The North Pole

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The North Pole


The idea was that the base was going to be built from July to December 2017. The base was going to be the largest Christmas base on the server. Most bases would decorate their bases for Christmas, while this base would have been an ongoing project throughout 6 months until the big reveal. Many people would have been invited one in specific being Jared2013


The North Pole was compromised due to lack of trust between Killet, HowsItGoing, and the rest of the members... The distrust caused the other members to go behind Killet and HowsItGoing's back by destroying the base before Killet or HowsItGoing could even think about doing anything to the base. This only further drew a wedge in the partie’s trust with the others, and the North Pole project was for certain abandoned, and deserted.


The North Pole was a base created by iTavux, HowsItGoing, Jumbo Warrior, Enjoy, http_logan, Killet, Surviverkiller, Negative_Entropy and a few others who attended the base


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