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Zion is a FP base build in July 2011. In August 2012 the Underground Fortress was raid and destroy. Players led by Phagocytic began to move to 2k2k. For Honor their lost glory they decided to renamed 2k2k in Zion but unfortunately this name will be forgotten years after and the original Zion Wipe from the server history until 2019.

2k2k, is one of the most notable monuments near spawn on 2b2t.

The base's name was given by the players of 2b2t due to its coordinates being close to X:-2000, Z:-2000. The base was the last known base of the Facepunch Republics before their disbandment. The base was built sometime in July of 2012.


Mc placeholder.svg
2k2k before it's grief to oblivion
Type Stronghold
Status Griefed
Beginning Sometime after February 2012
Completion Sometime before June 2012
Builder(s) Facepunch Republic
Dimension Overworld
Coordinates X: -2000, Z:-2000
Approx. date leaked Sometime in July 2012
Leaker A 4channer
Approx. date demolished Sometime in June 2012
Demolishers 4channers

In the final days of the destruction of the Facepunch War, 2k2k served as the last base and stronghold for a shatter of the Facepunch Republic point, the Republic was in shambles. Chezhead lead the Republic poorly and the 4channers were quickly pressing in. Chezhead gave up on the Republic, and so the remaining Facepunchers tried to keep it together but failed and the Republic died in February 2012. One of the last bands of Facepunchers still loyal to their fallen Republic, lead by Phagocytic, decided to create a spawn base in order to continuously rebuild the base in hopes that the 4channers would eventually give up on destroying the base.

The Facepunchers gradually began to get tired of rebuilding the base and many lost hope. Due to this, the Facepunchers lost their final stand and with this defeat, the last of the old Republic was destroyed with 2k2k being obliterated sometime in June of 2012.

2k2k formerly lied in a large cobblestone tomb, after tens, possibly hundreds of lavacasts were dumped upon it. Some of its original structure remains and people have done some restoration among the tomb, with many restored rooms being discoverable within the cobblestone hell. Of course, these don't last too long but people continued to restore nonetheless.

2k2k was buried into the floor in 2016-2019 after it got griefed even harder and is now comparable to spawn. it is now a hole in the floor and is no longer heavily lava casted as the lava casts were buried into the floor with it. in shorthand, it was wiped of the face of the bloody earth.

In November 2019, members of the New Facepunch Republic tryed to rebuild it. The entire LavaCast has been removed and a little camp settle.

After a week, Armorshit decided to destroy it again with withers


Since the base was built around the same time of when Beta 1.7.3 was released, the fortress was not constructed with stone bricks as they had not been added yet.

Instead, Facepunchers created the base out of stone slabs, cobblestone, wood and sandstone.

Despite this, the group managed to make incredibly detailed hallways and arches that truly gave it an ancient feeling.

Example : https://youtu.be/HqfJmvZlqDw



  • 2k2k and Zion are two differents bases. 2k2k has been name Zion after the destruction of the real Zion in August 2012
  • While many people think that 2k2k is located at X:2000 Z:2000, its actual coordinates are X:-2000 Z:-2000. This led to the positive 2k2k being lavacasted over many times due to the confusion, while the actual location of 2k2k was blown into the floor.