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|Mid January of 2017 - August 6th, 2017
|Mid January of 2017 - August 6th, 2017
Early September, 2017 - June 6th, 2020
Early September, 2017 - Present

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Existed Mid January of 2017 - August 6th, 2017

Early September, 2017 - Present

Status Active
Numbers ~35
Bases Group bases, lodges, and travel lodges
The logo of the SpawnMasons.
The logo of the SpawnMasons.

The SpawnMasons is a group founded by Hermeticlock with the help of Jumbo_Warrior in January 2017. It is one of the more secretive groups on 2b2t, and does not often interact with the majority of the server's community. The group is well-known for having some of the oldest remaining players on 2b2t, as well as some of the oddest initiation rituals.

The group builds temporary lodges for meetings, participates in long-term group bases and oversee other spawn projects.



The SpawnMasons were created by HermeticLock and Jumbo_Warrior, and the group imitates its real-life counterpart, the Freemasons. The SpawnMasons conduct similar initiation rituals and, like the Freemasons, hold weekly meetings. At the beginning of its existence, the group accepted nearly anyone who wanted to join. This lead to a dysfunctional group, as demonstrated when called to the Valley of Wheat for assistance, during which, rather than helping to repair the valley, the group griefed it. After this, HermeticLock and Jumbo_Warrior began to reform the group, and made a more complex initation to avoid letting in unqualified players to the group. The group expanded quickly, and easily became one of the most notable groups on 2b2t.

Prime Time 1

In November of 2017, the group was at its highest member count. In a single night, it had initiated players sato86, jared2013, and Fit, solidifying its position as the most elite group on 2b2t. At its height, a weekly meeting could have more than thirty-five SpawnMasons in a voice chat at once. The SpawnMasons cemented their reputation as builders and often stayed out of trivialities of conflict between the other groups. During this time, the SpawnMasons constructed a series of bases: Boghdad, Vulcatavio, Spacejam, and the Western Air Temple. The quality of lodges also improved drastically, leading to the abolition of the SpawnMasons' tendency to destroy lodges after hosting a meeting there.

Summermelon controversy

After Fit released his video of the destruction of Summermelon, the SpawnMasons were faced with the issue of whether or not to allow Fit and AlphaComputer to remain within the group. AlphaComputer and Fit had destroyed a base which housed other SpawnMasons, and killed Krobar01, who was a fellow member of the SpawnMasons. These players had violated the SpawnMasons' code, but were still friends with many of the players who were within the SpawnMasons, including leader HermeticLock. In a close vote, it was decided that AlphaComputer would be kicked from the group, and Fit later left the group after barely getting enough votes to stay in. This lead to HermeticLock's resignation as leader of the SpawnMasons, an official SpawnMason disbandment reddit post, and a brief intermission during which the SpawnMasons were nonexistent.

Member Ain later re-established the SpawnMasons, giving previously Worshipful-ranked players their ranks back, and reconstructing the SpawnMasons in a similar manner as HermeticLock had previously established. _Henry_ was promoted as the unofficial leader of the SpawnMasons in HermeticLock's absence.

Early 2018 conflict

In early 2018, the SpawnMasons experienced a series of clashes with player jared2013, who managed to get coordinates a number of their bases. For his Christmas Destruction, he griefed the SpawnMason bases of Vulcatavio, Boghdad, and the SpawnMason spawnbase. A few players left the SpawnMasons on account of suspicion towards other members of the group. These griefs, however, did very little overall to hinder the SpawnMasons. The Masons continued until a long pause of activity in late 2018

The Discord Link

In early 2019 the SpawnMasons became the first group to grab the discord.gg/2b2t url. They were able to do this because they were lucky enough to be one of the first servers in the community that had boost capabilities. The Masons capitalized on this and made the discord public for a few weeks in order to grab over 50 boosts. This experiment ended when more servers started getting boost capabilities. It's often joked that even though they succeeded it costed them their integrity. [1]

Prime Time 2

The group has since been revived to become more active once again. Concluded bases are Autistralia, Smibville, Cloud Club, and COVID-2147. Spawn projects included The Masonic Eclipse in late 2019 and the Transmutation Circle in early 2020.


The weekly lodges have been continued and since 2019, not a single week has been missed.


SpawnMason banner

The SpawnMasons gather weekly on Saturday to conduct a meeting. Most meetings are held in-game in a lodge — a space created to host a meeting — but some are held in other pre-built places. These lodges are generally destroyed after use, but some of the more impressive lodges have remained.


  • Guest - A player that is not affiliated with the SpawnMasons, but is generally accepted by them but does not meet the requirements for initiation is allowed into their (otherwise private) #general chat in the SpawnMason discord. Suggestions of new guests must be brought to the rest of the group at a lodge.
  • Initiate - A player that has submitted a initiation application. They have the same permissions as a guest.
  • Approved Initiate - An initiate that has been approved. They will be eligible for the next meeting.
  • SpawnMason - A Mason is a member of the SpawnMasons. They are referred to as brother or sister or sibling by other Masons.
  • Worshipful - A Worshipful is a leader of the SpawnMasons. They manage meetings, administrate the discord and generally lead the SpawnMasons as a group.


Recruitment is by invitation only.

Once an Initiate is approved they are scheduled for initiation. Initiations take place at weekly meetings, in lodges built by fellow brothers. They make the lodge look pretty and you'll be able to explore what they've built. The initiation includes agreeing with the rule of not hurting any other SpawnMason in any way.

Every week a SpawnMason is assigned a date that they will build a lodge.

Once a player becomes a SpawnMason there are several different paths to take. There are different base groups and committees focused on many different secret projects.

Once trusted, Masons are eligible to be nominated for the position of Worshipful. This is made by motion, seconds, and then approval by unanimous vote. Worshipfuls are the admins of the group, and they run meetings and conduct initiations. Agendas are made and minutes are recorded at every meeting by the Lodge Secretary.


  • The SpawnMasons have no official stance on any group; they largely operate independently of other groups.
  • The Peacekeepers - The Peacekeepers attempted to get into conflict with the Masons with a few spawn skirmishes. However, the Masons ignored their hostility.
  • Some anti-SpawnMason fagtions and parody groups were made but most did not last.


  • The SpawnMasons work in a similar fashion to a fraternity or brotherhood, calling their members fellow brothers.
  • The group has a meeting to induct new players into the group.
  • Their "tradition" to blow up bases after a the conclusion of a meeting was not an original rule. This is a common misconception.
  • According to Fit, they represent true anarchy, in which they understand that their bases will eventually be griefed so they blow them up at the conclusion of a meeting. The acceptance of inherently ephemeral builds is known as the Sandcastle mentality or HermeticLock's Builder's Dilemma.

Notable members