Exodus (group)

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Around early April, 2018, YotoGamer went inactive. The group begins to get insided, and after a big argument about the groups inactivity, PepperX_ polls for active members and creates a new discord in late May - early June. In early June, 2018, YotoGamer returned and steps down from owner, giving ownership to PepperX_. After which Dr. Andrew causes a fight between YotoGamer and after a long and not so civil discussion, YotoGamer and Dr. Andrew split off from Unidad and remained in the original Unidad Discord. In the discussions afterward, Unidad members voted and decided to change their name to Exodus. Since most of Unidad's active membership stayed with PepperX_, no bases or friends were lost. Relations:

  • Infrared - Neutral
  • VoCo - Friendly
  • SIG - Friendly
  • Emperium - Alliance
  • Member factions of the UGE - Friendly
  • The 6th Reich (morph_murph's group) - Alliance
Exodus Banner.png
Exodus Banner
FoundedJune 13th, 2018
DisbandmentOctober 3rd, 2018