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Team Godmode was created in early April 2019 after the pig godmode exploit was found by player Satisfaction, Satisfaction with the help of Paralusion recruited several players to help pioneering the exploit. One of the members recruited known as Steve3 created a client that allowed easier access to the exploit and added more features such as teleporting small distances. Using the exploit a player known as Robearttt found a new dupe method that was shared with the group, however this dupe has since been patched. The most recent player to join Team Godmode is Rusherfag/Chantele who joined 9th April 2019. The players would regularly go to spawn and troll newfags and spawnfags while in the exploit godmode and vanish by killing them and stealing their shulkers.


Joining Team Godmode is very difficult, it is invite only and not anyone can join no matter your server rep, even famous player jared2013 contacted Team Godmode hoping to join but his request was declined in a group vote. Many people have also asked to join such as The 12 year old W4RN1NG

Exploit Leaked

The exploit was accidentally leaked by player Finstaa when he sold the dupe to someone who used the dupe to find out how the exploit worked and how to do it, however the client used for the exploit is still private

The Client

The client was created by player Steve3, the client allowed the exploit to be accessed a lot easier and added other features such as teleporting small distances and client side creative mode. The client is regularly updated and new features are always added and can only be accessed by members of Team Godmode.


The future of Team Godmode is unknown, they are currently finding and developing many different exploits and regularly updating the client


  • Satisfaction
  • Paralusion
  • Steve3
  • Finstaa
  • Robeartt
  • EatMyMinecraft
  • Hausevult
  • Rusherfag