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The following is a list of famous locations and landmarks across 2b2t. Most have links to their designated pages, feel free to create a new page for them, and/or create a small description on this list.


See more: Spawn

Travel Methods

The Southern Canal

The Southern Canal is a man-made river that leads south from Spawn, following the z+ axis for over 70 thousand blocks. The advantages of travelling by the canal are that it does not consume hunger when using a boat, and that it avoids traffic of the nether highway. The south canal recently experienced heavy griefing by members of Team Cyber as well as The Vortex Coalition and may not be usable for a long time.

Nether Highways

The Nether Highways are the fastest way of legitimate travel in 2b2t. The Nether Highways are four long tunnels (one for each axis) lasting at an average of a million blocks. The longest highway is the positive X highway, spanning more than 3 million blocks.

The four highways are the following:

Overworld Highways

Overworld Highways are similar to the Nether Highways, though less popular and shorter. They consist of roads just lasting for around 100 thousand blocks.


Referred to as sanctuaries, these are helping places for newfags on the server. They would usually only comprise of a simple farm and basic resources. However, there are two sanctuaries that are extremely famous.

Valley of Wheat

The Valley of Wheat is the largest sanctuary in 2b2t, and is the most famous one. It has also been griefed and rebuilt several times by various people. The valley began in 2011 by a player named Jaang.

(See more: Valley of Wheat)

NFE/Negative Fourhundred Eighthundred

Negative Fourhundred Eighthundred, also its coordinates, is a sanctuary built during the 2011 era by xcc2. It has been griefed by Popbob for some unknown reason.

Valkyrian Bases







See more: Fenrir

Asgard II


Passie Town

See more: Passie Town

Ziggy Town

See more: Ziggy Town


See more: Ravendel

Group Bases

King's Landing

See more: King's Landing

Kool Kids Klub

See more: Kool Kids Klub

The Drain

See more: The Drain

Aureus City

See more: Aureus City

Imp Base

See more: Imp Base


See more: Wintermelon

Point Nemo

Point Nemo is a base situated on 2b2t's +X World Border. It is the finished product and signifies the end of the +X Highway and the journey of its diggers. The base was griefed shortly after reaching the point.

(See more: Point Nemo)

Other Places

Gape Bases

The two gape bases are underground bases built during the Legion-Gape Interlude.

15 Million Town

See more: 15 Million Town


Fitlantis is a solo base built by FitMC after The Rusher War. It is an ocean monument turned into an underground base. It was first found by ChromeCrusher using a coordinate exploit which led to its eventual griefing.

(See more: Fitlantis)

Toro's Theater

See more: Toro's Theater

Dark Souls Castle

See more: Dark Souls' Castle

24 Million Cave

See more: 24 Million Base


See more: 6Garden

Gardens of Capricorn

See more: Gardens of Capricorn

The North Pole

See more: The North Pole

Nether Highway 99W

The End


The DFC was originally a base planned by FitMC as some sort of outpost in the End, however when plans were confirmed that Mojang was going to expand the End, Fit had to leave.

Space Valkyria

See more: Space Valkyria

Death Star II