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Republic Radio News is a 2b2t news channel on YouTube[1] that was created in October 2019. The videos were originally voiced by scythe2b2t, but is now voiced by a diverse group of volunteers when possible, with screenshots of the events when applicable. The videos have a 1950s news style to them and sometimes include visual references to the Fallout series.


The initial idea for Republic Radio News started back in October 2019 between a group of friends at "The Republic" (a small base group). Bartolome_Mitre, the owner of the channel, would compile the recent events of the server by browsing the internet and asking important players. He would then recompile the news into a script and ask his friend ScytheSpear/Scythe2b2t to narrate. What started out as a small project among friends quickly grew as more players began to participate, and act as reporters. As the project matured, so did the role of these reporters. What was once a role executed by only close friends grew to include anyone who wanted to participate. It is through this openness to new reporters and diversity of points of view that the project gained and retains its unbiased perspective, allowing the reporters and faction leaders present in the RRN discord to vote to approve or disapprove each script or to make decisions as a group on whether to report on a matter or leave it alone.


The motivation for making this project was the lack of unbiased and undramatic information. For new players who lacked access, or were too lazy to seek out alternative information sources, popular YouTubers and the subreddit were the only sources of current events about the server. Additionally, events that lacked mass appeal or were not easy to turn into profitable videos would not be covered or would have their true details changed to make them more exciting.


Republic Radio News has a clear and focused brand when it comes to delivering its information. The videos leverage the Golden Age of Radio aesthetics with the goal of making their delivery more interesting and increasing viewership. Videos use to generally only have on-screen text accompanied by still shots and background music (often using 1940's era-style Jazz), and less often will include full narration, but this practice became more common as more people volunteer for voice acting. When new events or situations are deemed emergencies, Republic Radio News will upload "emergency alert/notification" videos that leverage a much heavier tone. Occasionally, Republic Radio News will release videos with pictures of griefed bases from "The Republic" that use classical music in the background. Even more rarely, they will release off-topic videos such as memes and base tours. All of this is done to inject more interest and excitement into what would otherwise be the dry recitation of information, a lesson learned from the popularity of dramatic YouTubers.

Additional Information:

The Republic Radio News discord is accepting new reporters. To become a reporter, find the link to their discord in the description of any of their news radio videos. Once in the discord simply ask the owner for the appropriate rank(s).

Reporters and editors

As of May 2020, reporters and editors include:


While Bartolome_Mitre tends to avoid drama, trolls will always start it. In 2020 mrck10 started attacking RRN via his YouTube channel and reddit due to the fact Bartolome had loose connections to Sato86 in the pedolarpers drama. On 10/24/2020 he had a mental breakdown and threatened to doxx tons of players, including the entire RRN news team. After this, the constant accusations against the Radio ceased, and the Radio discussed the matter with a video "RRN, debunking the accusations using facts and logic (2b2t)" explaining the importance of citing sources and providing evidence when presenting an accusation against a person's credibility.