team Rusher, the Resistance had a shaky relation with the Peacekeepers and a common enemy. There was animosity at one point, also due to the dispute between Napkin0fTruth and GoDzOneManArmy.

'Revival' Era

  • Highland - Shaky relations due to spawn battle
  • Peacekeepers - Neutral
  • Spawn Enforcement - Allied
  • Team Dungannon - Allied


Towards the end of the war, Team Resistance suddenly vanished from the server. CorruptedUnicorn made a video discussing what happened to the Resistance. The group did not disband due to the Veteran attacks but rather the boredom of many of the important members. CorruptedUnicorn was technically the last member active until eventually he moved on as well.


---On January 30th, 2019, CorruptedUnicorn returned to 2b2t with plans to revive the Resistance. He made a video about it and gave some info. The following day on January 31st, Corrupted opened his personal discord to the public and proceeded to have an information meeting on February 10th, 2019. As the meeting progressed, he made a resistance member role and trusted role. After that, the group had roughly 50-60 members, most of them inactive. There was no hierarchy, only members, trusted members and Corrupted. The group started to fall apart and things were going nowhere. There were only a few dupe stashes, no bases nor outposts. Corrupted also began to lack interest in the group. On April 3th, 2019, Notaufred contacted Corrupted, believing that there could be bright future for the faction and he was going to do whatever was needed. Corrupted made him "second in command" and told him to do whatever he wanted, but everything needed to be reported back to him. Notaufred agreed. With the help of DavidPrydain, they made a fully operational discord server with a ranking system (after some time it was renewed with a really advanced one) and outpost and base plans. After some time _C4T_  joined the leadership and helped a lot with the discord server. Eventually the group began to grow and has become a large group on the server. There were original plans to rebuild the Valley of Wheat to redeem the group, however this was quickly scrapped due to the countless previous attempts to actually fix the sanctuary. The group was working on 6 different bases plus outposts and stashes. They try to ally or stay neutral with the other groups.


After awhile, the remaining small groups within the Resistance would either break off from the Resistance entirely, or merge with other groups.

On April 23rd, 2019, the Resistance was officially disbanded via an announcement on their discord, after player named Finstaa used many of their members to inside for him and got many base coords, he then griefed all the bases exposing members for insiding including multiple staff, this lead to a disagreement with the leadership which resulted in the disbandment of the group. The discord then randomly spasmed between many different things, from a Resistance Ex Member Discord, to a general 2b2ter Discord with an Anime Theme. At the time of writing, The group and server was official disbanded by DavidPrydain who was the last remaining staff of the leadership towards the end of the New Resistance.

Notable Members

Rusher Era

  • Corrupted Unicorn (Founder) (Leader)
  • Soul Food (Co-Founder) (Leader)
  • Godz_onemanarmy
  • Target3dgaming
  • HavocGames
  • BRO
  • NobleThread
  • Ragetrain
  • Briohh
  • OhhBlue
  • Phatboy773
  • NedaT (Traitor)
  • PvP_Comboz (Traitor)
  • TheJunker (Built multiple monuments and was leader of resistance during the last few days)

'Revival' Era

  • CorruptedUnicorn (Founder) (Leader) (High Council)
  • Notaufred (High Council)(The Savior)
  • devc4t/C4T (High Council)(Developer & Advertiser)
  • DavidPrydain (High Council) (Kage Council)(First Grandkage)
  • Maligant(Kage Council)(First Firkage)
  • Jalepeno690 (Kage Council)(First Seckage
  • Mtus(Senior Class)
  • iamu (Senior Class)
  • Finstaa (Senior Class) (Insider)
  • DipperChan (Resistant)