The Imperials

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The Imperials
The Imperial Empire 2b2t branch Emblem
FoundedJune 2016
MembersUnknown (10+)

The Imperials are a multi-server group which plays 2b2t and 2b2t clones. The Imperials is based on the Roman Republic and Imperials from The Elder Scrolls franchise.

The Empire

The Imperials were founded in 2016, while they themselves claim to have been founded back in 2014. There are no sources that show Imperials being active before the surge of popularity 2b2t gained after June 1st 2016.

Chaser was the first recorded Emperor in history of the Imperials, he was made Emperor in 2016 after Lego unexpectedly left. He created Imperial laws and gave imperial citizens more administrative jobs to help the Empire. Then After Titus also unexpectedly left due to IRL issues, mrck10 took over imperials in 2018, he made the Imperials into a temporary democracy in 2019 which let DavidPrydain become the next Emperor of the Imperials. David was one of the first 2b2t players to become Emperor since 2016 (lego), this was a large change for Imperials and allowed imperials to have more influence on 2b2t. David focused on creating good relationships with other groups in this time period. After he was Emperor Basileus Constantine, who was later overthrown by Gamerman, Gamerman made the Imperials on 2b2t reach 100 members and the entire group as a whole 400 members, which was the largest ever seen in Imperials. However Gamerman disbanded the Empire and adopted an entirely new system that would abolish the Empire, and emperors entirely. It was later found mrck10 and Gamerman were the same person.

DavidPrydain took the group back to an empire for a few mouth in August September and October, but was kicked after forced take over by a internal group calling themselves ''The republicans'' this group was lead by mrck10 but was removed by scooby, DavidPrydain and Notaufred in December 2020 after they went inactive, infighting for leadership and doxxing. After which Jan became the Twelfth Emperor, which is now agreed upon emperor elections will be held once every year on 9th September to honour DavidPrydain after being treated wrongly by past members.

For more information on Imperials check out their group wiki: Imperials Empire Wiki

Imperial Empire Banner

The Republic (old)

The Republic was formed by Gamerman as a new system to replace the simple Emperor system, this was so there could never be 1 person ruling the Imperials at any given time.

Senate Ranks

Consul - There will always be 2 consuls.

There are 2 consuls separated into categories.,

  1. Military Consul
  2. IIP Consul

All 2 have different jobs and govern different things, if they can they still need to get approval from the senate, but if necessary they can skip the senate in situations that are urgent. The serve a maximum of 3 months and can’t be a consul for another 3 months. Consuls be thrown out by the senate.

Senate - There must be a minimum of 15 senators, there is no limit to senators. The senate's job is to govern the Imperials. Senators vote on Proposals, any senator can make a propersoal.

The senate has final say over consuls however, this is to prevent tyranny.

Imperial Elite - These people can’t be elected by the senate, they are people who have served the Imperials very well. Imperial Elites are chosen based on a vote conducted by all imperial elite members. These people are to be respected at all times. Imperial Elites can veto ANY proposals in the senate.

Note as of 12th December 2020 Imperials is now a Empire again. see here



Proposals in the Imperial Senate is quite simple:

1. Someone pushes a Proposal in #senate-chat, giving clear information on what it means and what it will do. This is a vote and must include an @everyone mention or it will not count.

2. Senators can vote by reacting to the question with a Up or Down emoji (any up or down emojis are fine). This lasts a certain amount of time, the minimum amount of time for a military related vote is 1 hour. The minimum amount of time for any other vote is 12 hours.

3. If the proposal is passed it will be recorded in the channel #progress. Then it will be acted upon by senators who have the power to do so.


If 2 diplomats or 1 Imperial Elite calls a veto, the vote is canceled.


Debates may be held in the #senate-chat. They are perfectly fine and allowed in the senate.

Government Ranks

Consuls and the senate can override these ranks if necessary, they can also change them.


Praetors are like Emperors, just they have full authority over 1 or more branches.


Centurions govern a branch, they have full authority over their branch.


Generals are directly appointed by the senate or consul.

Putting proposals into action

Proposals are put into action by whoever it effects, for example: if there is a law that prohibits insiding, it would be passed onto the civilian consul to deal with it, he would pass it down to the preators and they would pass it down to the centurions which would enforce it from there.

The law should be clearly documented here.

It’s recommended that there is a log of all proposals.

IIP program 2b2t

The IIP on 2b2t started in early 2020 and has been building over world 2b2t highways and building spawn infrastructure.

Reddit post about IIP

Centurion History

Centurions are leaders of the 2b2t branch of Imperials, here is a history of them:

  1. DavidPrydain (Founder)
  2. Brickzeebra
  3. Mage (insider)
  4. Jalapeno690
  5. Jesse


Imperial 2b2t French Division (15 members) =》 one of the 9 part of the Team baguette before the end of the French Invasion

Horizon (allies)

The Emperium (enemies)

Vortex Coalition (enemies)

Highland (enemies)

The I.E.R flag

The Backstreet Boys (enemies)

Infinity Incursion (enemies)

The Gulag (enemies)

SGA (enemies)

Empire Ranks


  • Emperor : The emperor keeps check of all global things. Typically laws and politics with other groups, and reforms.
  • Legatus: Second in command to the emperor, is normally the runner up in an election and is second only to the emperor.
  • High General : There are 2 high generals, these people help the Emperor manage the Empire.
  • Consul: High ranking members who help make group decisions
  • Praetor: Has highest perms within a branch. Is only Under a Legateus or emperor for their branch. Max 1
  • Advisor: Advises members of their roles and decisions.
  • Imperial Elite: An honour role given to members who have done great achievements for the group.


  • Centurion  : The governor of the server, all bases and affairs on the server are managed by him.
  • Optio : 2nd in command under the centurion, if the centurion isn't there the leadership falls under the Optio. The Optio is the alpha of the Legats.
  • Legate : Legates are the 2nd most high ranking members, they manage bases.
  • Tribune : 4th rank of base loyalty.
  • Prefect : 3rd rank of base loyalty.
  • Quaestor : 2nd rank of base loyalty.
  • Auxiliary : 1st rank of base loyalty.
  • Recruit : Newfags on a test run.


  • General : Commander of 1 legion
  • Captain: Helps the commander out.
  • Solider : Legionnaire in the legion
  • Recruit: new recruits who are on a test
  • Slaves : Non imperials who build for the legion

Bases :

Imperials name their bases outposts, camps, forts, and towns.

List of all Imperial bases :

  • Windhelm
  • Marthkarth
  • Karthwasten
  • Recruit Outpost I
  • Recruit Outpost III (Now named Trust Outpost)
  • Travellers Outpost
  • Outpost MR
  • Fort Redtail
  • Outpost Arcadia
  • Recruit Fortress
  • Port Majula
Recruit Outpost I grief
Karthwasten recruit base