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Hausemaster/Curtis' April Fools' map for 2b2t. The map was put into place on April 2, 2017, and was taken down on April 3, 2017, with the regular 2b2t map taking its place. The map was put up for download (alternative link if that is broken) on /r/2b2t on April 13, 2017, by /u/2builders2tools (presumably Curtis), and was stickied to the front page of the sub.

Hacked by Team Rusher

The queue was removed from the server entirely, allowing for players to instantly join into the fray as they pleased. The server's MOTD was set to the Green and Cyan repeating message: HACKED BY #TEAMRUSHER. The same also applied to the tab menu. Hundreds of players were online simultaneously, nearing the point where a typical Minecraft server begins to show signs of very noticeable lag. The world border was set to the meager size of 400x400 and was set primarily in an Extreme Hills/Taiga biome, hitting the height limit in a few places. Mobs that spawned on the map would drop valuable items according to a predetermined loot table. There were settings added for generated structures such as Villages and Strongholds but the seed did not generate these structures within the world border limit.

The custom loot tables dropped the following specialty items for each mob:

  1. Chicken: Spawn eggs
  2. Cow: Books & Spawn Eggs
  3. Creeper: TNT & Spawn Eggs
  4. Enderman: Cooked chicken, Watermelons and Spawn Eggs
  5. Endermite: Ender pearls
  6. Ghast: End Crystal & Obsidian
  7. Rabbits: Ender Chest
  8. Sheep: Painting (How artistic of them!)
  9. Skeleton: Ender Pearl & Spawn Eggs
  10. Spider: Spawn Eggs
  11. Villager: Emerald block
  12. Zombie: Golden Apple & Spawn Eggs
  13. Pigman: Gold block
  14. Zombie Villager: A single golden nugget.

During the tempmap, there was a plugin installed which converted all messages sent in chat to be spoken in a Neckbeardspeek tongue of English. It was possible to clear the chat in one message by saying "afk afk afk afk afk [...]" which converted to "fruity knights away fruity knights away fruity knights away [...]".