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2b2t’s Spawn is centered on x0, z0 and the area that surrounds it. Although very few people agree on how far out the term "spawn" means, the wiki defines it as 50k blocks from 0,0. Like its name suggests, Spawn is the starting point for new players and the place where players without beds respawn, making it the most populated place on 2b2t. It is one of the most famous aspects of the server.

1000X1000 Range of Spawn

Inner Spawn

Spawn was first generated in the early Beta version of Minecraft as a forest and a desert with a couple of small lakes, a far cry from what is now. Spawn is usually described as "cobblestone hell" because of its many cobblestone mountains made from lava casts. Spawn also has many abandoned houses littering the area, along with bridges, swastikas, ruined farms, etc. 0,0 tends to be the hardest part to traverse due to it having no continuous ground outside of the obsidian roof, instead of being made up of patches of blocks, requiring players to jump/build across them to travel.

Notable Spawn Locations

The composition of spawn is constantly fluctuating due to the massive amounts of player activity there. However, there are several notable areas within the 2000x2000 area at spawn that either remain relatively consistent or were significant to the server's history. These include but are not limited to:

  • The lava walls: this giant wall of cobblestone (sometimes lava) was originally a plan to keep Rushers contained in spawn during The Rusher War. It surrounds the original 500x500 spawn radius. There is another lava wall around 1.5k of spawn made by the player Nordic93.
  • Wrath Outpost: an outpost made when Valkyria called for the third spawn incursion for the destruction of Asgard II. It was later griefed and encased in a lavacast before being repaired and covered in a water cube by SpeedDemon0.
  • x420 y69 z911: The Vortex Coalition official spawnbase, made of obsidian to defer griefers, and continually destroyed and rebuilt.
  • Operation Poseidon's Water Cube: Operation Poseidon was an attempt made by Team Veteran to cause difficult travel through spawn for Rushers by flooding it with water. It failed when the water cube began to freeze over due to snow biomes surrounding spawn and several people using the frost walker enchant to freeze it as well. It is currently mostly destroyed.
  • 5th Incursion Obsidian Wall: A failed attempt by the 4th Reich to create jared2013's 5th Incursion Wall. It is highly recommended to stay away from this wall as it is populated by several withers. This wall is next to the border between Inner and Outer Spawn.
  • The Water Cube: The Water Cube is a large cube of water made by DiscoRae, Stlavs, flip and several people that engulfed a large portion of spawn. The water cube reached to 500 blocks in every direction and went up to the build limit (actually making it a cuboid). Its original purpose was to make travel difficult for newfags but claims state that it infact does the opposite as newfags no longer have to travel rough terrain and can simply swim through spawn. There are many air pockets and the bottom is usually the cobble monster hell mentioned above. It was created using airships to make the water sources spread. In April 2017, a movement started to destroy the Cube and "make the Spawn dry again". The condition of the Water Cube has fluctuated over time, with many players removing and repairing parts of the Cube.
  • NFE: Negative Fourhundred Eighthundred was originally a 'sanctuary' for newfags. It was maintained by xcc2 and x0xP for some time. It was also a Forward Operation base used by Valkyria during the Second Incursion and was used along with Wrath Outpost during the Third Incursion. Its name is the coordinates of the base. The base was destroyed and rebuilt numerous times, with it currently now just ruins.
  • Project Obsidian Sky: An obsidian roof above the 500x500 region of spawn that was built mainly by The Highland and later expanded by the Infinity Incursion. It makes this part of spawn much easier to travel over.
  • 6th Incursion Obsidian Wall: This is a wall that was built during the sixth incursion that is made entirely of obsidian that was generated from ender chests using slave labor. It is both a joke and a wall to attempt to keep the AntVenom fans trapped in spawn. It didn't work due to the large amount of people blowing holes through it with withers. Unlike the 5th, this one was completed, and stands much taller.
  • Wither Cave: Under Spawn is a cave where most of the underground is blown out completely, leaving only some water, lava and vines growing in here. The reason why other blocks (besides the bedrock floor) are not common here is because this is where most of Spawn's wither population lives. It is possible to get back up from here if you land somewhere without many withers and some water to swim back up to the surface.
  • Purgatory 3: After the grief of Purgatory 2, the Builders Haven members had a plan to meme some of the griefers by building a base at 0 0. The base lasted for a day and hardly is known about this temp base.
  • 200 150: Probably one of the closest non-meme spawn bases ever made, if not the closest. Built by Armorsmith's Followers and griefed by the Spawn Masons because they built a lodge there, this base lasted for over 4 months in the begining of 2018.

