Beardler is a newfag who caused major drama. Once a respected member of the 2b2t community, he was behind griefs to two major bases and was the defendant in The BoeMeccan Witch Trials.

Beardler Skin.png
Approx. JoinedMarch 2017
BasesEleusis, Oceania, Antioch, Viper Base, Purgatory 2, Block Game Mecca, Boedecken
PastBuilder's Haven


Beardler joined 2b2t in March 2017. As a new player he wanted to visit publicly griefed bases, he had obtained some gear from bases he found on the way or players that gave him stuff. When he reached Aureus he has found two people, one of which appeared to be a HermeticLock alt, both of them attacked him. He died but had a bed nearby so he didn't lose his traveling progress. It was then that he resolved to build his first base, which he named Eleusis. He was unsure if the coords of the base had fallen into the hands of a griefer. So he decided to move the duped items to a different stash, outside of the base. After Eleusis was destroyed he began to travel to the ruins of Pacific Heights for some sight-seeing, but on his way there he encountered ruins of a base that had been converted to a dupe stash, which he gradually emptied to Eleusis, and then to a dupe stash of his own. He spent much time traveling the map, and he gathered world downloads of various bases and landmarks he noticed the 2b2t Museum lacked. Eventually, he decided to travel to the world corner, and along the way, he downloaded everything he founded, including each of Byrnsy’s nether landmarks. He reached the world corner, Point Less, around Christmas of 2017. He even reached the south and north world borders too. After he submitted his contributions to jddinger, he offered him a position on the 2b2t museum staff team. A player named R2bEEaton invited him to a base which they named Oceania, and along with this, he was a member in a large number of bases including Antioch, Viper Base (which was effectively the 2b2t Museum staff base), Purgatory 2, The Boedecken, and Block Game Mecca.


Beardler's claim to fame was being involved in the griefing of Block Game Mecca, as well as the griefing of The Boedecken. Beardler was directly accused of stealing items from each base's museum and then griefing the base to cover up his theft. Many conflicting opinions were held in response to BGM's grief. While initially denying his involvement, Beardler eventually claimed that his Minecraft account was compromised because he used identical login information to an account he gave to a friend. At the beginning of The BoeMeccan Witch Trials, there was no hard evidence. All accusations were going off of circumstantial evidence and suspicion. Nonetheless, hard evidence was indeed found, proving him guilty, and forcing his confession. The community's general dislike of him turned into almost universal hatred after the leak of a conversation where he gave out jared2013's IP.

As of 2020, Beardler has announced on r/2b2t that he has returned to 2b2t, and apologized to those that he had hurt.