Team WAO

Team WAO (pronounced "team wow"), short for Team WomenAreObjects, is a griefing group owned by WomenAreObjects.


In February 2020, a version of the Donkey Dupe involving end portals was leaked to Team WAO. They leaked the dupe, resulting in its patch.

During the Battle of Ziggy Town on August 20, 2020, alongside Team WAO, the Anti Bedrock Society (a sub-group of Armorsmith's Followers) was able to destroy the last block of the Bedrock Comet, after defeating the Klansmen.

In October 2020, Team WAO griefed the Tenth Incursion skybase above the Valley of Wheat following the cancellation of MrBeast's 2b2t video. They were later involved in helping camping Nether Hub for the second phase of the Incursion.

Later in October, Team Wao received coordinates to many bases provided by Phobos client developer Megyn shortly after the Phobos backdoor, which they griefed.[1][2]

Team WAO griefed the second Lost Nomad Games in early 2021.

They are currently in conflict with The Emperium.