Outer Spawn

2k2k lavacasted

Outer Spawn is a bit more flat than Inner Spawn, but is still littered with ruins and the occasional lavacast. While there are usually no animals in Outer Spawn, farms are a bit more common to come across. Outer spawn is home to many frozen oceans and deserts due to the biome settings being tampered with when weather was implemented into Minecraft. Outer Spawn is also home to many of 2b2t’s monuments such as:

  • 2k2k: An old Facepunch base which is located x:-2000 z:-2000 hence the name. For years. what remained of the base was buried under a massive cobble monster. However, the lavacast was recently destroyed, leaving only a massive crater.
    Valley of Furnaces
  • Valley of Furnaces: A Valley surrounded by several lava pillars and cobble monsters with a large amount of furnaces in the center.
  • Basti's Canyon: A large canyon made by Team Veteran during a test run with Basti's bomber during the third and final attempt to make spawn more difficult for Rushers to traverse. The attempt was abandoned due to people being able to grief and bed/crystal the bombers.
  • HermeticLock's World Famous Spawn Base: A spawn base built by HermeticLock that is currently a battleground and in ruins.
  • 40K-80K Ocean: In 2011, the terrain generation of Beta 1.8 caused endless ocean to generate after a few kilometers from the world spawn, in this period someone traveled the south axis, and by doing so created an ocean over 40k long. Similar oceans can be found on the other axes as well.
  • Symbols: Symbols in the sky were built by groups like Armorsmith's Followers, Spawn Masons, etc. They are mostly located 1-3k from spawn
    Small 4k Portion of Ocean
    Spawn Render 2019


x0, z0 is considered to be the most dangerous place in spawn for many reasons. There are usually two reasons why: other players who will kill you on sight and the difficulty in traversing the terrain. Spawn has no animals for many thousands of blocks, and farms are usually destroyed within days of being made. This makes escaping spawn for new players extremely difficult (without hacks) and has become a sort of test to determine who can survive on 2b2t and who cannot.

However, escaping spawn becomes somewhat easy if the newfag has hacks in which he can use speed hacks to get far enough to find food and is cautious on the highways without losing too much hunger.

Community Projects

Water Cubing

There have been several attempts at "water cubing" spawn to a certain degree, most notably one that was started by flip35.[1]

Fixing Spawn

See also: Team Uberslugcake

The first known instance of a major group taking initiative to "fix" spawn was Team Uberslugcake. Team Uberslugcake began when UberSlugCake hand-picked newfaggots like him to form a group to fix spawn. The operation officially began on January 5th, 2014. Soon, the group unexpectedly expanded, and UberSlugCake dispatched members from their hub to create "UBER BASES TM" around spawn. Their efforts lasted for months, creating farms and destroying lavacasts. This lasted until April of 2016 when the 3rd backdoor climaxed, and all of Team Uberslugcake's UBER BASES TM were compromised and the project was destroyed.

Spawn Incursions

Main article: Spawn Incursions

Spawn Incursions, or Spawn Occupations, are invasions of spawn, initially begun in 2013 by the group Valkyria. They involve a large concentration of players coming together for a purpose, usually for mass genocide to an influx of newer players and to create massive public works projects. Previously, Incursions were due to small player influxes, boredom, or to avenge fallen bases. Currently, they're due to the YouTubers' influxes, as when they make videos on 2b2t, they bring their fans with them. More recently, the Infinity Incursion initiative begun with the goal to stop all newplayers, with players standing watch at spawn indefinitely.

Individual Occupations

Many individuals stay stationed at spawn to massacre incoming new players. These are known as Spawnfags. They usually fly around public highways and around spawn in the Overworld and Nether to add more challenges to newplayers attempting to escape.

The Present

Spawn in the present is very, very chaotic. 0 0 has been covered in a water cube and an obsidian ceiling. Attempts by jared2013's """"8th incursion"""" to expand the water cube to a 500x500 block radius of spawn failed, which left behind a bunch of useless water at the bedrock level. There are huge obsidian symbols in the sky, including The Masonic Eclipse and the symbols of many groups, including Armorsmith's Followers (a hammer and sickle), Emperium (four large omega symbols), and the Infinity Incursion. Many groups and players have also placed their banners around spawn, with the most common being PRThomas' banner. Many places such as the Valley of Furnaces and 2k2k have been lavacasted, or in some cases, ripped off the map leave only floating cobblestone behind. A lava wall surrounding spawn 2000 blocks out that was built by the Purge was pretty much destroyed, though some of it still remains making it just a tiny bit harder to escape spawn for people taking the overworld.

The Future

The future of spawn is unknown. Spawn's future is dependant on the population of the server and the heat around it. Currently, spawn is facing huge amounts of destruction daily. Those who seldom visit spawn regularly, and return after a period of time absent, may find themselves looking at a nearly different area. It's expected that the x,0 z,0 coordinates and the area surrounding it will be a complete bedrock crater, and the area surrounding it will turn into this too. It's also likely that eventually the increasing prevalence of lava casts and blocking walls will stop newfags from leaving, making Hause possibly have to remove said structures for the health of the server. It may also be possible that the spawn radius is increased, leading to an increase in the region where spawn lies, causing destruction in border forests and relatively quiet places. Due to the new water mechanics in the 1.13 update, there have been plans to flood spawn using flying machines and turn it into a gigantic ocean. This will cause many new players to drown almost immediately upon joining the server, and will possibly make it much harder to escape spawn.


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