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Team Baguette is a loose attempt at a cooperative group on 2b2t of primarily French speaking players. The group was started by Fuze III on September 27th, 2018, in response to the Seventh Incursion and Fit's videos on the subject matter of his first video on 2b2t on September 20th, 2018. Fuze's main goals for the group is to help and encapsulate not only players from France, but all French speaking players, and to "win the war" against "Team Veteran" by defeating Fit in PvP.


On September 20th, 2018, Fuze III posted his first video on 2b2t with the typical community reaction to youtubers ensuing. From this reaction came the Seventh Incursion in preparation for a potentially disastrous invasion as Fuze has over 1 million subscribers, roughly the same amount as Rusher did back in 2016. The subreddit also exploded in French memes, dramas, and the other usual posts that come with Youtuber attention. It also lead to Fit making a video on the matter using "Team Veteran vs Team French" in it. This lead to Fuze responding in a consecutive video on September 27th, 2018, to the memes and drama after doing a bit of research on the history of YouTubers on the server. This lead to him forming what would be known as "Team Baguette" as the baguette bread is a largely used cliche and stereotype relating to french people and was prevalent among the memes. The cooperative is intended to unite not only players from France, but all other french speaking players against the "Americans". He later declared "If you want a war, you will get a war. Team Baguette vs Team Veteran".

Despite initial worries and the continuation of Fuze's series, the influx of French players was relatively small. The 7th Incursion ended up focusing more primarily on the much more organized Anti-Incursion than the threat of French invaders as they were largely in the minority. The drama ended up falling short as Fit was later kicked from the Incursion due to accusations of encouraging Fuze's series and essentially being the opposite of Incursion goals. Fit also attempted to track down Fuze and have a duel with him, which Fuze later accepted, however, the series was not gaining as much traction and is most likely not going to .

Team baguette is composed of numerous smaller groups.

that was stage name for French players who joined because of Fuze III and obey him.