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Template:2B2T Build TemplateSummermelon was a base on 2b2t created by Vaxent after Wintermelon was griefed by (WIP).

Summermelon is one of the largest bases on 2b2t.

Sometime in may, jddigger leaked the coords, and a few players visited the base. On July 28th, 2017, Fit made a video on griefing Summermelon for "revenge" (ended up being some story just to obtain money on youtube), and griefed the base with the help of Spawn Masons . This was the last known thing done by the group before disbanding (not counting Jared2013 s mass vandalism of the 2b2t wikia, which, while he put the symbol of the SM on the main page during the raid, was not officially ordered or in any other way acknowledged by the rest of the group).