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style= World download available.

Someone took their sweet time to save it for posterity.

Imperator's Base
Beginning(Started) 2012, (Height) 2013
Builder(s)Imperator's group
Other denizensImperatorTerrae, xcc2, THEJudgeHolden, omaliymix, CytotoxicTcell, popbob, iTristan, Offtopia, Branillon, LegitLobster
CoordinatesX: -1,078,035 Y: 65 Z: -1,083,170
Approx. date leakedEarly 2015
LeakeriTristan (accidentally)
Approx. date demolishedDecember 24th-25th 2015
Demolishersjared2013 and a few others (Coords leaked accidently by iTristan) The description of the grief itself can be found here

Imperator's Base, usually shortened to Imp's Base and also known as Viking Base and the Ungriefable Base, is one of the largest bases in 2b2t, built by Imperator's group in 2012. It was home to the most well known build on 2b2t, the Jesus Statue, and was griefed by jared2013 in 2015. You can download the base here.


Note: Most of this information is taken from a post on by jared2013, who was responsible for griefing the base.

Construction of the base began sometime around 2012. The base was named after ImperatorTerrae. When he arrived at the location, there were several people already living there in what is sometimes referred to as "Viking Base". Those living in Viking base were invited to join Imperator. Several well-known players such as Offtopia, omaliymix, THEJudgeHolden, CytotoxicTcell, xcc2, and LegitLobster were invited. Imperator's Base was at its height in power around 2013, after it had been discovered by the infamous griefer known as popbob. Imperator reasoned with popbob, providing him with an invitation to the base, which popbob accepted. because of this, Imperator's Base was dubbed, "The Ungriefable Base". The base was also known to have had an end portal, which hausemaster later removed.

By 2014, many of the inhabitants of Imp's had quit. The base's isolation made it difficult to recruit new players like iTristan and Branillon, who received invitations and had to use accounts already at Imperator's base.


In early 2015, whilst sharing images with other members of a Skype chat, iTristan accidentally posted an image with coordinates of a small building on the outside of Imperator's base but quickly took it down. A friend of iTristan named jared2013 saved the image to the desktop before it was taken down but forgot about it for nearly a year. jared2013 and iTristan had a falling out, which led jared2013 to rediscover the photo and coords of Imperator's Base.


After some difficulty finding the base's nether coordinates, he found the iron tower's marking the base's nether portal. CainesLaw discovered jared and messaged him a hello before contacting Imperator's friends, who encouraged jared not to blow up the base. The first block of TNT was laid at the foot of the Jesus statue around 9:00 PM EST, December 24, 2015. He renamed his account, mailyou, to HiveTyrantRaphi to mock one of the past players that based at Imp's. He invited several people to help him grief the base, although only one ended up helping. jared2013 and VlI would grief the base for nearly 48 hours before they ran out of TNT, using over a combined 100,000 TNT blocks in the process. During the entire grief, only one fight ever occurred, and it was between jared2013 and CainesLaw. Jared2013 won by using TNT on a staircase, preventing CainesLaw from reaching him. They concluded the grief by blowing off the head of the Jesus Statue. Imperator's base was destroyed on Christmas Day of 2015.

The Jesus Statue after the grief