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The following is a list of famous players across 2b2t. If there are any famous players without a page, please feel free to add.

Notable Players

Regular Players

A picture of a diamond-clad player in an airship.


  • Hausemaster - Hausemaster is the owner of 2b2t. Due to the server's nature as an anarchy server, he rarely gets online and leaves the server on its own. Some memes and conspiracies make people believe that Hausemaster is not the owner of the server. This is due to the fact that there is almost no actual confirmed information about him, anyone who would use his Minecraft account and has access to the server files would be indistinguishable from Hausemaster himself.
  • Offtopia - Was one of the high-ranking members of Judge's group.
  • Popbob - One of the most famous griefers in 2b2t history, for his use of the Thunder Hack.
  • policemike55 - Is known for being one of the oldest still "active" players on 2b2t.
  • TheJudgeHolden - TheJudgeHolden is famous for his 2b2t comic that told his experiences while he was on the server.
  • Jaang - The builder of the Valley of Wheat, one of the largest public farms on the server ever made (it’s not here anymore, so don’t go looking for it.).
  • xarviar - Well known spammer who managed to stay relevant by latching himself to actually relevant players and bases.
  • xcc2 - Member of Passie Town and the gatekeeper of NFE, the "first" sanctuary.
  • chezhead - Creator of the Facepunch Republic.
  • Kinorana - Known for being a merchant on 2b2t and for causing the Map Crisis of 2017, previously known as the blacksmith of 2b2t during Valkyria era. Quit after removal of Veteran queue.
  • csisDustin - Has the longest playing time on server, last time seen in 2016
  • Jacktherippa - Known for creating Space Valkyria, 2b2t's greatest end base


  • Jared2013 - Notorious Griefer and autist.
  • Sato86 - One of the founding members of Valkyria, proclaimed "legendary" by several newfags. Created the 2b2t timeline.
  • Fit -  Also known as FitMC or silentpedro. A jewtuber, member of various bases, the leader of Team Veteran during the Rusher War, and a massive jew. Used to be a member of Valkyria.
  • James Rustles - One of the most well-known 2b2t historians. He has a blog . Owner of Constantiam
  • Coltsnid - a mid-fag who joined in 2014. he is known for founding The Vortex Coalition in 2015, along with AmericanOreo.
  • Torogadude - A former 2b2t Youtuber who fought during the Rusher War. Also a member of the 4th Reich. Has stopped making 2b2t related content.


2018 - 2019

  • AntVenom - Joined the server in early 2018 and made his now infamous "The Face of Minecraft Anarchy video", which caused the 6th incursion.
  • PopularMMOs -Minecraft YouTuber with 14 million subscribers who makes mostly mod related content. Was sighted on the server, but never made a video about it.
  • FuZe III - French Youtuber with almost a million subscribers. Cause of the 7th incursion.
  • Etika - American YouTuber from Brooklyn, New York. Leader of the 9 Gang, who was at war with server veterans. Etika's 2B2T experience was streamed on E Live, until his disappearance and death in June of 2019.