Brotherhood of Diamonds

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This article refers to the Brotherhood of Diamonds
Not To Be Confused with the Fellowship of the Diamond
Existed 2011 (Finding of founding base) 2/6/12 (Founding Date)-2012
Base Many small outposts around spawn, Caveman's base
Status Disbanded
Numbers Unknown
Brotherhood Flag

The Brotherhood of Diamonds is one of the oldest groups of 2b2t. It was described in Judge Holden’s comic and it also had known activities around spawn, recruiting members there and providing them with diamonds.


The Brotherhood was founded by players known as MasterV, Urue_101, and Flamereaper666. It began when V discovered an abandoned base along the negative X highway. He and his two friends decided to rebuild the base and they found a diary titled "Caveman's Log" within the base, who was assumed to be the original owner. Eventually, the three got the aid of Sleeprocket and an unknown player whose player name had B in it to rebuild the base. After Urue fell into lava in the Nether, MasterV collected his gear but was attacked by an infamous nether killer known as LovesTwoSplodge. Master successfully managed to barely escape Splodge and from then on the group decided to form the brotherhood.

The group had large plans, one of their largest was to fix and terraform spawn. The group, at one point, helped xcc2 and x0XP defend their base from a raider group known as the Vikings/Dutch and successfully warded off the attackers.

The Brotherhood eventually made itself more noticed amongst the 2b2t community and was infamous for collecting diamonds, and they gave all new players who came across their spawn bases as many diamonds as they wanted. Because of this, the group became famous among new players and continued to be a remembered group, even today.

The Brotherhood however suffered several base sabotages, making the group disband over time. There is little information about them since all the members left years ago.


  • Facepunch Republics - Most likely were friendly towards each other as the Brotherhood aided players at spawn.
  • 4channers - Most likely friendly for the same reason as the Facepunchers.
  • Vikings/Dutch - Enemies as the two fought each other in a battle for xcc2's and x0XP's base.
  • Fellowship of the Diamond - Neutral (No relations)
  • THEJudge's group - Most likely friendly as the two did similar things like recruiting and helping players at spawn. Judge Holden also included the group in his comics.

Notable Members

  • MasterV (Founder)
  • Urue_101 (Founder)
  • Flamereaper666 (Founder)
  • Sleeprocket (Founder)
  • "B" (Full IGN unknown) (Founder)
  • Arcandi
  • Mestarit


  • Coincidentally enough, around the same time, another group known as the Fellowship of the Diamond formed.
  • Since the two groups were lost to time and information was forgotten, the Brotherhood was credited to have done things that the Fellowship did despite the two being completely different groups and having nothing to do with each other.
  • The Brotherhood was more active and made their presence more noticeable than the Fellowship did which contributed to the player confusion.